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Induction day for new students september 2012


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Induction day for new students september 2012

  1. 1.  School uniform, school shoes School bag Pencil case and equipment – blue or black pen, pencils, eraser, ruler, highlighter, glue stick Bottle of water Lunch or money for lunch PE Kit, Exercise Books, Homework DiaryMake sure your belongings have your name onDon’t forget to bring a padlock for your locker
  2. 2.  English Language, English/World Literature Mathematics Science – Biology, Physics, Chemistry Arabic and French Music, Art, Drama and PE Design & Technology and IT Islamic Studies and Citizenship History, Geography and Social StudiesYear 10 Timetables will be different and willdepend on IGCSE options
  3. 3.  Year 7 30 minutes per subject per night Year 8 35 minutes per subject per night Year 9 40 minutes per subject per night Year 10 45 minutes per subject per night Homework Diary 2-3 subjects per night Your Parents and your Form Tutor will check the diary every weekIf you don’t do your homework you will get adetention; this means you will have to staybehind after the lesson and complete the work.
  4. 4.  Languages (Spanish, Chinese, Arabic), Journalism (School magazine), Calligraphy, Digital Media, Computer Games Music – Choir, music lessons Drama/Theatre – School production Sport – Football, netball, badminton, rugby, basketb all, cricket, table tennis and swimming International Award (Years 9 and 10) Homework Club in the Library The Library is open every day until 3.45 pm
  5. 5. 7.40 am Warning Bell7.45 am Registration/Assembly8.05 am Lessons 1, Lesson 29.55 am Break10.15 am Lesson 3, Lesson 412.05 pm Break12.40 pm Lesson 5, Lesson 62.30 pm Lessons finish/CAS Activities3.45 pm End of SchoolYou must arrange to be collected at 2.30 pmor 3.45 pm if you have an activity
  6. 6.  Being on time is important Managing your time is a life skill We expect you to be on time to school and on time to lessons If you are late, your teacher will mark L in the register. If you are late 3 times, you will be given a detention
  7. 7.  Breakfast from 7.15 am You can bring a packed lunch but you are not to bring nuts, sweets, chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks in your lunchbox or You can buy food in the cafeteria - hot food, salads, sandwiches and baguettes. You can also buy drinks, yoghurts and fruit. Coupons 160 AED
  8. 8.  No nuts or nut products No sweets, chocolate, crisps, fiz zy drinks No chewing gum Put your litter in the bins provided
  9. 9. No mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players during the school day, 7.40 am – 2.30 pm
  10. 10. Walk don’t runKeep to the leftTreat others with respectLook after the school environment – no litterNo food or drink on the 1st or 2nd floor
  11. 11. ParticipationRespect and responsibilityIntegrityDeterminationEmpathy and Tolerance
  12. 12.  Learning Opportunity Valuing yourself and others Enjoying your time at school
  13. 13. 7A Mr Mahmoun Arabic 47B Mrs Mallen Art Studio 27C Mr John Islamic Studies 27D Mr Georgiou Arabic 17E Mr Witcomb Science 17F Mr Clarke Maths Room 17G Mrs Fox English 37H Mrs Dempsey English Room 2
  14. 14. 8A Miss O’Donoghue8B Mrs Weller8C Mr Smale8E Mr Corfield8F Mr Clark8G Mrs Maxwell
  15. 15. 9A Mrs Cantrill9B Mrs Witcomb9C Mr Khan10A Mrs Starkie/Mr Bastow10B Miss Glenny10C Mr Stuart