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  1. 1. BIMD/ACA/LTR-038/12-13 Date:27/10/2012 PRESS NOTEINDUSTRIAL TOUR TO MAHABALESHWARTo pertain the knowledge about the inner atmosphere and industrial acquaintances BelgaumInstitute of Management Studies, had organized an industrial tour to PANCHAGANIShendurjane (MAHABALESHWAR) for BBA , BCA & B COM Students from 5 th to 7thOCTOBER 2012. The students visited one company namely Mapro Foods Pvt Ltd ShendurjanePanchagani. Students understood the punctuality and the discipline in the corporate andmoreover the realms of the company were known.The objective of the Industrial Visit is to help students to gain first hand information regardingfunctioning of the Industry ,which presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize andengage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. So to give apractical exposure and to understand the application of theory into practice, BIMD students hadalso visited Mahabaleshwar. More than 50 students attended this industry visit were very muchsatisfied with the automatic processes seen in the industry.Industrial visit is arranged for two days. This provides opportunity for interaction withentrepreneurs and executives associated with visit to a working establishment. Visit gives rightperspective of what is disseminated in classrooms. Also students came to know industrialestablishments and business houses for their contribution to Indian economy. This helps studentsto understand the journey of product from place of production to customers hands andmanagement strategies, which make this journey fruitful.The executives of Mapro Foods limited Shendurjane Panchagani Plant helped the students tounderstand the various intricacies of different departments and also took the students for thefactory visit.On the onset the officials explained to the students in brief about the Mapro Food Plant –Products, Raw materials, Plant Layout, Market, Industry view etc. And he also explains theprocess which begins from the Raw materials to the finished products.Students understood the punctuality and the discipline in the corporate. Furthermore, the securitymanagement, the Professionalism, Team work and sense of belonging, Cordial Environment, JobOpportunities and moreover the realm of the company were known Time ManagementORGANISED BY Team leader: S.B. Hunchal & Akhil Kittur & Excursion heads(MAINODDIN KHATIK & SOHAIL)