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Pp may issue 2

  2. 2. CONTENTSWELCOME From the HEAD OF SCHOOL 3ACTIvE LEARNING EMBRACED 4FOCUS ON YEAR 6 5OMAR A PRIZE WINNING WRITER 6FOCUS ON YEAR 4 7YEAR 2 CLIENTS FOR DT STUDENTS 9YEAR 5 DOMINATES JUNIOR F1 10THE WIZ 11SCIENCE WEEK 13SPORTS AWARD WINNERS 14STUDENTS OF THE MONTH 16 FOY UPDATE 16Welcome to thelatest issue of The Primary PARTnershipfor the 2012/2013 academic year. The PrimaryPARTnership is the publication for Al Yasminas primaryschool.It gives Al Yasmina School the chance to celebrateprogress and achievement and provide more in depthinformation to parents on a wide variety of subjects.We welcome your feedback.communications@alyasmina.sch.aeThe second Primary PARTnership for this academic yearTopics, trends, updates, views and news from the Al Yasmina Primary DepartmentWELCOMEPictured on the cover: Students enjoying Science Week2
  3. 3. I continue to be in awe of the primary school. On a daily basis,I have great admiration for what is achieved inside and outsideof the class room.I am privileged to be invited to attend both the days, be a guestspeaker, judge science projects, watch drama rehearsals andto see the childrens learning in action.We have so many children of noteworthy praise. I amfortunate to be part of that. We are therefore introducing anew award within the primary school - Student of the Month.Each month, a boy and a girl will be nominated from each yeargroup. Students who represent the very highest standards willreceive this prestigious award, and students are challenged toaspire to achieve it.FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, MR GALE“If everyone is moving forwardtogether, then success takescare of itself” - Henry FordThe students will receive their awards in my monthly primaryassembly. Their names will also be displayed on the ‘board ofhonour’ in the main reception area. Students will also featurein the Primary PARTnership.Well done and congratulations to our first students inthe month of May. The new award will complete a suiteof graduated rewards to ensure we are acknowledging,encouraging and appreciating our students.Enjoy leafing through this edition of the Primary PARTnership.I am proud to share it with you.issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL3
  4. 4. Primary students have enthusiastically embraced the emphasisthis year on encouraging deep thinking and active learning.The concept of higher order questioning is being implementedright across the primary school and is an ongoing focus afterbeing identified in the term one ADEC inspection as needingfurther development. Staff have been working hard on thisand the results are tangible, says Mrs Barber, Assistant Head,Teaching and Learning.What it really means is that the teacher becomes less of aninformation provider and more of a facilitator, encouragingstudents to think in more detail, come up with their own ideasand concepts, and to justify them.There is now much broader discussion of a question and theneed for students to listen to other points of view, and perhapsdebate them. “We consider these life-long skills. In adult lifeyou need to be able to think for yourself, to problem-solve,be able to have high-level debate with other people and seereasons behind other’s viewpoints.”Mrs Barber says the children have responded to the newapproach. “They are more animated in their answers and theyare more able to listen to each other’s opinions and debatethem. It has reduced the amount of time the teacher is talkingbut requires the skill of the teacher to ask the right questions toenable the children to think at a higher level.”The next step is to get the students to take their own learningforward, by assessing how to be “successful” in a given questionor project, and how to measure that success. To be “supersuccessful” is a further challenge so the students can taketheir work to the next level. This particularly targets the moreable children, removing any ceiling which can limit them.“It’s exciting learning. There’s a buzz with the children aboutwhat they are learning, where they are going next, and how theyare going to get there. Rather than trying to guess what’s inthe teacher’s head, they are taking responsibility for their ownlearning.”Teaching and learning are impossible to separate, and theteachers are feeding off it and sharing ideas. “My role in schoolis to focus on the methodology that the teachers use. We’velooked very much at how we can involve all the children all thetime in an exciting and stimulating curriculum that is relevantto them.”Mrs Barber says the children are so keen to learn thatimplementing changes such as these is easy. “The children atAl Yasmina love learning so you are not trying to overcome thebarriers of reluctant learners. The children are at a platformalready where they want to find out more.”Add to this a supportive parent community and the flow-oneffect is high teacher satisfaction. Wearing her other “hat” asthe lead professional for Continuous Professional Development,Mrs Barber says it’s exciting to be able to use all the strengthsof the different teachers, and the different experiences theyhave had, to enable each teacher to be become the very best.There are training days for staff throughout the year which arefocused on raising the quality of teaching, understanding newpractices, and sharing ideas. Al Yasmina is a member of BritishSchools of the Middle East (BSME) which also offers coursesfor staff. Al Yasmina’s next goal is to become a BSME trainingcentre in order to share the good practice and “fantastic” skillsof our staff with other schools.New to the school and the UAE in September, Mrs Barberdoesn’t regret for a moment giving up the headship of a schoolof 200 children to come to Al Yasmina and be part of a primaryschool of 1000 students and a through school of 1600.“There is nothing I would change. I think the school is fabulous,I think the children are wonderful, I think the opportunities wehave within the school are so rich. My children are at schoolhere and the opportunities they can have are far beyondanything they could experience in the UK.”issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL4ACTIVE LEARNERS ACHIEVE LIFE-LONG SKILLS
  5. 5. issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOLYear 6 leader Mrs Griffiths is immensely proud of “her” students,the progress they have made since the beginning of the year, andtheir readiness to move into secondary school.Term two wrapped up with the four-night Al Ain residential camp,where the students tested themselves to the limit at the WadiAdventure outdoor activities. It gave the children the opportunityto develop in a social and an “outward bound” sense, withactivities which included white-water rafting, abseiling, ziplining,and a ropes course.“They faced fears they haven’t been given the opportunity to facepreviously. It was also interesting to see a vulnerable side to themore confident children who usually race through everything,”Mrs Griffiths says.“I think that’s what’s nice about a residential trip – they see acompletely different aspect of their teachers and their peers. Itwas just brilliant, it was a huge success.”Since half-term in February, the students have been studyingthe Greeks. The “hook” into their topic was a recreatedarchaeological dig. The teachers laminated pictures of ancientGreek artefacts and painted over them, before burying them inbig boxes of sand.When the students unearthed them, they had to scratch awaysome of the paint and decide what they thought it was, whatwas it made of and what its purpose was – just like a realarchaeologist.After many weeks delving into their topic, it concluded with GreekDay, which saw the students dressed up as Ancients Greeks,participating in their own Olympic Games, sampling typical Greekfood, and staging another archaeological dig, this time involvingYear 2.The older students smashed up Greek vases they had made outof papier mache and tiles made out of clay and then buried themin a gridded area of the sandy car park, where the Year 2s hadthe exciting task of digging them up, piecing them together andidentifying them.Year 6 is a pinnacle year for the children. It’s their last year inprimary school and they are expected to take responsibility.“There are no excuses any more, they have to step up and behavein the right way.” They also have had to prepare for their SATstests which began on May 19. We didn’t want the children worryingabout them unnecessarily, but equally they needed to know thatthis was an opportunity to showcase what they have done, how farthey have come.”Mrs Griffiths says the students returned to term three withrenewed energy and focus in all aspects of their school life.“There is such drive in them and it’s important to keep that going.”She finds particular reward in teaching Year 6. “You see thisblossoming from a young child into a pre-teen. This is quite a bigstep in their development and I love being part of that change intheir lives.”There is excitement in the air as the children look ahead tostarting secondary school in September.“They are an amazing year group, there are some fantasticpersonalities, and they will do very well in secondary school.”"AMAZING" YEAR 6 READY FOR SECONDARY5
  6. 6. Year 6 Owls student Omar Zeidan has taken out a top prize inthe inaugural SARD (Arabic Short Story) writing competition,contested by 185 participating schools across the emirate ofAbu Dhabi.Omar, from Jordan, secured third place with his short storytitled “My Name is Little Nazeh” which is about a young boynicknamed Nazeh (the Emigrant), who lost his friends, fatherand brother during a war. Nazeh was given responsibilityto take care of himself and his mother at a very young age.However, with very few resources at hand, he is forced tomigrate to another country and start from scratch.“I wrote this story in Arabic because I wanted to enhance myArabic writing skills and because I wanted to express howunnecessary war is in the Arab world, and that everyoneshould simply live in peace,” says Omar. “Writing has beenmy hobby since I was eight years old and now that I have won,I feel desperate to write more stories. My next story will be abiography about Bill Gates, but in English.”Mr Abu Saleh, Curriculum Team Leader for Arabic at AlYasmina, says the story was meant to portray the messageof peace across the world. “When I read Omar’s story Irecommended that he add a positive aspect to it, which is thatsuffering must turn Nazeh into a successful and peace-lovingperson who wishes to accomplish good things for children andother people around him.”Omar receives his award at a special ceremony from ADEC Director-General Dr Mugheer Al Khaili.Omar’s third place is a stand-out achievement as all theother prizewinners were from purely Arabic medium schools.Other non-Arabic schools took part in the English writingcompetition.SARD was the first Inter-School Creative Writing Contestorganised by ADEC and was run as part of Abu Dhabi ReadsInitiative & International Book Fair. The other students whotook part were Mohammad AlSaadi, Year 6 Eagles; OmarAbusin, Year 7 Reem; Ali Al Hashmi, Year 7 Yas; and Mera AlFawares, Year 7 Maryah.issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL6OMAR A PRIZEWINNER IN WRITING COMPETITION
  7. 7. YEAR 4 SWAP DESERT FOR RAINFORESTThe Year 4 shared area has taken on new life as a vibrant andcolourful rainforest. Vines hang from trees and animals lurkbehind the leaves.“Rainforests” is the last general topic of the year for Year 4,which also neatly ties in with their science topic of Habitats.One of the highlights will be kayaking through the EasternMangroves. It will be a hands-on approach to learning abouthow animals survive in certain habitats and will provide anunderstanding of habitats in our local area.The Eco Tour will be an excellent way to enjoy and understandthe unique ecosystem of the mangroves. The children willpaddle themselves in a sit-on kayak for an hour early morningunder the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable guides.Supported by informative graphics, the children will learnabout the role of mangroves and their importance in local andregional coastal environments.To round off the topic, the children will open the RainforestCafé, which will create recipes with ingredients that are from,or influenced by, the environment of the rainforest. “The caféwill create an understanding of what the rainforest can give us,”says Year 4 Leader Miss Gale.The students hope that any money raised by the end of theterm will be donated to the Rainforest Alliance. The childrenare currently researching the different programmes themoney could be specifically directed to. These include helpingcommunities reduce deforestation, planting new trees, andcomplying with rigorous environmental standards.Science Week was the last week of April, where the focus wason friction. This included testing magnets, studying push andpull forces, attraction and repulsion, and lots of hands-onactivities to test out the effects of rough and smooth surfaceson friction. There was no better way to check the theories thanwith the Wacky Car Race, where the children built their owncars and checked out their efficiency on different surfaces.Each class presented their winning car at a Year 4 race finaland Wagtails were proud to discover that their “Mean Machine’was the overall winner, beating friction!Photo taken by a Year 2student, Zane Dooley CullinaneLooking back as far as Term Two, the highlight was theresidential trip to Hatta in early March. For the first time formost students, they were away from their families for twonights. The students stayed in a desert safari camp, wherethey experienced dune-bashing and camel-riding, got tomeet a falcon, visited Hatta Fort, did a wadi walk and had funswimming in the streams and identifying wildlife.Year 4 is the youngest age group which experiences aresidential trip at Al Yasmina. “It’s not like Dibba (for olderstudents) where they are challenged to extend themselves andreach new levels. The aim of this first residential trip is to takestudents out of their comfort zone and get them confident withbeing away from home in a very safe and secure environment.“It was timely that our topic was ‘Explorers’, as we becameexplorers ourselves at Hatta,” Miss Gale says. The studentsput into practice exploration skills they had studied at school.During the camp they stayed in tents, used compass skills in atreasure hunt, made diary entries and maps, studied the naturethat is hidden in the wadi pools, and stargazed. They alsounderstood that early explorers did not have cameras so theymade a number of observational portraits and drawings. “Itwas absolutely amazing and the children were brilliant.”issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL7
  8. 8. issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL8HATTA FUN
  9. 9. Year 2 students and teacher Miss Dean took on the role of clientsthis term for A Level Design Technology students who have createdfabulous furniture for the children’s shared area.The Year 13 (A2) DT students were fulfilling a course requirementthat they undertake a major project that specified they work witha client, just as professional designers would operate in industry.Alistair Mains, Stefan Bennett and Hasan Al Mashani chose to workwith the primary school, and specifically with Year 2.The designers had a client interview with Miss Dean where thebrief was set and they generated some initial creative ideas. MissDean then offered some additional client direction and the studentsmade some small and full-scale models of a number of differentcomponents from their designs, which allowed them to resolve sometechnical challenges. They used a variety of different skills, fromsand casting to sewing, as well as using the computer-controlledrouter and laser cutter.Hasan produced a round artist’s table with integral storage and alight box. Stefan made a drawing table with its own magnetised rulerand table top ,and with a built-in paper roll. Alistair made a nautical-themed seating unit with built in book drawers and portholes withfish decals.Miss Dean says it was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in theA Level DT projects, and that the furniture has transformed thechildren’s learning environment. “It is difficult to believe that theywere not shop-bought items!”“The Year 2 children now have a tailor-made, multi-purposeworkbench with objects to help them with pencil control,handwriting, group work and word building; a reading area that iscomfortable and encourages them to share books with their friends,and finally a brightly-coloured art table with easily accessible pots tostore brushes and pens, not to mention a fully functioning light box!”Miss Dean says the designers were very professional and askeddetailed questions to ensure they fulfilled the needs of Year 2. “Theyfound out what the Year 2’s liked doing, what they needed help with,or what was missing from our learning environment.”Mr Wood, Curriculum Team Leader Design and Technology, says theclient-led process is a rewarding experience for the students, as theyget constant feedback throughout the process.DT CREATIONS A HIT IN YEAR 2 SHARED AREA“The art table is my favourite!Hassan is amazing! It is so brightand colourful, with pots to holdall our pens and brushes.” -Alannah“Stefan, the workbench isawesome! It has a whiteboard,paper and the Spirograph helpsme get better at my pencil controland my writing.” - Oliver“I love thereading bench,it remindsme of the seawhich I love!Thanks Ali!” -Laurieissue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL9
  10. 10. Al Yasmina’s Year 5 hit top gear last month, with four out of fiveteams taking top slots in the F1 in Schools Junior Race Event2013 at Yas Marina Circuit. Well done to Blazing Flames for beingthe fastest F1 Junior team in the UAE!A total of 16 teams of students from Years 4 to 6 raced theirhand-made cars down the 20m F1 in Schools track. Al Yasminadominated, coming in first, second, third, fourth, and eleventhplace. The top three teams received special Ferrari World AbuDhabi prize packs, with race winners Blazing Flames beingawarded the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi F1 Junior ChallengeChampions trophy.All team members were given a tour of the circuit and theopportunity to sit in the control centre with its 44 screens!The junior tournament ran alongside the professional eventwhich saw secondary pupils from across the UAE compete. Thewinners of the professional category go on to represent the UAEin the World Championships in Austin, Texas, USA. Let’s hope tosee Al Yasmina students there in the not too distant future.PODIUM FINISH FORYEAR 5 AT F1 EVENTThe Al Yasmina teams, and their final placings:1. Blazing Flames – Riley Forbes, Marta Angelone Lopez, Hindh Imad, Mohammed Al Hammadi and Louis Pujol.2. Fast & Furious – Findlay Smith, Amir Farah, Ali Al Mulla and Holly O’Sullivan.3. Silver Speeders – Nikolay Smyslenov, Bareera Zakir, Amelia Pearson, Saif Al Nuaimi and James Kay.4. Lightning Speed – Elliott Pollendine, Nicholas Hallett, Jana Al Armouti, Alexandra Charalambidou and Hamdan Mehairi.11. Viperz – Jad Hreiki, Nora Wall, Mariam Al Magboul, Karim Moulayess and Jake Officer.issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL10
  11. 11. THE WIZ WOWS AUDIENCESThe Yellow Brick Road led all the way to Al Yasmina this week, where Key Stage 2 staged their stunning performance of The Wiz.The musical, based on the story of The Wizard of Oz, was the funky 1970s version of the original show. The audiences who attendedthe two evening performances were wowed by the colour, energy and professionalism of the show. Mrs Knapton, Head of PrimaryMusic and Director of the show, says The Wiz worked perfectly as a school production as there was a role for everyone. “I only auditionfor the key roles. The show is open to anyone who wants to be in it. I don’t ever count the numbers,” she says. “It’s about kids havingfun, getting involved, and having their moment to shine on the stage and develop their confidence.”There were 10 soloists who performed alongside Year 3, whowere the Munchkins; Year 4, the Winkies; Year 5, the Crows andFlying Monkeys; and Year 6, the Emerald City citizens. Behind thescenes was a committed group of helpers, including eight Year9 students who worked backstage, fulfilling the volunteeringcomponent of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.Primary teachers Miss Orr, Miss Dean and Mr Crowter were alsoan integral part of the production crew, and Miss Orr, who is aqualified dancer, can take credit for the fabulous dance routines.Parents and staff worked tirelessly on costumes and scenery,with spectacular results. This is the third KS2 production andeach gets more ambitious than the last. A live band was usedfor the first time this year, made up of members of the MusicDepartment, including Year 7 drummer Sam Hudson and Year 13guitarist Liam Troup . “It’s fantastic for the students to be singingand dancing to a live band, it a really good experience for them.”Mrs Knapton says she couldn’t have put the show togetherwithout the goodwill of volunteers and three key sponsors –Friends of Yasmina, clothing company The Children’s Place, andthe Shake Shack at Dalma Mall.But most of the credit lies with the students, she says. “Theyhave done a fabulous job and really deserve such praise for whatthey’ve achieved.”11
  12. 12. Main CharactersDorothy: Aine GriffithsScarecrow: Sofia Bustamente PerezTinman: Alex RashedLion: Jade-Anne McLeanThe Wiz: Flynn DonnellyEvillene: Sophia MeshalAddaperle: Fayza El HazekGlinda: Caoimhe Dooley CullinaneAunt Em: Harriet JubyUncle Henry: James KayLord High Underling: Ty PowerMessenger: Anica MirzaGatekeeper: Hannah BurnsMunchkinsSara Wall, Zoha Ali, Lucy Amor, Katherine Vandy,Ethan Duruba, Umar Ibn Yahya, Jack Fenwick,Daniel Florence, Zohaa Chaudary, Abdulla(Boody) Alriyami, Dexter Power, Luke Gillroy,Stella Da Silva Buttkus, Layal Al Mukhtar, SidneyVenus, Juan Diego Moreira, Tom Goodwin,Barnaby Wells, Mackenzie Kenyon, NumanKurkcu, Georgia Coulston, Charlie Stanley, LottieCommons, Ummehani GhadiallyWinkiesBernadette Tamas, Anisa Al Barwani, ElisaVliegen, Noemie Queromain, Noora Al Braiki,Freddie Atkins, Sulieman Ibsais, Zacharia Aker,Zane Said, Erin Ashdown, Declan Griffiths,Hashem El Nadi, Anna Rayner, Luna Gulec, MollyForbes, Olivia Williams, Grace Lewis, WilliamTweddle, Christian Willsher, Faisal Sankari,Jana Al Ramahi, Abigail Whitcher, Jordan Card,Armaan Syed Anwar, Taylor Pharoah, McKenzieVenus, Katie Raisbeck, Isabelle Darling, EllaVosgimorukian, Antonie Crouchman, AlexanderRichmond, Imogen Baig, Molly Barber, AmaliaAngel VelasquezCrowsTyra Jeyalingam, Iman Mohd Husni, Julia Wahed,Sacha Pujol, Natali Alexan Girgis, Jad Hreiki,Edmund Chung, Zaina Al Humiri, Amelia Pearson,Zeina FouadFlying MonkeysEve Miragliotta, Natalia Moreira Ponce, Jana AlArmouti, Layla Hasan, Alyaa Alhosani, SarahPriestley, Salome Gliddon, Christiane Nahu, NoraWall, Halle Evans, Gabrielle LoftusEmerald City CitizensSwa Vanswijgenhoven, Nicholas Hallett, LeilaMohamed, Annabelle Harrison, Alice Wright,Alexandra Charalambidou, Bethany Sturt, AbigailThorpe, Laoise Devlin, Joshua Young, AaishaHassan, Afif Mokaddem, Marta Angelone Lopez,Salma Alriyami, Jordan Spykerman, Fatema AlHumiri, Ghala Al Breiki, Nicole Mueller, AreeshaHassan, Rinki Gupta, Matilda Noble-Ditchfield,Sandali Weerasekera, Mia Vosgimorukian,Jessica Priestley, Garance Queromain, ZainabHameed, Jasmine Cheah Yen Yi, Zeina Samarah,Emmanuelle Vuilleumier, Alyazya Al Bloushi,Alexa Rayner, Kristina GeorgeYellow Brick Road/Kalidah dancersHabiba El Nadi, Hannah Burns, Klara Suleiman,Maryam Hanashi, Hannah Shahrani, Lara Saleh,Aya Al Mukhtar, Iona Pollock, Abigail Stanley,Tanami Loftus12
  13. 13. Science Week came to the primary school at the end ofApril, with science topics central to as many lessons aspossible.The students were invited to take part in the ScienceChallenge in which they chose their own question toinvestigate. Year group winners were selected andpresented with a prize at the school assembly. Childrenwere also asked to participate in a photo competition inwhich they took photos of “science in the world aroundthem”. Winners were announced for each Key Stage.On Tuesday morning of Science Week parents were invitedto come to see their children taking part in practicalscience lessons. Co-ordinator Miss Ritchie says this was agreat success, with both children and parents having fun.For the “wow” factor, the secondary school’s CurriculumTeam Leader for Sciences, Mr Donald, came along toassemblies and showed the children some weird andwonderful tricks using science.SCIENCE WEEKCAPTIVATES13PRIMARY FRENCH TO BE TOPIC-BASEDissue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOLWhen they study the UAE, I can do a comparison of the geographyand way of life with French-speaking countries.” Madame Cuvensays that students will continue to follow the Rigolo programme, asspecified in the British curriculum, but the topic-based approachadds another dimension which should help make their learningrelevant to what else they are studying. She sees the change as apositive thing.In the meantime, the French classes are preparing for their end-of-year performance. They have each been asked to choose a song,poem, or role-play to perform to other students in their year groupduring June. “The students really enjoy performing. They feel likethey are participating in the language, rather than just being taughtit.”Topic-based learning in the primary school will be extended toinclude French next year.In what will be a more collaborative approach, the French teacherswill work with other primary teachers to give a French “take”on the topic being covered in the rest of the students’ learning.Madame Cuven, head of primary French, says she has a list of thetopics the children will be covering and is already thinking abouthow she can add a French perspective to them.“For example, when they study the ancient Egyptians, and learningabout the clothes they wore and the animals they kept, I can do allthat in French with them.
  14. 14. Conor GammellMale Sportsperson ofthe YearIsobel HughesFemale Sportspersonof the YearBen ElliottAthlete of the YearAnber JohnsonAthlete of the YearHayden WoodrowMale Swimmer ofthe YearMette den HaeseFemale Swimmer ofthe YearOmer ShakeelCricket player ofthe YearYarrow AnsellSailor of the YearSultan Al KhooriU9A Football playerof the YearMustafa SyedU9B Football playerof the YearDaniel BlakeU11B Football playerof the YearJimmy AlleyU11A Football playerof the YearHolly O’SullivanU11BFootball playerof the YearAlyazya Al BloushiU11A Football playerof the YearEoghan CumbersU11 Rugby playerof the YearLiam VorsterU9A Touch rugbyplayer of the YearElisa VliegenU9B Touch rugbyplayer of the YearAlex BuckinghamU11B Touch rugbyplayer of the YearNithila KarunatilekeU11A Touch rugbyplayer of the YearLibby O’SullivanU9 Netball player ofthe YearZainab HameedU11 Netball player ofthe YearSPORTS AWARDS14
  15. 15. SUCCESS IN SAILINGSailing, a new ECA introduced for Years 5 and 6 in September, hasproved a huge success, with a number of students going on to winmedals in the schools weekend league which ended last month.The students travelled to Abu Dhabi Sailing Club, near Marina Mall,every Monday for tuition and practice. In addition to this, some of thechildren took part in the weekend races against other school teams.At the end of April, the students competed in the final race of theseason and despite some of the races being cancelled for safetyreasons because of bad weather, they secured third place overall forthe season, and first place among the Aldar schools. The children wereall awarded their Level 1 and 2 Sailing RYA certificate, logbook and amedal.”It has been a pleasure to take the children down to the sailingclub every Monday,” says Miss Favier, the teacher in charge of theprogramme.“They have had great fun but have also worked very hard todevelop their skills as confident sailors.”She says the weekend sailing was well supported by parents and shewas told by the instructors who worked with the students that theywere “very polite and great fun”. She hopes the club will continue in thenew school year and perhaps attract more local students.The top three places in the Abu Dhabi Varsity Sailing League were:• Brighton College Team 1• American Community School• Al Yasmina SchoolThe students who participated in the varsity races and received medalswere:Jo Vanden Auweele, Matthew Wood, Yarrow Ansell , Bruce Donald , MaxPalmer (left for New Zealand before the last race but had attended allothers) and Riley Forbes Players player Award Commitment AwardFootball (boys) Under 9A Sulieman Ibsais Matthew GammellUnder 9B Zach Aker Henry Bustamante PerezUnder 11A Ben Elliott Rashid WardehUnder 11B Joshua Corpus Omar ZeidanFootball (girls)Under 11 A Isobel Hughes Sofia Bustamante PerezUnder 11B Garance Queromain Natali Alexan GirgisSwimming (boys) Thomas Clifton Alexander DarlingSwimming (girls) Megan Rees Tanami LoftusNetballUnder 9 Lucy Amor Lily Den HertogUnder 11 Holly O’ Sullivan Klara SuleimanTouch rugbyUnder 9A Akram Kabbani Callum Dooley CullinaneUnder 9B Tyler Goyea Adam JoummaUnder 11A Nicolas Vorster Alexander DarlingUnder 11B Senne De Rooy Nora WallSPORTS AWARDS (continued)issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL15
  16. 16. NEWS FROM FRIENDS OF AL YASMINA  This month has been another busy one for Friends ofYasmina. Fifteen multi-coloured beanbags were bought forthe primary school and these are being enjoyed and wellused by the children in the library and the FS1 shared area.A Welcome Coffee Morning is held at the beginning of eachterm. It is a very informal morning to help welcome newparents into the school.It is open for anyone to attend, new and old, and a perfectopportunity to help someone out or just meet some newfaces and make them feel more at home in Abu Dhabi.Thank you to all those who attended the coffee morning lastmonth.Our final fundraising project for the year is the Table TopSale, to be held inside at school on Saturday, June 1,9.30am-12.30pm. Last year it proved very popular and thisyear should be no exception. Clothing and household itemswill be for sale.Congratulations to this month’s winners:Foundation Stage 1: Abdulla Al Hammadi Maria Arce ZepedaFoundation Stage 2: Alfie Johnstone Sukie CrowterYear 1: Ali Massad Charlotte BarnettYear 2: Kornelius Tysse Alissar NizameddinYear 3: Harry Young Libby O’SullivanYear 4: Christian Willsher Noora Al BraikiYear 5: Youssef Sasagawa Okba Zeina Fouad Year 6: Robbie Matchett Ahad BakhitINAUGURAL STUDENTS OF THE MONTH16issue 22012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL