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Solar powered, internet enabled mobile computer lab bus


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The Craft Silicon Foundation Bus is 12 computer monitors and is able to harness solar energy at no extra cost. There are 3 Servers each running 4 monitor screens, in total the 12 monitor screens are effectively powered. It is also fitted with education courseware, Internet connectivity, printers and scanners

The bus is used to offer mobile ICT services to the poor students in the country. The bus goes round to slums (Kibera, Kawangware, Kangemi, Mathare, Huruma, and Mukuru kwa Nyayo) everyday and teaches students about computers and the internet. The lessons are tailored for girls aged between 9 and 13, and youth aged between 18 and 24. Classes are in three sessions – mornings, mid-morning, and evening. Each class has 36 students. A full course takes three months, and there are four intakes a year. Over 500 students have graduated in a one year period, most of whom have gained employment with others pursuing Information Technology.

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Solar powered, internet enabled mobile computer lab bus

  1. 1. The Craft Silicon Foundation Bus
  2. 2. The Bus tours the slums…
  3. 3. …To educate on computer use..
  4. 4. Over 500 students have graduated…
  5. 5. the past 1 year.
  6. 6. There is still a lot to be done..
  7. 7. reduce the digital divide in the slums of Nairobi…
  8. 8. For more information on how you can help: Contact The Craft Silicon Foundation, Nairobi Kenya