brand audit, brand management(mkt-470)


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its all about how to audit a brand, pop's & pod's, portfolio analysis, consumer perception, swot etc.........(TANJIM) by ecstasy

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brand audit, brand management(mkt-470)

  1. 1. Tanjim is a well known rugged brand in Bangladesh. Tanjim is a sister concern of Ecstasy. Tanjim has been innovative and interesting in the line of fashion industry. The brand is the innovator in fashion product. It will continue to innovate and design unique strategies. They offer limited edition items, which allow creating perfect personal look which is updated throughout the season. They always work on wearable products. Since the premiere of interesting washed T-shirt in 2006, which had a major influence on street fashion, was a natural consequence. Tanjim has broadened its concept to include a newer, edgier image, appealing to all styles, trends and ages, while keeping the product in the purest form it provides customers with a rugged, trendy yet fashionable sense of clothing.
  2. 2. BRAND AUDIT OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE Brand Objectives • To explore the clothing industry. • To know your brand's position against competing brands and act on the perceptual. (E.g : Cat’s Eye, Yellow , Artisti) • To determine the strength and weaknesses of the existing brand. • To define brand objectives for each consumer aggregate. Scope Tanjim is trying to minimize the region within Bangladesh mostly in order to make things less complicated. There are a few competitive companies which are doing in our country such as Artisti , Yellow , Cat’s Eye . Our scope of study will cover as many aspects as possible for this brand. We will study the brand background, industry background, consumer analysis, brand exploratory, and we end with some recommendations to enhance the brand.
  3. 3. Brand Audit Approaches Approaches We decided to use a few types of approaches to complete this brand audit project. • Guideline We must follow the guidelines provided to know what are the things or aspects included to complete a brand audit project. • Task allocation We allocated task accordingly between our members and the group leader will be the one who compile all the sub topics after completing the report. • Information search To ensure we get sufficient information to study this project, we search information from internet, broachers, customer feedback, newspaper, and so on.
  4. 4. BRAND EXPLORATORY Awareness: 21 stores sprawled across the nation having outlets in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani and in city centres of Sylhet and Chittagong Favorability: Initially unfavorable, later paved the way to make it a respectable brand name. Uniqueness of associations: ‘Tanjim’ being one of Bangladesh’s most renowned brands as for western wear.
  5. 5. Brand Elements Name- Tanjim Tagline- “Your life, Your rules”  Design-Rugged  Symbol  
  6. 6.  “Tanjim” was the first brand in Bangladesh who stepped out to bring branded merchandise on the rock music of Bangladesh. They brought the first “Artcell” branded merchandises in their stores which was also available in their mother store “Ecstasy”. “Artcell” is Bangladesh’s one of the biggest rock music band and by selling their branded t-shirts meant a huge promotion for their brand. This was a very good step of marketing strategy taken by Tanjim. This offer was for a limited period of time and it helped them to promote their brand in huge masses. Some t-shirts were also personally autographed by the members of the band itself. “Tanjim” was the first Bangladeshi brand to end the era of the popularity of T-Shirts and other merchandises consisting of international bands (such as, Children of Bordom, Iron Maiden or Metallica) amongst the people of Bangladesh and start a trend of the use of merchandises presenting popular national bands..
  7. 7. Profile of Competitive Brands Yellow Cat’s Eye  Creative  one of the largest  Original merchandiser for clothing  attitude towards fashion that bends and breaks rules  own manufacturing facility on the cutting edge of fashion  mainly provide formal clothing for men  Design driven brand  light-hearted and optimistic  inspired by their customers  unconventional yet high- quality  progressive yet tastefully casual
  8. 8. SOUL DANCE    trendy and fashionable clothes innovative and trendy lifestyle retail theme Differentiated product offerings ARTISTI       Innovative Dynamic quality Trendsetter Specialized in formal wear for (professionals, diplomats, business man) Wedding clothes Quality control
  9. 9. POP’S           Trendy Fashionable Variety Attractive Rebellious Quality materials Locally made Good sales service Western fashion Export Quality Materials POD’S  Premium pricing  Rugged designs  Rapid trend adoption  Limited period offerings  Authentic Style  Innovative  Original  Young & Vibrant
  10. 10.  This branding strategy enables Tanjim to develop a plan which involves successfully bringing together three key elements the product, communications with the consumer and the way in which Ecstasy or tanjim products are presented in retail outlets  The marketing planning process involves gaining a clear understanding of the consumer architecture for example the structure of the correct product to the correct consume, enabling Tanjim to identify the various sectors of the jeans and men’s apparel market.  The latest trends, consistent high quality, and affordable prices this is the fashion formula that “Ecstasy” has brought.
  11. 11. Tanjim is a Extended Brand of Ecstasy, they are selling the clothing items which is only for men. When their was inaccessibility classy casual apparel in Dhaka accept few store ,“Tanjim” and it’s concept included a newer ,edgier image appealing to all styles ,trends and ages while keeping the product in the purest form took birth.
  12. 12. Brand Association • Tanjim’s has a major influence in street fashion, and was a natural consequence which differentiates them from other similar Brands. • Tanjim’s collection includes a trendy and fashionable assortment of flattering styles • Authentic details and functional attributes give Tanjim a strong sense of identity.
  13. 13. Brand Positioning Analysis • At the beginning Ecstasy always tried to establish itself as a world famous brand but could not be able to do it due to the lacking of high financing so they used to sell different brands in Ecstasy which were export leftovers. it was a fashion house where they used to sell different brands under the same umbrella. And then Ecstasy started to offer its own exclusive brand as Tanjim. • Tanjim Tried to create a Brand Image by their exclusive designs and high quality product which can compete with any renowned Brand.
  14. 14. Customer Perception Analysis So far “Tanjim” has been innovative .interesting and credible among its target audience. And its continuous updating of its designs makes “Tanjim” a true point of reference for anyone interested in fashion. Strategy to connect with target consumers define as “spirited minds” that they are ageless, positive and dynamic. These consumers are iconic ,experimental in nature. There is a change in attitude marked by greater confidence and free thinking.
  15. 15.  Consumers look for the brands which they can identify with. Tanjim is all about attitude and this is the key differentiation which gives the brand a distinct identity. “Tanjim” is about breaking rules and never follow the crowd”.  The brand is the innovator in fashion product. Tanjim will continue to innovate and design unique strategies and product
  17. 17. STRENGTHS • Mother brand name Ecstasy • Sound Management • Good competitive skills • Product innovation abilities • Using top model
  18. 18. WEAKNESSES • Low online presence • Poor marketing skills • Narrow product line • Lack of control over quality
  19. 19. OPPORTUNITIES • Arising of international markets • • • • Faster market growth Ability to produce new products Can enter new market or segments Low manufacturing and production cost (locally made)
  20. 20. THREATS • Competition is high • Fast changes in consumer tastes • Rising sales of substitute products • Increasing competition (e.g yellow, cats eye, soul dance, artisti) • Customer loyalty might change
  21. 21. Summary of Competitive Analysis
  22. 22. Recommendation • • • • • • • • • • • • • Re-branding their brand name Start campaigning the colleges, universities Taking sponsorship in various popular sports in bd. They can go for TV commercial (CSR). More outdoor advertising. Use their website more appropriately. Starting online shopping. Take quick action according the necessity of the consumer They should going for more branches They can change their packaging. Proper coordination between the members of Tanjim Proper communication with the customers about the needed information. Use mobile as a media.