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RESUME: Acee Vitangcol


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Acee Vitangcol's resume.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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RESUME: Acee Vitangcol

  1. 1. WHO AM I?certified digital marketer ・market researcher ・socio-anthropologist
  2. 2. ACEEVITANGCOL is a backpacking isaw addict sometimes weird often awesome DIGITAL GEEKyou would want to take home to your client coffeeholic
  3. 3. RESPONSIBLE FOR digital strategy social media strategy communication planning interaction design project management Virtually anything and everything digital IDEATION sales and marketing content planning product development web analytics market research
  4. 4. TNS / Kantar Worldpanel ABS-CBN Account Executive Digital Strategist ISO Program Dev’t Assistant where I did amazing digital stuff where I prostituted my number- crunching brain to brands where doing good deeds was a 9 to 5 job Social Planner Havas Media Ortega DM9JaymeSyfu Social Media Director / Head of Social Media EMPLOYMENT HISTORY where I did more amazing digital stuff where I led a team to do amazing digital stuff Digital and Strategic Planning Director DentsuJaymeSyfu where I led a team to do more amazing digital stuff
  5. 5. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PSHS-CVC ADMU ADMU CCE / IMMAP AB Social Sciences Certified Digital Marketing Program
  8. 8. AS DJS’PLANNING DIRECTOR Mapped out non-campaign revenue streams for the agency as a means to maximise the department’s skills and expertise while building its credibility to its pool of clients. Created the framework and operations of Digit Sense, a proprietary combination of tools and processes that allow the agency to immerse itself into the psyché of the consumers it wishes to talk to. Designed data-driven digital and social media frameworks as a means to address c l i e nt s ’ b u s i n e s s a n d c a m p a i g n objectives. Crafted communication strategies and internal key message guidelines as a jumpoff point for the creative team and social media team. Guided the social media department’s social listening efforts and the planning department’s data-gathering and analysis efforts.
  9. 9. AS DM9’S HEAD OF SOCIAL Conducted consumer behavior insighting and social listening as a means to create social and digital strategies addressing c e r t a i n b u s i n e s s o b j e c t i v e s . Conceptualized social media, digital media, and/or digital PR executions for a variety of brands. Created social media playbooks and brand bibles from which different brands base their direction in any and/or all of their social media presences. Built and led the agency's social media command center, now composed of a team of community directors, social media managers, community managers, and social media associates who listened in on social media conversations, amplified and/or complemented offline executions, and rolled out campaigns in clients' social media assets and online presences.
  10. 10. AS HVMO’S SOCIAL PLANNER Generated data-driven actionable insights and provided strategic direction from which the creative team could latch on to in developing concepts and executions for businesses, campaigns, and/or brands. Mapped out roles for key digital channels and social media platforms as a means to address certain business challenges and/or brand objectives. Identified gaps and strategic opportunities derived from a mix of quantitative and qualitative data on consumers, brands, and markets. Crafted on-the-fly recommendations derived from real-time monitoring of brands' (and competitors') social media performance and employment of social media listening tactics. Established key performance indicators and measures of success as translated from brands' business objectives.
  11. 11. CLIENTS
  12. 12. CLIENTS SERVICED Halalan 2013: The ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Election Coverage. Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo. DZMM. ANC. Star Magic. Globe Corporate Communications. Globe Tattoo. Globe P r e p a i d . G l o b e C o r p o r a t e Communications. Globe Tattoo. Globe Prepaid. Globe Postpaid. Touch Mobile. LBC. MyPhone. Closeup. Pepsodent. Sunsilk. Vaseline Lotion. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Doublemint Gum. Pascual Laboratories. La Filipina Meats. Jewelmer Joaillerie. Eat Bulaga. AXA. Bank of the Philippine Islands. Maynilad Water Services Inc. Modess. Carefree. Clean & Clear. Listerine. Benadryl. Bactidol. Imodium. Anmum. Anchor Adult Pro. P e r fe c t I ta l i a no . A n l e n e . A b o i t i z Foundation. Max’s Restaurant. Century Tuna. Smart Bro. PLDT. Jollibee. Uniqlo. BPI Institutional. BPI Loans. Selecta. Surf. Axe. Cheezee. Chevron. And many more.
  13. 13. PROJECTS This means that the image is hyperlinked to an article or a video.
  14. 14. HALALAN 2013 DIGITAL STRATEGY Conceptualized and laid out digital presences - online, social, and mobile - for Halalan 2013. The site showed more than the usual news articles, lineup of national and local candidates, webisodes, hashtag curation, and social media tracking visualizations made to measure chatter around candidates.
  15. 15. HALALAN 2013 TRACKER Crafted the Halalan 203 social media tracker, in partnership with IBM, the first and most content-rich tracking tool in the Philippines. It showed search volume, conversations, and sentiment around national candidates with events superimposed on each data point for context.
  16. 16. BMPM DIGITAL STRATEGY Laid out online presences for Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo (BMPM), ABS-CBN’s user- generated content and citizen journalism arm. The site presents vetted user reports. It was aimed at providing more venues for submission - be it through the site or through social media. The site also automatically curates tweets and Instagram posts with the BMPM hashtag.
  17. 17. HALALAN2013 MOBILE APP Crafted an election-related mobile app, in partnership with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), that allowed users to check their voter status, this including their precinct location. The app also provided users a chance to read up on candidate profiles, tick their favored candidates, and compile it into one cheat sheet. This feature was the first among competitors. The app also allowed for user-generated reporting - an essential feature during the elections.
  18. 18. NEWS.COM MOBILE APP Conceptualized a mobile app for ABS- that allowed for offline viewing, social sharing, and user- generated reporting - a first of its kind in the country. The app is present in iOs, Android, and Windows. To date, almost half a million users has downloaded the app.
  19. 19. DZMM DIGITAL STRATEGY Improved DZMM’s online presence, including social media and content. Pageviews increased by more than 100%. Visits from new visitors increased by more than 300%. Social media following gained huge uptakes. Website bagged the Excellence Award and Top Award for Communication Skills in the 2012 Philippine Quill Awards.
  20. 20. TV PATROL SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN Initiated a social media campaign to kickstart the 25th anniversary celebration of TV Patrol, the longest running Filipino language evening primetime newscast. Fans increased by 7,000 during the campaign period. One particular content gained 900 likes, 100 shares, and 300 comments. Other content garnered same level of virality.
  21. 21. M a n a g e d t h e c o n c e p tu a l i za t i o n , production, and campaign launch of, the online portal of the ABS- CBN News Channel (ANC). The site gained 1.3856M pageviews in under three months. ANC DIGITAL STRATEGY
  22. 22. PRESS This means that the image is hyperlinked to an article or a video.
  23. 23. launches mobile app. ANC Future Perfect. 2012. Tracking the Elections, ANC Future Perfect. May, 2013. Halalan 2013. DZMM Magandang Morning with Julius and Nina. May 2013. Digit Beefs Up Senior Management Team with Social Media Director. Various Publications. April 2014. Nothing Is Ever Too Huge a Failure. Huffington Post. November 2014. PRESS + MEDIA COVERAGE
  24. 24. WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED Digital Visioning and Roadmapping Workshop. Century Tuna. March 27, 2017. Social Media and Religion: Social Media Workshop. Jesuit Communications. March 14, 2013. Social Media Workshop. News and Current Affairs, ABS-CBN. May 3, 2012. New Media Workshop. Jesuit Communications. March 23, 2012. New Media Workshop. Studio 23, ABS-CBN. November 30, 2011. New Media Workshop. Sales and Marketing, ABS-CBN. November 23, 2011. New Media Workshop. ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc., ABS-CBN. November 4, 2011. Branding Workshop. News and Current Affairs, ABS-CBN. March 7, 2011. igNation: Igniting Leadership Towards Building our Nation Seminar Series. Council of Organizations of the Ateneo, Ateneo de Manila University. January 28, 2009.
  25. 25. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Launching a Digital Campaign. De La Salle University. March 17, 2017. BRANDa Dito, BRANDa Doon: In the Middle of Clutter. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. March 1, 2014. The Social Climber: Creating A Successful Social Media Campaign. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. January 26, 2015. Trending: The New Breed of Strategic Marketing. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. January 16, 2014. Jump. Make Noise. Advertise!: TSU Advertising Congress. Tarlac State University. March 8, 2014. Limitless: The Future of Marketing Capabilities. Business World. November 25, 203. Brand Congress: The Supremacy of Brands in the Digital World. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. September 6, 2013. Integrated Business Solutions. Business Student Forum. September 27, 2013.
  26. 26. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Social Media Lay of the Land: Halalan 2013 Volunteers’ Orientation. ABS-CBN. April 23, 2013. e-Marketing Unplugged! Philippine School of Business Administration. March 4, 2013. Leveraging on Social Media as a Platform for Responsible, High Impact News and Campaigns. Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association. June 9, 2012. IMMAP Open Mic Night: A Fishbowl Evening. Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines. April 13, 2012. It’s More Fun In Marketing! Philippine School of Business Administration. March 15, 2012. Diversity Marketing: Segment, Target, Position. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. February 16, 2012. Digital Marketing for SMEs: Business World Entrepreneurs Forum Series. Business World. November 25, 2011.
  27. 27. Call me, maybe? +639177978654