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YoruFukurou (NightOwl) Presentation


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NightOwl (YoruFukurou) Twitter client presentation

Published in: Technology
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YoruFukurou (NightOwl) Presentation

  1. 1. NightOwl (YoruFukurou) Twitter Client for Mac
  2. 2. Problems• Japanese Twitter users are insanely addicted to Twitter • Tweets more than 100 times a day (possibly an hour) • Following more than 1,000 users
  3. 3. Problems• Lack of good keyboard support• GUI weirdness (i.e. Adobe AIR)• Cannot deal with LOTS of tweets• Lack of powerful mute rules• No regular expressions!
  4. 4. What• Simple looking (more info != better)• Keyboard accessible• VoiceOver accessible• Advanced features • Tabs • Flexible unread management
  5. 5. Demo
  6. 6. Libraries• JSONKit• CocoaOniguruma• MGTwitterEngine• Growl• Sparkle• Let’s Move
  7. 7. JSONKit• Fast!• Easy to use • - (id)objectFromJSONData;• BSD / Apache License
  8. 8. CocoaOniguruma• Based on Oniguruma• Oniguruma is used in Ruby and PHP (>= 5) • Likely to be stable!• Easy to use• The New BSD License
  9. 9. Essentials• Sparkle • (Usually) works better than App Store deployment• Growl
  10. 10. Let’s Move
  11. 11. Questions