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Akhmad Sy CV up date August 2016


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Akhmad Sy CV up date August 2016

  1. 1.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263 PERSONAL DATA Name : Akhmad Syarifudin Place/Date of birth : Palembang / 26th October 1968 Marital Status : Married Nationality : Indonesian Education : Senior High School Passport No : A6648754 ID Card No : 2171112610689002 Address : Perum Mantang Block G 15 Batu Aji Batam Riau Island Province Indonesia QUALIFICATION  PIPING ,WELDING INSPECTOR  AWSINDONESIAN B4T WeldingInspector  Attendant CSWIP3.1 WeldingInspector  Attendant PCNLev II WeldingInspector  ISO 9001-2008 Quality ManagementSystem Auditor RELATED COURSESATTENDED  EnglishLanguage Course at Syailendra Institute Palembang  France Language Course at Lembaga Bahasa Sriwijaya University  AWSIndonesianWeldingInspectorconduct by B4T Bandung with Certificate No 0802.12.2BTM 1018  AwarenessISO 9001-2008 ( Quality ManagementSystem ) conduct by Ladwer Institute Batam Indonesia  Attendant PCNWeldingInspectorCourse conduct by BINDT with RegistrationNo : 310946  ISO 9001-2008 Quality ManagementSystem Auditorconduct by Ladwer Institute Batam Indonesia  Attendant CSWIP3.1 WeldingInspectorcourse conduct by The WeldingInstitute registeredwithcertificate No :1QEN/595454  Oil and Gas SafetyPassport conducted by NIOSH Malaysia SUMMARY EXPERIENCES More than twenty years work in Oil and Gasfor Fabrication, Installation ,Pipeline,andChemical Plant. High motivate skill,good interpretation,openminded,managerial skill and communicated. Able to work independentandalsoin group team, familiarwith CODE Standard ie : AWS for Steel Structure, ASME for: Material, NDT, Piping,Fitting,ASME B31.1, AME B31.3, API 1104 for pipeline, ASME VIII for Tank Storage.  PT.VME PROCESS as QA/QC Coordinator from April 2016 up to present  PT Rekayasa Industry as Piping,Welding andMechanical Inspector from April 2014 up to April 2016  PT Hitek Indo Mulya as Project Coordinator,December2013 up to March 2013  PT Mc.Connel Dowell as QA/QC Coordinator,July 2013 up to October 2013  PT Rotary EngineringIndonesiaas Assistant QA/QC Manager,August 2008 up to June 2013
  2. 2.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263  MMC Oil and Gas Engineering Sdn.Bhd as WeldingInspector,March 2008 up to June 2008  Royscan EngineeringforJurong Shipyard (S’pore) Pte,Ltdas QA/QC Inspector,September 2007 up to March 2008  PT YOOA KORIN as QA/QC Coordinator , December2006 up to June 2007  PT Cendrawasih AnekaIndah as QA/QC Coordinator ,November2005 up to January 2006  PT Daya Satiti Perkasa as WeldingInspector ,May 2005 up to September2005  PT Leno Jaya as SITE Coordinator ,January 2005 up to April 2005  PT Profab Batam as QC Inspector , October2003 up to September2004  PT Rotary EngineeringIndonesiaas QA/QC Inspector , January 2002 up to November2002  PT Mc. Connell Dowell IndonesiaasQA/QC InspectorJanuary 2001 up to August 2001  Haven EngineeringSdnBhd as WeldingForeman, August1999 up to August 2000  AHS EngineeringSdn Bhd as WeldingForeman,June 1998 up to June 1999  MASER EngineeringSdn Bhd as Lead Hand April 1997 up to March 1998  PenangShipbuildingand ConstructionEngineeringas WelderPipingandJacket ,December 1995 up to August 1996  MASER EngineeringSdnBhd as WelderPipingandStructure ,March 1995 up to June 1995  PT Sembawang EngineeringIndonesia/PTLhicuandoInti Perkasa as Pipe Fitter,March 1992 up to June 1994  PT Mc Dermott Indonesiaas welder,February1990 up to August 1991 Period : April 2016 up to present Employer : PT VME PROCESS Position : QA/QC COORDINATOR Project : OCTP GHANA EPSO PROJECT- POWER GENERATIONMODULE Responsibilities :Reviewedall documentsrelatedto Projectand ensure all activitiesagainst to the Project requirement,Specificationandreference Code Standard.AttendedmeetingwithClient and Top Management.Conduct dailyand weeklymeetingwithQA/QC Manager to control and monitoringall activitiesand document status for Project completion. Coordinatedall QC Inspector to monitoring all activitiesto ensure that construction team didtheir job base on project requirement.Ensure all Relateddocumentfor submit to clientare in form and comply with attachment for approval. Coordinatedwith MC Team to prepare ITR for submit to Client. Coordinate with Engineeringifany discrepancy inISO Drawing. Coordinatedwith Engineering in PreparingTest Package. Conduct internal meetingwithQC Team for any activitiesat site i.e , witnesshydro testing,Chemical Cleaning, Flushing/Blowing,Hydro jetting,witnessFlange Management,Reinstatement. Report to QA/QC Manager. Period : April 2014 up to April 2016 Employer : PT Rekayasa Industry Position : QA/QC Piping,WeldingInspector Project : SAMUR Project (Sabah ammonia urea fertilizerproject)PETRONAS Responsibilities :Reviewedall documentsrelatedto Projectand ensure all activitiesagainst to the Project requirement,Specificationandreference Code Standard.Coordinatedall Subcontractor QC Inspector to monitoringall activitiesto ensure that Productiondid their job base on Project Requirement.Monitoringand WitnessInspectionactivities suchas Fit-up,Visual Inspection, Positive Material Test, ReviewTestPackage Document,witnessHydro test,PneumaticTest, Liaise Inspectionwith OwnerRepresentative and submitDocument to Owner for approval.
  3. 3.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263 Period : December2013 up to March 2014 Employer : PT HitekIndo Mulia Position : Project Coordinator Project : Manpower Supplyfor SWIBER Offshore forSouth Belut Conoco Philipproject Responsibilities:Preparedman powerfor supply for South BelutProject Conoco PhilipIndonesia, all documentsrelatedto employersubmit to clientfor review for approval, preparedlocation and all equipmentforWQT and PPE before mobilize tosite. Period : July 2013 up to November2013 Employer : PT Mc.Connell Dowell Indonesia Positon : QA/QC Coordinator Project : APACHE Project Responsibilities:Reviewedall documentrelatedto project and ensure all activitiesagainst to the project requirement,specificationandreference code standard.Coordinatedall QC inspectorand instructedthem to monitoringall activitiesto ensure that production didtheir job base on the project requirement.Arrange schedule fortest for witnessby Clientor Third party like’sWeighing test, Final Visual and Dimensional,Prepare all documentfor Clientand Third Party Sign off. Period : July 2008 up to June 2013 Employer : PT Rotary EngineeringIndonesia Position : Assistant QHSE Manager Project : SEPC-MEG PROJECT, SHELL ECC TANK PROJECT, NESTE OIL PROJECT, SPT PROJECT, CCDS PROJECT,CHEVRON PROJECT,EVONIKPROJECT. Responsibilities:Review all documentsrelatedto all project involvedagainst to project requirement,specificationandreference code standards.Organize all QA/QC inspectorand ensure them to monitoringall fabrication activitiesbase on project requirement.Raise advise to fabrication team ifany issue to solve in fabricationactivities.Conductedkick of meetingwith Top Managementbefore project start and personsin-charge and all subcontractor .Attendedall meeting with Top Managementand Client.PreparedQuality Manual, Quality Objective and Quality Policyof Company for CertificationofISO 9001-2008 ( Quality ManagementSystem ). PreparedProject Evaluation for all projects.Report to General Manager Period : April 2008 up to June 2008 Employer : PT KPC /MMC EngineeringSdnBhd Position : WeldingInspector Project : Jabung Gas Booster Station Responsibilities:To ensure all fabrication activity is carried out as per approved drawing ,fabrication specificationandweldingprocedure.Performinspection before fabrication,during fabrication activitiesas per plannedin ITP.Monitoringand reportingall production process,ensure all fitup and visual inspectionare undertakenin a timelymanner. Handling qualityissue and followup to project managementand client’srepresentative.Conductand witnessWQT with Client’sRepresentative.ReporttoQA/QC Manager.
  4. 4.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263 Period : September2007 up to March 2008 Employer : ROYSCAN Engineering/ Jurong ShipyardPte Ltd Position : PipingWeldingInspector Project : Petro Rig ( pipe spool, tankage and steel structure) Noble Danny Adkins, AKER SMART II Responsibilities: Ensure all activitiesundercontrol and monitoring by subcontractor QC as per Project requirement.Witness all fabricationproduct before release toshipment.WitnessHydro test of pipe spool and tankage before release to Site ( S’pore Yard ). Review and sign off all report before sendto main office. Period : December2006 up to June 2007 Employer : PT AMCO Position : Project Coordinator Project : Prepared all facility for continuityof production , Reviewall AFC drawing before issuedo production team. Ensure all activitiesof fabricationcarried out as per project requirement.ConductmeetingwithProject Manager for monitoring progressand project schedule.Reportto General Manager. Period : February 2006 up to December2006 Employer : PT YOOAKORIN Position : QA/QC Coordinator Project : CobaltTransportation Modification,HD 289 Derrick and Pipe laying Barge Modification,KODECO Jacket Project. Responsibilities:Ensure all activitiesof Production undercontrol and monitorby al QC inspector ,Reviewall document and procedure ,reportingby each Inspector,coordinate weekly meeting with respective headdepartmentand management, reviewcorrective and preventive action taken by respective subsectionleaderor partiestowards the effective solution,reviewall QC Document ie : operationinstruction,reference,checksheetor form .report to QA/QC Manager. Period : November2005 up to January 2006 Employer : PT CendrawasihAneka Indah Position : QA/QC Coordinator Project : Stinger PontoonAlpha XII Responsibilities:Reviewedall relateddocumentdue to project.Assist QA/QC Manager to preparedITP,NDT Plan.Assist the engineertopreparedNDT Drawing. Preparedand runningPQR and WPS,conducted WQT. Monitoringall site qualityverificationactivities in accordance with specificationand procedure as requiredand otherworks. Coordinated all QC inspector activities to ensure that productionsite do theirjob base on the projectrequirement.Liaise Inspectionwith the Client. Report all activitiesto QA/QC Manager. Period : July 2005 up to September2005 Employer : PT DayaSatiti Perkasa Position : WeldingInspector
  5. 5.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263 Project : Transmission Gas and CompressionFacility( pipe line ) Responsibilities:Reviewedall documentrelatedto project specificationandreference code and standard.Monitoringall site quality verificationactivitiesinaccordance withspecificationand procedure as requiredandotherworks.Witness,monitoring andprepared all technical documentsie:Stringingpipe,Jointpreparation and fit up for joint pipe,bending, rivercrossing, wrapping pipe.Report to Project in-charge Manager. Period : April 2005 up to June 2005 Employer : PT LenoJaya Position : Site Coordinator Project : ATF Fast Cycle Time BlendingProject Responsibilities:Preparedand checkall facilitiesand tools,Plannedall activitiesfor Fabrication, Reviewall AFCDrawing before give to the productionsite,Monitoringall Fabrication activities, Preparedall documentfor reportingto the Project Manager Period : October 2003 up to September2004 Employer : PT Profab Position : QC Inspector Project : Yatagun Myanmar Module 3&8, Petrocina Jabung Jacket and Platform Responsibilities: Ensure All Fabrication activitiesas per project requirementandapproved drawing for construction, Monitoringand witnessall fabrication activities,Checkand report incomingmaterials,monitoring weldingactivities,preparedWQT,Preparedall of activitiesat site, report to QA/QC Manager. EMERGENCYCONTACT NO Name : RadenAyuNurAsni Address : PerumMantang Block G 15 BatuAjiBatam Riau Island Province Phone No : +6281277079789 Name : Meriza Sochni Address : Perum Avante Block D Batam CenteriBatam Riau Island Province Phone No : +6281364392263 REFERENCE 1. Mr.EricPhang General ManagerPT Rotary EngineeringIndonesia Phone : +6596261455 Email :
  6. 6.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263 2. Mr.Eric Tan QA/QC Manager Corporates Rotary Engineering e-mail 3. Mr. Raj Kumar QA/QC Manager SGS Singapore Phone : +6597469127 4. M AgusSuherman Managing Director PT San Calm Sukses Phone : +62 82378698880
  7. 7.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263
  8. 8.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263
  9. 9.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263
  10. 10.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263
  11. 11.  Curriculum Vitae, Update 28th August 2016 +6281267820578 ,+6281267820687 +6281364392263