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The Playable Museum - Building the Museum of Future


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Museums are extraordinary time machines for travelling into the past, but what about the Present and, above all, the Future? Museum should be the place for creators and entrepreneurs from all around the world, the hose for those can imagine and design the future.

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The Playable Museum - Building the Museum of Future

  1. 1. Master Sole 24 Ore 23/02/2013 ENGAGEMENT REVOLUTIONENGAGEMENT REVOLUTION Mettiamo in gioco il mondoMettiamo in gioco il mondo The Playable Museum Fabio Viola @ MDT Conference
  2. 2. This is what happens in the world of video games where this month, a billion people are going to play on their consoles, pcs or mobile phones. Imagine a museum where 90% of school-age children enter INTENTIONALLY on a regular basis and, at the same time the fastest growing user base is made up of women over 50.
  3. 3. Imagine a theater where the spectator becomes co-protagonist . This is how we define videogames “engagement machines” and, probably, the best loyalty program in the world - even without any physical reward!!
  4. 4. New and diversified monetization strategies where free visitors cohabit with paying users and both are valuable and a core part of the experience. Imagine “Free to play” cultural institutions
  5. 5. If we are able to create a $100 billion industry in 40 years, where people spend real money to buy virtual items and currencies...
  6. 6. …why should a cultural institution that has extremely tangible assets, powerful stories, recognizable brand, and established audience not be able to design engaging and sustainable experiences in partnership with the creative industries?
  7. 7. …Museums are the closest thing to the “Time Machine” that I can imagine. They allow us to travel in any age “in the past”, making real what human beings have been dreaming for centuries.
  8. 8. Where and when the cultural passive “consumpation” meets the active production.
  9. 9. The Museum Archeological of Naples acted as a pure game publisher and TuoMuseo acted as the game studio establishing a strong public/private cooperation Father and Son is the first video game published by a worldwide museum
  10. 10. The Game title, the main story and large parte of the setting are not tightly connected with the Museum
  11. 11. 18.450
  12. 12. “In our projects we are constantly exploring new revenue streams models.” * Technology should not be a cost
  13. 13. A premier destination for creative and entrepreneurs from all around the world, a privileged gate between the Past and the Future. Museums have to be the house for those who can imagine, design and execute the Future.
  14. 14. “Every cultural institution should adopt a tech start- up and be constantly stimulated by it with mutual benefits.”
  15. 15. In 80 days we collected 240 projects coming from 550 inventors and dreamers. Over 30 countries involved with out of the box playable ideas. THE 3C Formula: creativity, contamination and coinvolgimento (engagement)
  16. 16. 18 Il comparto culturale non dovrebbe più essere auto-referenziale, ma pensare a Facebook, Angry Birds e Clash of Clans come modelli e rivali nell'attenzione, temporale e formativa delle nuove generazioni.
  17. 17. From Fabio and all the Tuo Museo team! Let’s stay in contact!