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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Acknowledgement The presentation of this report gives me an immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. As I strive towards achieving a better prospective career this project has helped me to bridge to gap between the academic studies and the practical real – life work. First of all I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Prof. Bansi N. Kotecha for her valuable tips and support. I would like to thanks my Parents and God, for their support and blessings.
  2. 2. Abstract Sixth Sense Technology is a mini-projector coupled with a camera and a cell phone which acts as the computer and connected to the Cloud, all the information stored on the web. Sixth Sense can also obey hand gestures. The camera recognizes objects around a person instantly, with the microprojector overlaying the information on any surface, including the object itself or hand. Also can access or manipulate the information using fingers. Make a call by Extend hand on front of the projector and numbers will appear for to click. Known the time by Draw a circle on wrist and a watch will appear. take a photo by Just make a square with fingers, highlighting what want to frame, and the system will make the photo which can later organize with the others using own hands over the air, and The device has a huge number of applications, it is portable and easily to carry as can wear it in neck. The drawing application lets user draw on any surface by observing the movement of index finger. Mapping can also be done anywhere with the features of zooming in or zooming out. The camera also helps user to take pictures of the scene is viewing and later can arrange them on any surface. Reading a newspaper and viewing videos instead of the photos in the paper. Or live sports updates. And many more features. Akshay N Mahajan
  3. 3. CONTENTS Sr. No. Name of contents Page no. 1.0.0 Introduction 1 2.0.0 How Sixth Sense Technology works 2 3.0.0 Architecture Of Sixth Sense Technology 3 3.1 Pocket Projector 4 3.2 Parts Of Pocket Projector 4 3.3 The Working Of Sixth Sense Device 5 3.4 Application’s 5 3.5 Mobile Computing Device 6 3.5.1 Types Of Mobile Devices 3.5.2 Usage 4.0.0 6 7 11 4.3 Challenge’s 12 Hand Gesture Recognition 12 5.1 Uses 14 5.2 Input Devices 15 5.3 Multitouch 16 Image Capturing 17 6.1 Image Capture API 18 6.2 Fiducial 7.0.0 8 4.2 WUW Prototype 6.0.0 7 4.1 What Is WUW ? 5.0.0 Wearable Gesture Interface 18 Technology’s That Are Related To Sixth Sense Devices 18 7.1 Augmented Reality 7.2 Gesture Recognition 19 7.3 Computer Vision 19
  4. 4. 7.3.1 Application For Computer Vision 20 20 8.0.0 Pro’s Of Sixth Sense Technology 21 9.0.0 Application Of Sixth Sense Technology 22 10.0.0 Why Sixth Sense Technology? 27 11.0.0 Future Enhancement 27
  5. 5. LISTS OF FIGURES Sr. No. Name of Figures Page no. 1. Parts used in Sixth Sense Technology 1 2. Architecture Of Sixth Sense Device 3 3. Working Of Sixth Sense Device 5 4. Map Application 9 5. Drawing Application 10 6. Framing Gesture 10 7. News Paper 10 8. Analog Watch 11 9. WUW Prototype System 11 10. Simple Hand Gesture 14 11. Making Post Gesture 17 12. The Camera takes the Photo of the Location 17 13 Map Application 22 14 Drawing Application 23 15 Wrist Project of Analog Watch 24 16 News Paper 25 17 Numbers on Hand to Make a Call 26 18 Mouse less 28 19 Third Eye 29 20 Inktuitive 30