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Polymer Products Company


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Presentation about Polymer Products Company

Published in: Business
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Polymer Products Company

  1. 1. “Manufacturer of technical rubber products to automotive, marine and other industry sectors” Fundamentals of Management [ICT 1005] Group Assignment 2007/08
  2. 2. Company Overview • Polymer Products, a family-owned company located 30 km south of Sri Lanka’s capital of Colombo was founded by a Sri Lankan Rubber Technologist in the early 1980s. • Company logo
  3. 3. Major Product Categories
  4. 4. Production Process
  5. 5. Organizational Structure • They have hierarchical organizational structure which gives top managers higher degree of decision authority.
  6. 6. Implementation of 5S • Polymer Products maintains 5S standards effectively. # Phase Description 1 Seiri Sorting 2 Seiton Straighten or Set in Order 3 Seisō Sweeping or Shining 4 Seiketsu Standardizing 5 Shitsuke Sustaining
  7. 7. Awards & Rewards • ISO 9001:2000 QMS & ISO 14001:2004 EMS • Provincial Productivity Award 2006: Small Scale Manufacturing Sector (Western Province) - Commendation Certificate • 5S 2007 –2nd place from selected 10 companies under the pilot program of PQIP conducted by MOID • Production Productivity Award 2007: Small Scale Manufacturing Sector (Western Province) - 2nd place • National Productivity Award 2007: Small Scale Manufacturing Sector - Special Commendation Certificate • Techno 2002/03 Engineering Exhibitions: Best Display of Local Products – Merit Awards • Provincial Productivity Award 2006 (Western Province) Special Commendation Certificate • Provincial Productivity Award 2007 (Western Province) 2nd Place • Productivity & Quality Award 2007 (Ministry Of Industrial Development) - 2nd Place • National Productivity Award 2007 - Special Commendation Certificate
  8. 8. Customers • Local Customers – S-Lon Lanka (PVT) Ltd – St. Anthony’s (PVT) Ltd – Colombo Dockyard PLC – Sri Lanka Port Authority – Sri Lanka Navy – Orange (PVT) Ltd • Global Customers – They carry out business activities directly with the local customers but they have been carrying out their business activities indirectly with the foreign customers via local customers – In year 2008 they made their maiden export of convoluted tubes to Sweden. And it was a landmark in their history. And now they are able to make direct exports to the European market.
  9. 9. Suppliers • Chemical Industries (Colombo) PLC (CIC) • They provide raw materials and intermediaries for their customers to enhance value of their output • MultiChemi Exports (PVT) Ltd • MultiChemi International Ltd was started in 1996 • Villagers
  10. 10. Marketing Procedures • Marketing centers or any other branches • Active marketing campaigns or processes • The web site of the company • The business directories • Actively taking part in industrial exhibitions held nationally and internationally
  11. 11. Human Resource Management • Employee selections done through interviews and aptitude tests • Job training done through demonstrations, instructions, supervision and mentoring • New employees have 4 years of probation period • Company does the motivation through – Salary with annual increments – Other benefits • Employees work in 3 shifts per day • For all employees in all shifts foods are provided • Annually company celebrates “Polymer Day” on 1st January • Scholarships are provided to employees’ children • Concerns Health and Safety at the working environment much
  12. 12. Michael Porter’s Five Forces • Helps the marketer to contrast the competitive environment Customers: relatively low Suppliers: medium Competitors: high Substitutes: high (depends on the industry) New entrants: low
  13. 13. PEST Analysis • Organizations market environment is made up of, Internal environment Micro environment Macro environments • PEST considers the macro environment
  14. 14. Handling Macro Factors (A new Idea) Want to improve from the current position ??? The solution is ‘OFAG’
  15. 15. SWOT Analysis • Is a simple tool to understand the internal environment • Can be used to, – Business planning – Strategic planning – Competitor evolution – Marketing – Business development – Product development – Etc.
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis • Strengths • Opportunities – Family owned, 20 years established – Expand the company brand name and logo – Increase product range – Wide range of products with quality – Improve marketing strategies and durability – Experienced management & motivated employees • Threats • Weaknesses – Using outdated technology – Limited No. of suppliers, over rely on them – Competitors use e-Business – IT has not used as a strategic tool – Inflation, currency fluctuation – Lack of improvements in manufacturing process
  17. 17. Strategies • Improve supplier quality measurement • Improve the website • Develop infrastructure
  18. 18. Strategies • Effective usage of marketing tools and techniques • Sign agreements with Suppliers • Assign relevant responsibilities to particular person or department for more organized HRM • Producing their own natural rubber
  19. 19. Thank You…!