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Earth quake resistant structures


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Earth quake resistant structures

  1. 1. Earth QuakeResisting methods Padiga Akhilesh go6155 Vaibhav Sharma go6171
  2. 2. Shear walls IntroductionSeismic Waves Dampers Seismograph Impacts
  3. 3. WHAT IS AN EARTH QUAKE?o Shaking of earth due tomovement of rocks along a fault.o Associated with faulting orbreaking of rockso Rocks under stress accumulatestrain energy and breaks.
  4. 4. FOCUS:The point within Earth where faulting begins is the focus, or hypocenterEPICENTER: The point directly above the focus on the surface is the epicenterFOCAL DISTANCE: Vertical distance from focus and epicenter
  5. 5. The waves that causes vibrations on earth are seismic wavesTypes of seismic waves1. Body Waves travel through interior1.1 Primary or "P" Waves:oHighest velocityoCauses compression and expansion1.2 Secondary or "S" Waves:oSlower than P waves but faster than surface waves.oCauses shearing of rock perpendicular to direction of wave
  6. 6. 2. Surface Waves or "Love" (“L”) Wavesotravel on surface of earthoCause vertical & horizontal shakingoCause maximum damage
  7. 7. Where Do Earthquakes Occur and How Often?o 80% occur in the circum-Pacific belto ~15% occur in Mediterranean-Asiatic belto Remaining 5% occur in the interiors of plateso More than 150,000 quakes strong enough to be felt are recorded each year Indonesia after Tsunami 2004
  8. 8. Richter scale measures totalamount of energy released byan earthquakeAmplitude of the largest waveproduced by an event iscorrected for distance andassigned a value on an open-ended logarithmic scale
  9. 9. oIntensity refers to theamount of damage done in anearthquakeoMercalli Scale is used toexpress damage Modified Mercalli Intensity Map 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake, Magnitude 6.7
  10. 10. Vertical type Normal type seismographHorizontal type Digitalize type seismograph
  11. 11. Three seismograph stations are needed to locate the epicenter of an earthquakeA circle where the radius equals the distance to the epicenter is drawnThe intersection of the circles locates the epicenter
  12. 12. Building collapse
  13. 13. Apartment, Niigata in 1964
  14. 14. Consider a Coconut Tree
  15. 15. Weakjoints
  16. 16. Avoid the Site
  17. 17. Torsional Mass Damper (TMD) Taipei-101
  18. 18. Viscous dampers inSan Francisco Civic Center 1997
  19. 19. Friction damperYielding dampers
  20. 20. Simple rectangular type Coupled Rigid frame Framed Core type Column supported shear wall
  21. 21. oEarth quake don’t kills but the structures killsoDamage can be reduced using latesttechniques and technologiesoThough structure may damage but we can save OUR LIFES..!!