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hyderabad outer ring road


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hyderabad outer ring road

  2. 2. About Hyderabad Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh (AP) and the fifth largest city of India. While AP is known as the most IT savvy state, It is emerging as a major center for IT exports. It’s share in Indian IT exports is about 12% The total extent of Hyderabad Metropolitan are (HMA) is 1868 Sq.Km and the total population of is about 63.83 Lakhs as per 2001 census.
  3. 3. Why This project ? To divert the highway traffic by passing through the city Time saving. Connecting all the places around the city.
  4. 4. Project Scope Greater Hyderabad Growth Corridor (ORR) of 167 Kms with 8 lanes having access control arrangements. Complete land use plan for ‘Knowledge Corridor’(KC) in a given areas of 20,000 acres developing the needed modern infrastructure support systems on an area based Land Use Plan. Cluster Development (CD) including fully integrated self contained townships to enable the developer to recoup Project Costs
  5. 5. Project Importance Facilitate smooth flow of traffic in city Efficient traffic flow to H.I.A.L. Decongest city with cluster development State to attract Global players and investment
  6. 6. Features of Outer Ring Road(ORR) 8 lane divided with access control and carriage way with design speed of 120 kmph 4 lane facility with one emergency lane provided for breakdown facility 2 lane service road on both sides of the project corridor where ever required with earthen shoulder to accommodate noise barriers and greenery
  7. 7. USP of the project To interconnect every part of the city from the outskirts This is designed in such a way that the vehicles can be travelled with out entering in to the city To provide ease access of free flow of traffic
  8. 8. Controversies political influences Rehabitation Outer Ring Road emerges as death way in HYD (NDTV) Delayed project due to financial issues
  9. 9. Joint ventures & advantages Access to resources and new technologies Access larger markets Time saving Rapid completion of the project More profits Risk is less
  10. 10. Differ in similar projects in thesame sector The length of the Bangalore ORR is comparatively less than that of Hyderabad In bangalore the traffic volume is more when compared to Hyderabad Hyderabad has 8-lane+2lane service road where as bangalore provided with 6lane+2lane service road
  11. 11. Benefits of project to society Boom in real estate Transport facility is easy Traffic control Time saving pollution control in the city Accidents can be reduced
  12. 12. Role of the manager Preconstruction Services support Administration of the project Acquisitions required for the construction of the project Management and scheduling of the project Cost control management
  13. 13. Project Implementation The Entire Project is proposed to be implemented in 2 Phases as under. Phase-I: This phase is intended to connect Gachibowli (IT Park of Hyderabad) to Shamshabad (proposed International Airport) with 6/8 lane access controlled Expressway of length around 29 km- Rs 699 Crores. Phase-II:This phase is intended to connect Narsingi-Kollur- Patancheru- Medchal-Shameerpet- Peddamberpet-Turkayamjal-Shamshabad with 8 lane access controlled Expressway of length 138 Km – Rs 2500 Crores.
  14. 14.  Clover –leaf junctions, intersections, Major Bridges and Minor Bridges to satisfy global standards of an access controlled expressway Right of Way (ROW) for ORR a minimum of 125 mts and maximum of 150 mts As a by pass to National Highways passing through Hyderabad –NH7 & NH 9 Access to be provided only at junctions with National and State Highways Service roads to be terminated at intersections
  15. 15. Awarding of Phase-I works ofOuter Ring Road Project Procurement for Phase-I works of Outer Ring Road Project was commenced in January 2006 in respect of both Supervision Consultancy as well as Civil works divided into two Contract Packages. 1. Supervision Consultancy Contract 2. Civil Works Contracts
  16. 16. 1. Supervision ConsultancyContract: 9 Nos Consultancy firms were shortlisted based on the Expression of Interest proposals (EOI) submitted by the firms. Only 4 Nos out of the above submitted their Bids in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by Hyderabad Growth Corridor Ltd (HGCL). The selection of Consultancy firm as per RFP shall be on Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) with 80% weightage for the Technical score and 20% weightage for the Financial Score
  17. 17.  Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) constituted by the Government, on evaluation of the proposals, recommended the bid of M/s BCEOM - Aarvee (JV) as the best value bid. The High Level Committee (HLC) constituted by the Government approved the above recommendation to award the work to M/s BCEOM - Aarvee (JV) for an amount of Rs 14,50,63,438/-
  18. 18. 2. Civil Works Contracts The Phase-I of ORR Project was divided into two Contract Packages with Package-I from Km 0.000 to 11.000 (Gachibowli to APPA) and Package-II from Km 11.000 to 24.380 (APPA to Shamshabad). Procurement for these works was commenced in January 2006. 22 Nos Contracting firms were pre- qualified by the HGCL based on the proposals submitted by them.14 Nos Contracting firms out of the above purchased the bid documents for both the Packages and only 10 Nos firms submitted the bids by the due date.
  19. 19. COMPANIES
  20. 20. Project funding and govtsubsidies It is built by HMDA at a cost of Rs.6696 crores. with an assistance of Rs 3,123 crores from japan international corporation agency. The company negotiated with Consortium of Banks (Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Vijaya Bank, Central Bank of India ) and obtained long term loan of Rs.500 Cr by mortgaging the lands held by HUDA for executing the phase I of the ORR.
  21. 21. Criticism Much before the outer ring road (ORR) became a ring road, it underwent several changes in the road alignments. Influential farmers and realtors changed the alignments to best serve their interests at the cost of small and marginal farmers. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh passed a landmark judgment on 9 September 2010 in which the land acquisition proceedings were quashed for various reasons
  22. 22. Intelligent TransportSystemAn Intelligent Transport System is proposed to bedeveloped for the Outer Ring Road. Its keycomponents are as follows:A) Toll Management System (TMS) Manual Touch-and-go (or Smart Card) On Board Unit (with Smart Card)
  23. 23. B) Highway Traffic Management System(HTMS) Emergency Communication System Variable Message Signs (VMS) Meteorological Data System Automatic Traffic Counter-cum-classifier (ATCC) Traffic Control Centre (TCC)
  24. 24. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE The Government of Andhra Pradesh formed a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for development of Outer Ring Road (ORR) named as “Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited" under Companies Act 1956 on 26th December 2005 with Registration No.01-48580 with the equity participation from INCAP(40%) and HUDA(60%). Subseqnently, the equity participation is restructured as to INCAP(26%) and HUDA(74%).The following are the Board of Directors of the Company.
  26. 26. PROJECT MANAGEMENTSYSTEMS A new department by name "Infrastructure & Investment department" has been created by the Government with a view to achieve the development and growth objectives of the State The main objective of creation of this new department is to expedite fast track clearances and resolution of Project related issues.
  27. 27.  The Infrastructure & Investment Department deals with the subject of Infrastructure, spanning the full range of activities from attracting investment through promotional activities, formulating policies, monitoring and facilitation of implementation of those projects. The Government, depending on the nature of a given Project and its importance, from time to time notify certain Projects as Infrastructure Projects which will come under the purview of this department.
  28. 28.  The Infrastructure & Investment dept. shall only facilitate implementation of these Projects and shall hand over the project after execution to the respective line departments for operation and maintenance. The Infrastructure & Investment Department is responsible for facilitation and monitoring of the Project from conceptualization to the last stage in project delivery
  29. 29. THANK YOU