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Social networking webinar


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social networking webinar

  1. 1. Why and How toIncorporate SocialNetworking into yourBusinessCheyenne and Amanda Company LOGO
  2. 2. Four Reasons Why You Can Enhance Your Business on Social Networks1. It’s Free- The benefits of having a social network vs. an internet ad will exceed the cost that it takes to buy tons of links. Social media has given you the opportunity to experience potentially enhancing your business.. For free.2. It’s Safe – Your business can be exposed to thousands of people dailywithout having to pay for advertising on TV.3. It Creates Bonds – Social Media enables productive and useful relationships to developbetween business owners and their target audiences. It gives an environment where they cancommunicate and interact over a long period of time and that allows loyalty to develop.4. It’s Reliable- By promoting your business online, you are almost guaranteed thesafety of knowing customers are seeing your ads and promotions. You will have yourtypical customers (your target audience), and then you’ll also have those who findyour business by a search engine such as Google®.
  3. 3. Typical Social Networks LinkedInUpload Pictures Twitter Facebook Google YouTube
  4. 4. How to Start Diagram Step 1 Step 2 Step 3• Have an idea • Get signed up • Use the site’s with the site advantages of of how you having free want to use you’ve chosen advertising. the social (i.e. Promote your media for your Facebook, Twitt business by er, Youtube, etc) adding sales, business, then spreading the , and provide propose a plan word about your business’s (i.e. prepare information and product and sale items, provide photos contact and videos to decide which information. enhance creativity. site to use etc)
  5. 5. Tips for Successfully using Social Media Dont pretend Make Don’t promote Be candid amends with and interact to be someone to aggressively else dissatisfied customersPeople aren’t Transparency Thanks to IP This cangoing to goes a long way address tracking, towards readers may be help createsocial media attracting able to quickly loyalto hear a tell when customers and customers,sales pitch so not participating companies adopt and spreaddon’t have in comments is fake identities for the sake of good wordyour page a surefire way to kill a community making a name of mouthread like an for themselvesad
  6. 6. Social Media Usage Only 1% of people have no experience on social media sites! 44% of surveyed applicants have been using social media sites for a months!
  7. 7. Comparison of Social Media Usage 2009-2010
  8. 8. Are you convinced it enhances business? Click link below to help us see how well we convinced you! Facebook LinkedIn Google
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