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Performance evaluation form


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Performance evaluation form

  1. 1. University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies Proprietary And Confidential Page 1 of 4 Format No. QSP/7.5.1/02.F08 Issue No. 01: Dated April 18, 2012 UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun, shall appreciate your evaluation of our student’s performance. We have found that feedback from supervisors/ mentor is extremely valuable for students, for their career. We are open to constructive criticism and would appreciate your candid feedback as it would help the concerned student(s) to face the challenges of the dynamic corporate world. We value your professional and honest evaluation. Also, our students are evaluated on the project assigned by your esteemed organization and your feedback is an integral part for our assessment. A student may not be graded, if his/her feedback does not reach to the concerned University’s official via courier/fax/mail us. Hence, we request you to kindly spare a few minute of your valuable time to pen down your suggestions. Thank you. MENTOR’s DETAILS: STUDENT’s DETAILS: Name of the student: Name of the Programme: Date of Joining: Project Assigned: GUIDELINES: Please rate the student’s performance on the following areas of competency, using the scale outlined below: Rating Category(s) Remark 9 - 10 Outstanding Performance which consistently exceeds standards and expectations 7-8 Excellent Performance consistently meets and occasionally exceeds all expectations Name: Designation: Name of the Organization: Postal Address: Mobile No. Landline with Extension No. E mail:
  2. 2. University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies Proprietary And Confidential Page 2 of 4 5-6 Good Performance consistently meets standards and expectations < 4 Average Performance meets some but not all the expectations To be evaluated by the immediate supervisor / mentor / reporting officer: SKILLS AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS S. No. Skills/Personal Characteristics Rating on a Scale of 10 Remark 1 Integrity 2 Leadership 3 Communication 4 Team player 5 Client Relationship 6 Reliability 7 Research Orientation 8 Analytical Skills Project Performance Overall, how would you rate the student? (a) Outstanding (b) Excellent (c) Good (d) Average YOUR COMMENTS - DEVELOPMENT NEEDS Would you recommend the student for permanent or full-time job/employment, with your organization? Yes No If No, please share your reasons: If yes, please guide us with the way forward: S. No. Project/Knowledge Based Rating on a scale of 10 Remark 1 Understanding 2 Subject Knowledge 3 Quality of Work 4 Time Management 5 Report Writing Please pen down here
  3. 3. University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies Proprietary And Confidential Page 3 of 4 We thank you for spending your valuable time and providing inputs to further help us in improving our processes and academic quality. DATE: PLACE: SIGNATURE: Dear Recruiter, Greetings from UPES! We shall highly appreciate if you could help us in understanding your recruitment policy and criteria. This will help us to plan and organize the campus placement process smoothly. 1. We recruit through Campus Recruitment Vacancy based Round the year Any Other If campus recruitment, please specify the time period: Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec If any other, please specify: 2. Our decision making authority: Head HR Partner Founding Partner Recruitment Partner Any Other Please specify the following: Name: Location: Designation: Mobile No: If Any Other, Please specify: 3. We recruit the following profile: Entry Level Lateral Entry Any Other Package we offer at the Entry Level:
  4. 4. University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies Proprietary And Confidential Page 4 of 4 If Any Other, Please specify: 4. Your thought about the programme: Innovative and relevant Industry/Domain Oriented Irrelevant 5. We value your suggestions: a) b) NAME: DATE: SIGNATURE: PLACE: