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Movie List


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Movie List

  1. 1. Aki’s Collection Brokeback Mountain Aki’s Collection -1 (DVDs) Walk the line 1. Goal Catch me if u can Training Day Rent 6. Munich World is not Hidalgo Pearl Harbor 2. Apollo 13 Million Dollar Baby Top Gun The Shaw shank Redemption God father -1 (H) Cruel Intentions -1 7. Jeepers Creepers -1 Jeepers Creepers – 2 3. Sleepy Hollow The Ring -1 8. Tears of Sun 28 Days Later Enemy at the Gates Antithrust The Core Hackers New World Order Alex Jones (Material Law) 4. 9. Lord of the ring (1, 2, 3) 5. Crash
  2. 2. Aki’s Collection 10. Babe (H) Garfield -1(H) 14. Men Of Honor Dodge ball Schindler’s List (H) Narnia Taxi Alexander (H) Troy 11. Forest Gump 15. Cast Away Green Mile Gladiator Hitch United 93 National Treasure 12. Final Fantasy Da Vinci Code Flight Plan Memories of Geisha 16. Constantine (H) New Guy S.W.A.T. (H) i robot (H) 13. Brave heart Stealth (H) Cheaper By the Dozen Entrapment 17. 50 First Days The Terminal Along Came Polly After The Sunset
  3. 3. Aki’s Collection 18. Philadelphia 23. Doom (H) The Terminal Rocky -1 (H) The Rock The Mistress of Spices (H) Hazarron Khaishey Aisi (H) 19. Animal The Break Up 24. Born To be Wild Flubber Euro trip Mind Hunters (H) Monster’s Inc. (A) Kunfu Hustle (H) New guy 20. Happy Gilmore 21. Gone In 60 Seconds Swordfish (H) 25. Anger Management Man on Fire Wedding Crashers 8 Mile Yours Mine & Ours Original Sin 22. Aoenflux (H) Fight Club (H) 26. Alone in the Dark The Fog (H) Mind Hunters (H) 27. Day After Tomorrow (H) Rocky -2
  4. 4. Aki’s Collection Rocky -3 31. Black Hawk Down (H) Rocky -4 Finding Nemo (A) Rocky -5 Cellular (H) When Harry Met Sally The Grudge -1 (H) The Exorcism of Emily Rose (H) 28. The Cave (H) The Pink Panther (H) 32. Bats (H) The Sum of All Fears (H) Men In Black -1 (H) V For Vendetta (H) Men In Black -2 (H) Volcano (H) The Bone Collector (H) 29. Basic Instinct -1 (H) 33. Ghost (H) Basic Instinct -2 (H) The Net -1 (H) Liar Liar (H) The Net -2 (H) The Hunt for Red October (H) X-Men -3 (H) 30. Hook (H) 34. Crimson Tide Peter Pan (H) Ladder 49 King Kong (H) (2006) The Manchurian Candidate
  5. 5. Aki’s Collection World Trade Centre Jungle Book -2 (A) The Road to El Dorado (A) 35. Cinderella (A) Lillo & Stitch (A) 39. City of God Prince of Egypt (A) The Departed Mulan (A) North Country The Empires’ New Groove (A) 40. Saving Private Ryan 36. Hunchback of Notrodom (A) The Secret of N.I.M.H. (A) 41. Chicken Little (A) Alladine -1 (A) Madagascar (A) Alladine -2 (A) A Bug’s Life (A) Alladine -3 (A) Happy Feet (A) Atlantis – A Lost Empire (A) 37. Sword In Stone (A) Treasure Planet (A) Robots -1 (A) Robots -2 (A) 42. Lord of the Ring (1,2,3) (Extended) 38. Roger & Rabbit (A) 43. Creep Tarzan (A) Man Thing
  6. 6. Aki’s Collection Artificial Intelligence The Great Escape 47. Ask the Dust Bandidas 44. Tomb Rider -1 (H) Crank Tomb Rider -2 (H) Blood Rayne 48. Ace Ventura -1 Kill Bill -1 Ace Ventura -2 Kill Bill -2 Bruce Almighty Me, Myself & Irene 45. Good Will Hunting The Dukes’ of Hazard October Sky Spy Games 49. Monalisa Smile The Beach Crazy Beautiful Under The Siege Notting Hill Serendipity 46. Heart Stoppers Requiem for Dream House of Blood Living Death 50. Syriana The Omen (2006) Moscow Heat The Life of David Gale Prime Silence of the Lambs
  7. 7. Aki’s Collection American Soldiers Capote Munich Run away Jury The Great Raid The Descent The Fog The Illusionist The Sentinel 51. Fast & Furious 54. Adolf Hitler (Documentary) Too Fast & Too Furious Tokyo Drift 55. Mr. & Mrs. Smith Torque Love Actually Biker Boys Love Don’t Cost A Thing Reservoir Dogs The Pianist Seven 56. Blood Diamond 52. Babel Glory City Of Angel Tigerland Dark City Lord of War Hotel Rewanda Memento 57. Phone Booth Mystic River Blow Confessions of Dangerous Mind 53. Boy’s Don’t Cry Donnie Brasco
  8. 8. Aki’s Collection K- Pax The Hot Chick Little Miss Sunshine The Butterfly Effect Prey 58. A Few Good Men Dream girls 62. Eternal Sunshine The Pursuit of Happiness Finding Neverlands The Last King of Scotland My Boss’s Daughter Little Manhattan 59. The Inconvenient Truth (Documentary) Office Space Kabul Express (H) Life is Beautiful 63. A Guy Thing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre A Night at Roxbury Ali G in the House 60. Saw (1, 2, 3) Little Man Final Destination -3 Malibu’s Most Wanted Hills have Eyes The Good, Bad & Ugly The Grudge -2 Hassya Kallol (Marathi) 64. 40 Year Old Virgin 61. Flubber 40 Days 40 Nights Animal Kiss Me Again
  9. 9. Aki’s Collection The Girl Next Door Not another Teen Movie 67. Garfield -2 (A) America Pie (Naked Mile) Happy Feet (A) (H) The Wild (A) (H) 65. Big Daddy The Ant Bully (A) (H) John Tucker Must Die Penguin- A Love Story (H) Orange County School of Rock 68. Tarzan (A) The Break Up Mulan -1 (A) (H) The Longest Yard Mulan -2 (A) (H) Compilations Pocahontas -1 (A) (H) Pocahontas -2 (A) (H) 69. Dante’s Peak 66. U-571 Run Away Jury A Scanner Darkly Monster House (A) Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Attack Force (H) Hannibal Pulp Friction 70. Italian Job An Amityville Horror Momento The Usual Suspects Paycheck
  10. 10. Aki’s Collection Pulp friction The Polar Express (A) Rounders Next The Covenant Over The Hedge (A) The Punisher 74. Eragon 71. My Cousin Vinny Meet the Robinsons (A) (D) Coyote Ugly Shrek -3 (A) (D) Mr. Beans Holiday You, Me & Dupree The Whole Nine Yards Zodiac Yours Mine & Ours The Number 23 Trailers 75. The Lion King -1 (A) 72. Takedown The Lion King -2 (A) Blow The Lion King -3 (A) Donnie Darko –New Market Cars (A) Find Me Guilty Tarzan & Jane (A) Minority Report Flushed Away (A) Pirates of Silicon Valley 73. Freaky Friday 76. 101 Dalmatians (1 & 2) (A)
  11. 11. Aki’s Collection Lilo & Stitch (1 & 2) (A) The Bourne Supremacy Animatrix (A) The Bourne Ultimatum Die Hard 4.0 77. War Movies : Blade Trinity Casualties of War Casino Royale Hamburger Hill Full Metal Jacket 81. Pirates Of Caribbean (1 ,2) Platoon Fay Grim We were Soldiers Turistas 78. Walk To Remember 82. Back To the Future (1, 2, 3) Great Expectations Deja Vu Lost In Translation The Fountain Sea biscuit Smoking Aces The Last Legion 79. 300 The Legend of Drunken Master Apocalypto Rocky Balboa 83. American Beauty Sahara Beautiful Mind The Butterfly Effect -1 80. The Bourne Identity The Butterfly Effect -2
  12. 12. Aki’s Collection Premonition Curse of Golden Flower 87. Children Of Men (H) Trailers Nick of Time (H) The General’s Daughter (H) 84. Meet The Robinsons (A) The Score (H) Surf’s Up (A) Hindi Themes The Simpson’s Movie (A) 88. Disturbia TMNT (A) Hannibal Rising Ratatouille (A) Halloween Duck Tales Series. Shooter Stay Alive 85. Cloud 9 Hostel- 2 Happy Ending Love Actually 89. 100 Girls 100 Girls Van Wilder (1 & 2) Java Stuff My Super Ex-Girlfriend Evan Almighty 86. Hero Killing Me Softly Kingdom Of Heaven Sliver (H) 90. Perfume Tears in the Rain The Prestige
  13. 13. Aki’s Collection Rumor Has It Becoming Jane The Thomas Crown Affair 94. 1408 91. Dragnet Cats ‘n Dogs Cannibal Holocaust Hot Fuzz Pretty Persuasion Austin Powers -3 I now pronounce you chunk & Larry Devil Wears Prada Minis First Time Java PDF’s What the worst could happen 95. Great Expectations 92. 1408 Death Sentence (D) 8MM Gone With the Winds Irreversible Little Children Malena Peeping Tom 96. A Dirty Shame Intimacy Patrice Chereau Curse of the Ring Goal 2 93. American Splendor Into the Blue Vacancy Man of the Year The Constant Gardner The Greatest Game Ever Played Unrest After School Special Barely Legal
  14. 14. Aki’s Collection Along came a Spider (H) 97. Tom Cruise Collection : (H) Mission Impossible (1, 2, 3) 101.Remember the Titans War of the Worlds Wild Things Top Gun Apollo 13 Sky Fighters (H) 98. Déjà vu The Fly (1,2) Underworld- Revolution Batman Begins 102.Confidence Outsourced Foolproof The Little Rascals Soldier Fantastic 4 (2) Primal Fear Someone like You 99. Stephen King’s Collection The Prince & Me The Stand (1, 2, 3, 4) Mimic Sentinel 3 103.Accepted American Pie-6 (Beta House) 100. Hellraiser Borat The Invisible Cruel Intentions 3 The Last Castle White Chicks The 5th Element The Tuxedo (H)
  15. 15. Aki’s Collection 28 Weeks Later 104.Death Sentence American Psycho Eight Below Dawn of the Dead La Majuro de Mi Hermano Saw 4 Mr. Woodcock Freddy vs. Jason The Queen I am Legend The Brother Solomon 108.Action: 105.3:10 to Yuma Hitman Atonement Revolver Breach The One Into the Wild War A Mighty Heart Shoot ‘em up Lock, stock & two smoking barrels 106.Hackers (1,2) King of Masks 109.American Gangster Syriana Eastern Promises The Sixth Sense SiCKO Legend of the fall Michael Clayton No country for old men 107.Thriller: The Insider
  16. 16. Aki’s Collection Air Buddies 110.Juno Jungle Book (Series) (H) The Bucket List The Bank Job 114.Comedy: The Assassination of Jessie James Blades of Glory There will be Blood Starsky & Hutch Epic Movie 111.The Fountain Meet the Spartans Uncommon Valor Where’s the party Yaar? Sin City The Naked Gun (1, 2, 3) Reign of Fire 115.Action: 112.Romantic: Ghost Rider If Only Fearless Knocked Up Underworld Last American Virgin Kunf Fu Hustle Summer Of 42 Rush Hour 3 I think I love my Wife Resident Evil 3 - Extinction The Game Plan 116.Animated: 113.Air Bud Horton Hears a Who!
  17. 17. Aki’s Collection Beowulf King Author Sinbad – Legend of Seven Seas Asterix- The Twelve Tasks 120.The Devil’s Advocate Toy Story (1, 2) Rendition The Great Debaters 117.Jerry Maguire The Brave One Vanilla Sky Big Nothing Interview with the Vampire Sleepless in Seattle Seven years In Tibet Eyes Wide Shut 121.A Bride Too far Sea of Love 118.Serenity Monster’s Ball The Boondocks Saints Dunston Checks In (H) The Notebook December Boys 122.Animal Factory (H) The Layer Cake Blade Runner (H) Provoked The Metador (H) The Game (H) 119.Pathfinder The Riverwild (H) 3 Kings Blue Lagoon 123.Casino (H)
  18. 18. Aki’s Collection Assasin (H) 127.Even After Hulk- 1 (H) Woman on Top Hellboy (H) It’s a Boy Girl thing Waterword (H) 124.Behind the Enemy Lines- 1 (H) The Seeker -The Dark is Rising Mouse Hunt (H) Harold & Kumar- 2 Lions for Lambs (H) Baby’s Day Out (H) 128.Vantage Point Solaris 125.A Millionare’s First Love (Chinese) The Cell 21 Mind hunters 27 Dresses Red Eye (H) Funny Money Reign Over Me There is something @ Marry Harold & Kumar- 1 129.Star Wars [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] 126.Mimic (1,2,3) Before The Devil Knows You're Dead 130.The Godfather Equilibrium [1, 2, 3] Love Actually 131.Alfred Hitchcock Collection:
  19. 19. Aki’s Collection Psycho-2 (H) 134.Classic : Rear Window (H) A Fistful of Dollars Vertigo (H) North by Northwest The Rules of Game 132.Romantic : For a Few Dollars More Feast of love The Good, The Bad, The Ugly(Extended) Price & Me -2 Somewhere in Time 135.Romantic : Step Up -2 How to Deal Lucky You My Best Friend’s wedding It’s a Boy Girl Thing My Sassy Girl P.S. I Love You 133.Classic: Whatever it takes Akira Kurosawa - Roshomon 136.Fantasy : Seven Samurai Stardust Satyajit Ray - The fall Aparajito The Doors Pather Panchali The Golden Compass Apur Sansar The Last Mimzy The Spiderwick Chronicles
  20. 20. Aki’s Collection The Lookout 137.Action : 10,000 B.C. 140.Other Language : Hellboy -2 La Vie En Rose Iron Man Pan’s Labyrinth The Forbidden Kingdom The Driving Bell & the Butterfly The Incredible Hulk The Lives of other The Island The Motorcycle Diaries 138.Monster’s ball 141.George Clooney Collection : The man who wasn’t there Good Night & Good Luck Kramer vs. Kramer Ocean’s 13 Scent of a Woman Leatherheads Dead Poets Society The Good German The English Patient O Brother, Where Art Thou Out of Control 139.Action Collection : Babylon A.D. 142.Animated Collection : Riddick [1, 2] Wall-E Jumper The Flight before Christmas The Last Samurai Bee Movie
  21. 21. Aki’s Collection Sleeping Beauty Notes on a Scandal Kung Fu Panda A History of Violence Tinker Bell Away from Her Closer 143.Terminator [1, 2, 3] Mad Max [1, 2, 3] 147.War Collection : Indigenes’ [Days of Glory] 144.Action Collection : Flags of our Fathers Bangkok Dangerous Letters from Iwo Jima Wanted The Great Raid Hero Wanted Katyn Never Back Down The Dark Knight 148.Crime Collection : Butterfly on a wheel 145.Other Language : Flawless 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days Felon After The Wedding Gangs of New York Kundun Loaded Downfall Street Kings 146.Awarded : 149.Animated Collection :
  22. 22. Aki’s Collection Shrek [1, 2, 3] American Gangster Donkey Xote Appaloosa Star Wars- The Clone Wars An American Crime Eighty Crazy Nights Taken Big Buck Bunny Righteous Kill Trapped 150.Comedy Collection : Idiocracy 153.Comedy Collection : Superhero Movie Be kind Rewind You don’t mess with the Zohan Burn after reading Disaster Movie Charlie Bartlett Roadtrip Postal The Love Guru In Bruges Speed Racer 151.Other Language Collection : Amelie 154.Thriller Collection : As it is in Heaven Cleaner Katyn The Exorcist Mongol The Lazarous Project Entity 152.Crime Collection : One Missed Call
  23. 23. Aki’s Collection Sider The Great Debator The Circus 155.Sports Collection : The Pilgrim Any Given Sunday Police Gridiron Gang The Adventurer Friday night lights Charlie Chaplin Videos The Express We are Marshall 158.Romantic Collection : The Final Season Employee of the Month Made of Honor 156.Romantic Collection : Sex & the City Vicky Cristina Barcelona License to Wed Elegy The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (1, 2) Forgetting Sarah Marshall What happens in Vegas? 159.Romantic Collection : Definitely, Maybe My Blueberry Nights The Good Night Married Life The Heartbreak Kid 157.Charlie Chaplin Collection : Wild Child City Lights Ghost Town Modern Times
  24. 24. Aki’s Collection 160.Romantic Collection : 163.Comedy Collection : Love in the Time of Cholera My Mom’s new Boyfriend Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day Get Smart Pride & Prejudice One Night at McCool’s Chocolat Stuck on you Casanova Mad Money Pineapple Express 161.Thriller Collection : Captivity 164.Drama Collection : Day of the Dead Holy Smoke Outpost Half Nelson Death Note Lars & the real girl L Change the World Things we lost in fire Dominion Prequel to Exorcist Stranger than Friction Stop- Loss 162.Other Language Collection : The kite Runner 165.Comedy-Sport Collection : City of Men Grow your Own The Counterfeiters Kicking & Screaming The Warlords Ping Pong playa Waltz with Bashir Run Fat boy Run
  25. 25. Aki’s Collection Semi Pro Amazing Grace The Benchwarmers Brideshead Revisited Girl with Pearl Earring 166.Child Movies : Ned Kelly The Boy in the Stripped Pyajamas The Duchess This is England The Other Boleyn Girl Bee Season Son of Rambow 169.Musical Collection : Chop Shop Across the Universe August Rush Hairspray Enchanted 167.America Controversy : Mamma Mia!! Inside Taliban Moulin Rouge Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden Sweeney Todd 911 in Plane Site The End of America 170.Drama Collection : America Freedom to Fascism Almost Famous Taxi to the Dark Side American Dreams No end in Sight Baby Mamma Bent it like Beckham 168.Drama Collection : Kit Kittredge- An American Girl
  26. 26. Aki’s Collection The Nanny Diary 171.Documentary Collection : The Village Barbershop Deliver us from Evil The Secret 174.Documentary Collection : Baghdad High Bustin Down the Door Zeitgeist Addendum The Meerkats The 7 Wonders of muslim World David Beckham- A Footballer’s Story Earth from Above 172.Drama Collection : Illuminati FlashBack of a Fool The Pixar Story The Visitor Southland Tales 175.Other Language Collection : Sleuth A Casa de Alice Traitor Lemon Tree The World’s Fastest Indian The man without a Past Persepolis 173.Drama Collection : Chunking Express Happy Go Lucky Mysterious Skin 176.Comedy Collection : Paranoid Park How to Lose Friends & alienate People Partition Birds of America
  27. 27. Aki’s Collection The Wackness 179.Documentary Collection : The Woman E=mc2 –Einstein & the World’s Most Famous Equation Role Models Chocago 10 St. Trinian’s The 11th Hour Lost Book of Nostradamus 177.Romantic Collection : Global Warming or Global Governace 10 Things I hate about you Steve Jobs & Bill Gates A Good Year Before Sunrise Cayote Ugly Show Angels Clueless 178.Romantic Collection : Death Defying Acts Sweet November Starting out in the Evening Keith What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Waitress
  28. 28. Aki’s Collection
  29. 29. Aki’s Collection A Perfect Word True Crime Aki’s Collection 2 (DVDs) Honkytonk Man Absolute Power 1. Matrix (1, 2, 3) Million Dollar Baby 2. The Lord Of The Ring (1, 2, 3) 3. Harry Potter (1, 2, 3)(H) 13. Robert Dinero Collection : 4. Jurassic Park (1, 2, 3)(H) City by the Sea 5. Rambo (1, 2, 3) Meet the Fockers 6. Die Hard (1, 2, 3) The Bridge Of San Juis Rey 7. Indiana Jones (1, 2, 3) Hide & Seek 8. Scary Movie (1, 2, 3, 4) Meet the Parents 9. American Pie (1, 2, 3, 4) 10. Police Academy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) 14. Robert Dinero Collection : 11. Clint Eastwood Collection: Good Fellas Hang’em High Raging Bull High Plains Drifter Angel Heart Two Mules for Sister Sara The Last Tycoon The Outlaw Josey Wales We’re No Angels Unforgiven This Boy’s Life 12. Clint Eastwood Collection: The King Of Comedy
  30. 30. Aki’s Collection 15. Robin Williams Collection : 18. Salma Hayek Collection : Mrs. Doubtfire Frida The Final Cut In the Times of Butterflies Good Morning Vietnam Fools Rush In One Hour Photo Breaking Up What Dreams May Come Midaq Alley 16. Documentaries : 19. Leonardo De Caprio Collection : Fahrenheit 9/11 Titanic Bowling for Columbine Romeo + Juliet Osama Catch Me If You Can Uncle Saddam Kandahar 20. Branden Fraser Collection : Crash 17. Julia Roberts Collection : Bedazzled Erin Brockovich Blast from The Past Mystic Pizza George of Jungle 1 Pretty Woman George of Jungle 2 Sleeping With the Enemy Mummy Mary Reily Mummy Returns
  31. 31. Aki’s Collection School Ties A Cinderella Story 21. Eddie Murphy’s Collection: 25. Ray Cop (1, 2, 3) The Singing Detective The Nutty Professor (1, 2) Phantom Dr. Dolittle (1, 2) Cinderella Man Daddy Day Care. 26. Jaws 22. Al Pacino Collection: Jaws 2 Scarface Jaws 3 The Recruit Deep Blue Sea Donnie Brasco Open Water The Merchant of Venice Shark Zone 23. Fan fan 27. Jarhead Belle Époque Mercury Rising A Place in the Sun Harrison Ford Entrapment 24. Hillary Duff Collection : Shaft Material Girls The Interpreter Raise Ur Voice Heat
  32. 32. Aki’s Collection 31. Marie Antoinette 28. Samuel Jackson Collection : Volver No Good Deed Tsotsi Coach Carter The Wind that shakes the Barley Jackie Brown Twisted 32. Rain Man Amadeus 29. Samuel Jackson Collection : Gandhi The Man The Last Emperor The Caveman’s Valentine Platoon Basic Out of Africa Jackie Brown Fanny Och Alexander In My Country Formula 51 33. War Movies : The Negotiator Saving Private Ryan Enemy at the Gates 30. John Travolta Collection : All Quiet on the Western Front Broken Arrow Salvador The Punisher Saints and Soldiers Basic Deathwatch
  33. 33. Aki’s Collection 34. War Movies : Save the last dance Tora Tora Tora Save the last dance 2 The Bridge on River Kwai The Guns on Navarone 40. Gone Baby Gone King 35. Band Of Brothers (1 to 11) Solstice Nancy Drew 36. Lucky Number Slevin Miss Potter 16 Blocks Smiley Face Hostel Edison 41. The Black Dahlia Hard Candy 37. Get Rich Or Die Trying Wicker Park You Got Served Honey 42. The Hills Have Eyes 2 The Messengers 38. Jackass (1, 2) White Noise: The Light School Of Scoundrels Music & Lyrics Step Up-1 43. The Contract 39. Standing Still Until Death
  34. 34. Aki’s Collection 10 Items or Less Scenes of Sexual Nature 47. Click Take the Lead 44. Proud Hoot Rent Friends with Money The Detonator Oliver Twist 48. How to loose a guy in 10 Days Tristan & Isolde Prime Match Point The Sweetest Thing Casanova Bridget Jones Hostel 49. Rock Away 45. Animated Movies : Black Irish Cars (D) Valley of Angels The Shaggy Dog Weirdsville The Wild (D) Michael Clayton (D) Over the Hedge (D) 50. Classic/ Academy Award Winner Collection : 46. Animated Movies : All Quite on the Western Front Bambi (1, 2) How green was my Valley Brother Bear (1, 2) West Side Story
  35. 35. Aki’s Collection The Best Years of Our Lives 54. Comedy Movies : Fun with Dick & Jane 51. Classic/Academy Award Winner Collection : The Mask Woody Allen’s “Babanas” Son of the Mask Peter Sellers the Party The Truman Show To be or not to be Dumb & Dumber Election Herbie Tais Toi 52. Classic/Academy Award Winner Collection : Yours, Mine & Ours Somewhere in Time Magnolia 55. Ben Hur Left Luggage Gone With the Wind Between Strangers The Sound Of Music 53. Classic/Academy Award Winner Collection : 56. Abandon Cool Hand Luke Comeback Season Diva The Good Shepherd Eye of the needle Tim McGraw A High Wind in Jamaica 57. Gridiron Gang Flyboys
  36. 36. Aki’s Collection Snakes on a Planet The Odds are Deadly (H) 58. The Omen (1, 2, 3, 4) 63. Laurel & Hardy’s Collection The Omen 5 (D) 59. Child’s Play (1, 2, 3) Chucky (1, 2) 60. Gremlins (1, 2) Critters (1, 2, 3. 4) Ghostbusters (1, 2) 61. Wishmaster (1, 2, 3) Creepshow (1, 2) Hell of Living Dead Night of Living Dead 62. Shadow Warriors (H) Escape from New York (H) The Traitor (H)
  37. 37. Aki’s Collection