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Δημιουργική Εργασία (Φιλοσοφία)

Από τον μύθο του Σπηλαίου στην κινηματογραφική ταινία "Matrix"

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Δημιουργική Εργασία (Φιλοσοφία)

  1. 1. OUR SCHOOL PROJECT ….THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE BY PLATO. Our school decided to become involved in an educational project with the aim to expand and broaden the students understanding of the importance of team work and communication .During the project ,students were separated into teams ,with each team having chosen one of the subjects which was the most interesting and appealing to them .My teams subject was the allegory of the cave by Plato ,one of Greece’s most famous philosophers .The myth of the cave is a Theory of Plato's concerning human perception. According to the philosopher the knowledge gained through our senses is just an illusion and in order to have real knowledge we must look at philosophy to guide us to reality .With his allegory, using many symbols ,Plato explains in detail the difficult road from ignorance and unawareness to knowledge and reality .This took place in the lesson of philosophy where we read Plato's allegory which was also greatly explained to us in depth by our philosophy teacher. Our job was to watch the Hollywood movie “Matrix”, during which we took notes regarding the connection between the allegory and the film .For further information we read a piece of work called ‘Matrix as an enactment of Plato’s “Allegory of the cave “ by Alexander C. Clough. After agreeing on the likenesses between the two, we wrote down our views on the resemblances. Furthermore, our next step was to find the meaning of the signs Plato used in his allegory and explain what each one symbolized in detail. After we had exchanged opinions and arguments on the above and had a broad understanding of the subject, we discussed the connection between the myth and today .It was interesting to see how each student related to Plato's story and realised the noticeable similarity and just how little things have changed from that period in time. We therefore, after much discussion ,exchanging our thoughts and worries ,wrote an essay regarding this small difference .Its theme was “The connection between the myth of the cave with today “.Finally, we put together a comic with our own sketches and dialogues in the easiest way possible . The comic’s purpose was so that the myth could be understood by all who saw our project. The project taught us all as students to work together ,to become one .To share each idea and express ourselves in ways which we have never been able to
  2. 2. do before. It taught us about team work and communication and the importance of putting our differences aside and working together as one big team .This resulted in a rewarding experience for all involved .It taught us that we all have a voice and how important it is to be heard and respected by our peers .I really felt that this educational project benefited the students on a whole and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Gemma Louise Whitfield