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2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Survey


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The writing's on the wall: Today's IT organizations must embrace new tactics and technology to stay in lockstep with evolving customer expectations. Our latest report - the D2iQ 2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Report - bears this out.

What tactics and technology are we talking about? Our research revealed some notable trends that set forward-thinking companies apart, as well as the considerations that are most important to buyer's today

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2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Survey

  1. 1. Trends in Hybrid, On-Prem, and Cloud Deployment Each year we survey DC/OS users to get insight into statistics and key industry trends. To find out what is hot and what is not in the Cloud Native Ecosystem, this year, we asked questions around cloud, Kubernetes, data services, infrastructure, and more. Read on to find out what we learned. Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud provider Microsoft Azure has grown 85% since 2016—the highest of any cloud providers. Google follows with a 40% growth and AWS remains flat. Popular Workloads and the Growth of Kubernetes 18% 64%18% Retail, E-commerce Advertising, Marketing, PR Consulting (IT) Software (SaaS, Web, Mobile) Telecommunications Banking/Finance Health, Medical, Pharmacy, Biotech Computer, Hardware Education Other 21% 37% 42% 40% 20% 40% 44% 22% 33% 36% 30% 33% 29% 38% 33% 71% 29% 46% 31% 23% 64% 14% 21% 67% 11% 22% Many industries are heading towards a hybrid-cloud world Cloud On Prem Hybrid Kubernetes is the most popular ecosystem workload The average user runs three or more services. The fastest growing and most popular service run by users is Kubernetes. Users run Kubernetes on DC/OS to simplify automation and management Kubernetes Kafka Jenkins Spark Cassandra Elastic Flink 0.12 0.48 1.05 0.25 1.07 2.40 0.68 2.52 0.78 2.66 3.11 1.00 3.42 What would attract you to run Kubernetes on DC/OS? Containers and microservices are the most popular workload Containers and microservices are the most popular workload, followed by legacy apps, data services, and analytics. 2016 2018 Learn how the industry is leveraging container orchestrators, hybrid and multi-cloud, data services and more. Download the Report Containers–microservice architecture 84% Monolithic and Legacy Apps 48% Data services 45% Analytics, AI/ML 43% Jobs/Batch 40% CI/CD 18% 48% 45% 43% 40% 18% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 50% INCREASE Simplify Deployment 97% Ease of Upgrade, Scale Out, Admin 88% Kubernetes with Data Services 68% Multiple Kubernetes Clusters 56% More users are moving to large scale production environments: 50% increase in users who are moving to large scale environments of more than 1,000 nodes. Hybrid is gaining traction Hybrid deployment has grown by 33% since 2016, surpassing cloud- only deployments. 33% INCREASE 2016 2018 GoogleMicrosoft Azure 2016-2018 85% GROWTH 40% GROWTH Since 2016 multi-cloud deployments have experienced a 2x growth. 2x GROWTH 2016 2018 Multi-Cloud adoption has experienced huge growth 1 in every 4 organizations surveyed now have more than 1 cloud provider. Compared to 2 years ago when 1 in every 8 had more than 1 cloud provider. On-Prem Only Hybrid Cloud Only 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 2016 2018Where do you deploy DC/OS? 43% 38% 24% 32% 34% 30% 2018 Cloud Native Ecosystem Survey