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World's Cheapest Telepresence Robot Launched in India (Angel, 250$)


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Angel - Is a Telepresence Robot that can be used to do video calling and navigation at the same time. It's navigation control is done in javascript and so it can be controlled from any device. The dashboard sample can be found here . It's advantage from other solutions is the support to multiple video calling apps like Skype, imo etc.
Youtube Demo Video:

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World's Cheapest Telepresence Robot Launched in India (Angel, 250$)

  1. 1. TELEPRESENCE Team members Akhil Anil ( Prasanth Lakshmanan Rajiv Krishnan
  2. 2. PROBLEMS • Geographically distributed workforce • Remote collaboration is still far from satisfactory
  3. 3. CONVENTIONAL SYSTEMS Off-shore team “Teleconferences” On-shore team
  4. 4. CONVENTIONAL SYSTEMS “Video calling apps”
  5. 5. “What’s next?” Video call + Real-time navigation Telepresence.
  6. 6. INTRODUCING ANGEL A wonder among telepresence solutions
  7. 7. HOW ANGEL WORKS You can use angel to do video call as well as navigate around the location you are calling to.
  8. 8. THE CALLER Will have 2 devices ( any smartphone/tablet/desktop) •One device to carry-out the video call ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! •Another device to control the navigation of angel
  9. 9. MOST HELPFUL WHEN • Managing geographically distributed workforce • Assist people with disabilities when the carer has to work at a distance • Doctors can consult patients remotely can assist surgeries • To add emotional expressiveness, engagement and playfulness with video calls
  10. 10. LIVE DEMO Watch it here :
  11. 11. WE ARE COMPETITORS • Angel is not alone in the industry Doublerobot Anybot Vgo robotics iRobot Angel
  12. 12. HOW ANGEL STANDS OUT! “Double is targeted at a very wide audience and is priced as such. There aren’t any competitors who have matched double’s price.” - Price: $2500 Seed Funding: $250,000 Cost: $250 10 x cheaper
  13. 13. HOW ANGEL STANDS OUT! • Only telepresence solutions compatible with multiple video calling apps.
  14. 14. HOW ANGEL STANDS OUT! ! • Possibilities unlimited with ‘Zero’ dependency on specific platforms and dual controller methodology. Google Cardboard ($20) Virtual Reality View
  15. 15. Q&A?