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  1. 1. !P * ::rs-! CLOSING DATE: 31 MAC 20{0 (WEDNESDAY} BlcYcLE: ROADBIKEOR ltlTBSLICKTYRE t,,ry/u* ENTRANCE FEES:RM4O ONLY DISTANCE: KM 135 Male/ Female. r TT Reg.Fees RM40into Maybank2u 558 163800 587(MohdZaki Mustaffa) Acc T shirt size r SMS"JMFR20lO_YOUR NAME*TT ReferenceNumber Arnount"to 01S-551 & S368 tl II . Anyenquiriescontact 019-551 6368CIOKD 013-598 or 3051(NASRAN) tl r Detailactivitiesupdatevisit hltp/"ltnlZgl0.blpgspp!.qqnn1 r Registration Godies Collec{ion SJSASTNBJANAMANJUNG 24 Aprii20lC & in on (Saturday) ftom 12Pnr 6Pm to RULEAND REGULATIONS 1. Ridersmustsign indernnation beforctakirq part of thb eventduringregistration. letter/agreement 2. This no a racebut ridercis advised followgrouppacefor safetyreason. to 3. Assistance h availableall the time & pleasestop at safe roadsideareafor assistance. will 4. All ddersmustabidethe TrafficRulesand Regulation throughout the event. 5. All ridersshallbe responsible their ovvn for sa&ty as well as other riders. 6. Remember is not a race.Just for enioyride only this INDEIIilNITY I herebyagreeto abideby rubs & conditionof the event& cediff that all of the aboveparticulars conec*.I amjoint this eventat my own are committee risk & will not holdthe o€anizer/sponsor/organizing responsible any accfrlenUinjuryldeath/losspropertyarisingbefiore, for of during & afterthe said event. Date