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01 newsletter 13 09-12

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 13 September 2012 Issue 01Dear Parents,Message from the Primary Principal, Mrs. TaitWelcome back to Al Yasmina! We have had a wonderful start to the new academic year. Theatmosphere in school has been wonderful. This week, the Principal of The Pearl Primary School visitedand her comments were glowing, commenting on the calm and purposeful atmosphere throughoutthe Primary school.The children are really enjoying hearing the U.A.E National Anthem each morning and it‟s a rousingway to start the day. Once the anthem has played, the children know that the school day hasstarted, so please endeavor to be in school before this. We also ask that all parents and visitors standsilently when you hear the anthem playing, as a mark of respect and to be good role models for thestudents.Safeguarding IssuesAs part of our safeguarding review we have introduced a few new procedures:  Parent and visitor access to school- As from Sunday, FS1& FS2 parents will be able to bring children into the classroom to support their child settling into new routines from 7:45 am. As from Sunday, Year 1- Year 6 parents will not be allowed access into the building. For the parents of younger children, please rest assured- staff will be strategically placed around school to help them.  School bell to start day- The bell will be replaced with 3 whistles to indicate the following: Whistle 1 - all children stand still Whistle 2 – KS1 enter the school building Whistle 3 – KS2 enter the school building We will also display signs so the children know when to go into school. We hope that this will reduce the number entering the doors at the same time. Please assist your child in understanding the new procedures.  End of day- We are aware the end of the day can be quite difficult, due to the number of students in primary and with this in mind, we have reviewed our procedures. - Parents are asked to wait at the shaded area by the climbing frames to ensure clear walkway through for classes to collection point. - Teachers will bring their class out for collection from the playground at designated times. - Once they have assembled the class teacher will raise their class sign, to indicate that parents may collect their child. Please do not remove your child from the class line whilst they are walking to collection point. - Any children not collected 10 minutes after finish of the school day will be taken into the reception area. Their name will be written in a register and parents are requested to sign out, in the presence of the receptionists, so that we know who has collected the children.
  2. 2. Collection Points at the end of the day: Year 1 will stand behind the picket fence outside FS1 Year 2 will wait under the shade in class groups. Year 3 will stand behind the picket fence outside FS2 Year 4/5/6 will stand in the shaded areaApologies for all the rules and regulations, however with such a large number of people andchildren‟s safety being paramount, it is essential we get it right. I know that once ECA‟s begin,numbers outside at the end of the day will reduce and many problems eliminated. Thank you inadvance for your support and cooperation, it is most appreciated.Communication via emailFrom next week, communication to parents will be through a single daily „mailshot‟. We are workingtowards limiting the number of emails sent to parents. All relevant Year group letters or documentswill be sent to parents at the end of each school day. If there are no letters or documents for aparticular year group on the day, we will inform you that there are none.Mrs. Annie Elmer - 40 Years in Education !The start of the school year 2012-13 is particularly special forone of Al Yasmina‟s founding members of staff, Mrs. AnnieElmer. This year marks the start of Mrs. Elmer‟s 40th year ofteaching, yes that is 120 terms!Mrs. Elmer began her teaching career in 1972, in Perth,Scotland. She worked in a variety of different schools, bothin the cities and rural areas for Perth and Kinross Council. In1998, Mrs. Elmer was given the opportunity to work in aspecialised base for children with Autism. After a couple ofmonths, she was hooked!In May 2008 Mrs. Elmer swapped the rolling hills and lochs ofScotland for the sunshine and sand of Abu Dhabi, ready to help prepare Al Yasmina for its grandopening taking up the post of Primary Special Need Coordinator (SENCO). As the SENCO, Mrs. Elmernot only teaches children throughout the primary school, but coordinates their learning supportneeds. As well as working with many of the children at Al Yasmina, Mrs. Elmer continues to be a pillarof support, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with all of the staff at Al Yasmina forwhich we are all immensely grateful.Anyone who has made it to 40 years in teaching definitely deserves a gold medal! We wish Mrs.Elmer an amazing 40th teaching year at Al Yasmina.Message from ReceptionLatenessIf your child is late to school, please report to the Primary Reception for a late pass before going toclass. If they are not marked in on the register each day, we will need to send a message to informthe parent that their child is absent. It is imperative that this is adhered to as we do need to know ifchildren are present in case of any emergencies.AbsentPlease contact the school if your child is absent the day. If they are not marked in on the registereach day, we will need to send a message to inform the parent that their child is absent. You cancontact the school by telephone (02 501 4888) or send a text message stating the reason why theyare absent to the following mobile number: 050 619 7351.
  3. 3. Lost PropertyAll lost items will be available after 1.30pm at Main Reception. For all named items, an email shall begenerated to the parent to advise that the item is with us. If it is not marked, I will donated it to oursecond hand uniform shop.Forgetting things at home!We ask that all forgotten books, lunchboxes, PE kits etc. that are brought to the Primary Reception,be marked clearly. We ask that parents encourage their children to take responsibility inremembering what to bring in on the specific day.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)Welcome PicnicFOY would like to invite parents and students of Al Yasmina to our FOY Welcome Picnic on Saturday,22 September from 4pm – 6pm. Please see attached flyer for more details.DiscoFOY is hosting a Primary Disco for all children in Year 1 – Year 6 on Sunday, 30 September in thePrimary Sports Hall.Year 1 – Year 3 will be from 4pm – 5pm (15dhs includes snack and drink)Year 4 – year 6 will be from 5.30pm – 7pm (20dhs includes snack and drink)Tickets will be available at the door.From the School NursesMedications in SchoolPlease note that if your child has a medical condition whichrequires him/her to take medication / inhaler, you will need tonotify the school nurses on 02-5014722 and provide the schoolclinic with spare medication for emergency in school / on schooltrips usage.All medications handed into the school nurses need to be in theiroriginal container with a copy of the doctor‟s prescription. Theprescribing doctor should be a Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD) registered doctor.HAAD has issued new standards regarding the administration of medications in schools, which we areobliged to follow. This will result in new forms which will need to be completed by all parents, toinclude “medications prescribed by a treating physician” and “medication required in anemergency situation occurring within a school”. The new forms will be e-mailed to parents in thecoming week and will also be available as hard copies in the school clinic.From the Primary LibraryThe primary library would like to welcome the children and parents back to school. The children (withthe exception of FS1) have started taking out library books this week, and the FS1 will visit us oncethey have settled into their classes. Please remember to bring your book bags each week in order tobe able to take out library books. Year 3 had a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their movingup to the Key Stage 2 area of the library, where they can now take out two library books each week.Please remember to bring your book bags each week in order to be able to take out a library book.
  4. 4. Next week we will be celebrating Roald Dahl week and a giant peach will be moving throughout theschool for the children to find. A house point will be awarded to the classes who are able to spot thepeach each day! Year 3 Cormorants excitedly cutting the ribbon before entering the Key Stage 2 area of the library for the first time this academic year.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)Hello everyone and welcome to FS1. We all arrived this week and have now met our teachers andmade some new friends. We have done so well learning class routines and finding our lockers andclassrooms each day. Next week we will be staying for the full day, finishing at 1.45 pm. Please makesure the adults who collect us arrive on time. Thank you.We have an exciting week ahead next week as we meet our specialist teachers who will be taking usfor Music, PE and Library each week. They are going to pop into our classrooms first to say hello so wecan start to remember their names and faces. Next week we will be learning about the Golden Rulesin our classrooms- Kind Hands, Kind Feet and Kind Words. Maybe having a little chat at home with ourparents will help us understand how we can try to behave in class and play nicely with our friends.Next week FS1 will also start to explore their surroundings within school going to visit both the Sharedand Outdoor areas of the Foundation stage.We need to bring our PE bags in to school every Sunday and it will stay in our locker for the full week.We will take them home each Thursday to be washed ready for Sunday. Please can we ask parentsto check that all our school uniforms and lunch boxes are labeled properly as we are learning to lookafter our belongings. Please include our name and our class on each and every item.Next week we will celebrate our first Stars of the Week for FS1. Each class has a special mascot who isallowed to go home and spend the weekend with someone from their class every week. You canthen put some pictures and writing in the mascot diary to show all the different things you didtogether. It is such fun when we read all about it each Sunday when the mascot and the dairy comeback to class!Have a lovely weekend and make sure you get lots of rest before your first week in school full-time!
  5. 5. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)Wow, what a great start to the year! All of the children have settled in so well and are enjoyingbeing back at school. This week we have been getting to know our new class members, talkingabout our class rules and finding out what our friends have done over the summer – some of us havebeen to some amazing places!We have also been proving to our class teachers how clever we are with writing, phonics and maths– the teachers have been very impressed!!!Please can we remind you that the children should be eating a healthy snack e.g. fruit, and shouldalso bring a hat to school, every day. If your child does not have their hat they will not be allowed toplay outside. Thank you for your co-operation!Next weekNext week our new topic „All about me and the things I know‟ starts with a mini focus on „Me‟. Hereare a few ideas on what you could do with your child at home:  Talk about how old they are and when their birthday is  Where they come from/where they were born  Start to think about the things they like and dislike  Practice counting to 10Phonics Focus:Revision of Phase 2 sounds: s a t pUseful websites:http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/phase-2-games.htmlhttp://www.familylearning.org.uk/phonics_games.htmlhttp://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/Phase2Menu.htmKey datesWednesday 19th September – show and tell in class (children are allowed to bring one thing that isspecial to them to show the class)
  6. 6. Year 1Greetings from the Year 1 team! It‟s been full steam ahead in Year 1 since we started!Our children have settled really well into their new classes, learning new names, new routines andlasting fifteen minutes longer in the day! Our teachers too have also enjoyed meeting you all andremembering new names!So far, the „Ourselves’ topic this term has led us to find out all abouteach other and made some funny faces to brighten our rooms! Ourhomework books have been decorated fabulously! Well doneparents, helpers and children! We are delighted to welcome a few new faces into Year 1, including teachers! Can you spot them? We know that they have all settled well and made new friends already.Next week, some of our aims are to design, describe and decorate aliens in Literacy,learn about our senses and record our family trees! You could support your child and usby hearing them read and talking about their family relations.Year 2We have had an exciting start to our new school year! We have been exploring our new classrooms,getting to know our new classmates and our new teachers.
  7. 7. We have started our new topic…. Creatures of the Desert. In ICT we have been researching some creatures and completing an „Animal Information Log‟.In literacy we have been reading Anthony Browne‟s „Into the Forest” andwriting our own version of the story. In maths we have been revising shape,calculations, more than and less than.Phew! What a busy first week! Next week we will be looking at story settings and using Wow! Words to describe them (ask your child for an example of a wow! Word and be prepared to be impressed!) We will also be writing acrostic poems. In topic we will be focusing on Bedouins and how they live and we will be making some Bedouin related items in DT! Maths will be all about calculations!Year 3Welcome to Year 3. It has been a busy start to the term getting to know the children and establishingclass routines. All the children have settled in very well and are working hard with their new teachersin their new classrooms.Next Week‟s Learning focus will be:Literacy- Comparing Fiction and non-fiction texts and identifying features of these.Numeracy- The children will be learning their number bonds to 100, practicing the addition andsubtraction skills.Science- As an introduction to our Teeth and Eating topic the children will learn about food typesand food groups.Topic- We are learning about Ancient Egypt and the children will find out the importance of the Nile.
  8. 8. Trip informationWe have a trip to Café Ceramique in Dubai planned for the week beginning the 23 rd September.Please let us know if you have not received the information /consent letter. We would ask thatpayment and consent be returned to school no later than Wednesday the 19th please.PIMI look forward to seeing you at the Parent Information Meeting on the 19th of September to give youmore information and to answer any questions you have about Year 3. – Mrs Julia HargraveYear 4It‟s been an excellent start to Year 4! Everyone has been working hard to settle their new classes inand lots of wonderful work has already been produced. All of the classes now have a friendship treewhich we will help the children to forge new friendships and strengthen already existing ones. It hasbeen lovely to hear how the children spent their summer holidays and it was a nice surprise to theteachers to see how eager they were to start the year! A big thank you to all the parents, who havehelped their children settle into Year 4 so easily - we feel it has been a very positive start to the year.Next week:-Next week, every child will have a reading book and will need to begin reading every night with anadult. All children must bring in their reading books to school every day. As well, Year 4 are lookingforward to learning more about their new topic, „Healthy me, Amazing Me‟. Why not beginresearching into our new Science topic: Moving and Growing? In Mathematics, the children will be starting a new unit that focuses on counting, partitioning andcalculating number. We will also be starting our new Literacy topic, based on the story „GeorgesMarvelous Medicine.‟ Have the children read any Roald Dahl books before?
  9. 9. Year 5Y5…Lights, Camera, Action…It‟s been all go in Year 5, with everyone very excited by our first topic. We‟ve started by looking ataspects of Pride, Aspiration, Respect and Trust (PART) and the children created their own Hollywoodstyle hand prints, which incorporated one of the PART values. These are created by Eve Miragliottaand Ty Power.We have also been looking at where we have come from in the world and have been celebratingour similarities and differences within class by creating flags and caricatures of ourselves. This one wascreated by Tiana Liyanage.We are also delighted to welcome a few new faces into our Year 5 team. We hope that they haveenjoyed their first week in Al Yasmina and we look forward to getting to know all about them, as theterm goes on.All in all, a great start to the year! Next week in Maths, we will be working on Place Value and written methods for Addition andSubtraction. In Literacy we are looking at the thoughts and feelings of different characters whilststudying „Film Narrative‟. In Science we will be working on light and shadow, in our topic of „How wesee things‟. In Art & DT we are looking at the design of a zoetrope – do you have any idea what thisis? In ICT we are researching artefacts. Finally, in Topic, are looking at how the first moving imageswere made.
  10. 10. Year 6What a wonderful first week we have had in Year 6. The children have been busy completing avariety of assessments, and have enjoyed the challenges these have offered. As well, we havestarted our topic, „There‟s no place like home‟ and the children have been sharing their facts fromtheir home countries and dividing them into social, economic, historical, geographical, political andcultural groups. It has been interesting comparing these facts with others in the class.The Year 6 team is so pleased to see the children coming into school each day dressed so smartlyand with all the correct uniform… keep it up Year 6!Next week we shall be reading, analysing and then creating our own mystery/detective stories…. Soget the old Sherlock films out and start hunting for clues! Children will be encouraged to use thesentence openers that they were introduced to this week – so try to recap your work on ISPACEplease! In numeracy we shall be looking at counting, partitioning and calculating. It would be helpfulto remind the children about the value of negative numbers, what happens when you add a positiveto a negative number and recognising place value after a decimal point.Dates for your DiarySunday 16 September - Rugby trials for U11s and U12s from 2.30pm – 3.30pmSunday 16 September - Year 6 Parent Information Meeting at 8amMonday 17 September - Year 5 Parent Information Meeting at 8amTuesday 18 September - Year 4 Parent Information Meeting at 8amWednesday 19 September - FS2 Show and tellWednesday 19 September - Year 3 Parent Information Meeting at 8amThursday 20 September - Year 2 Parent Information Meeting at 8amSaturday 22 September - FOY Welcome Picnic (see attached flyer for more details)Tuesday 25 September - Individual PhotosWednesday 26 September - Individual PhotosAl Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 5014888email: primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae