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  1. 1. AdMong Just for YouAsish Satpathy
  2. 2. Customer & Market Pain Solution • Print media is getting • Go Digital – Smartphone expensive app • Presented / targeted • Make the ads relevant - poorly here and now • Low Return of Investment • Learn from people’s for business owners purchase behavior • Not scalable because of • Make Ad media fun cost through integration of • Smaller eye balls on social networking sites traditional mediaHighly fragmented market in Mongolia while exponential growth in smartphone industry
  3. 3. Product SuiteAdMong provides:• A product suite that allows – Texting & Emailing – Mobile App (location based) – Printing (Direct mail) – Social Media (experience)
  4. 4. Business Model• Distribution Model – Partnership with ad agencies and leverage existing relationship with local business.• Revenue Model: – Initial setup fees – Monthly revenue share
  5. 5. Financial Round• Seeking Seed Money $200,000 in seed round• Use of funds: – Complete building of the product suite – R & D on new product improvement – Marketing & Sales – Securing the relationship of existing partners and developing new relationship• Seeking future acquisition by strategic partner for any or all of the following reasons: – Marketing Technology – User base – Strategic alliances