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Profile of services rendered by Transaction Advisory Firm based in India

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Aminds Advisors - Profile

  2. 2. 1. About Us 12. Our Service Offerings 2 Acquisition & Hive-offs 3 Inbound & Outbound Structuring 4-5 Valuations & Due-Diligence 6-7 Transaction Structuring 8-9 Other Structuring Avenues 10 Funding 8-9 11
  3. 3. 1. About UsAMinds Advisors Private Limited specializes in the fields of Mergers & Acquisition, Valuations,Due Diligence, Pre-fund raising Structuring, Financial Re-structuring, Regulatory, PrivateEquity and other funding opportunities Our guiding philosophy “To carry out every professional assignment effectively and efficiently, while upholding the virtues of independence and integrity, without compromising on the creativity and quality of work, so as to provide utmost satisfaction to our clients ” 1
  4. 4. 2. Our Offerings – Transaction Advisory Services Acquisitions Financial Re- Pre - Fund and Hive Offs structuring Raising Structuring Inbound Due Diligence Other Structuring Structuring Avenues Outbond Funding - Structuring Valuations Private Equity 2
  5. 5. Acquisitions and Hive-offsAcquisitions and Hive Offs of business can be by various modes Direct & Indirect Taxes FEMA & SEBI Stamp Duty & Accounting Other Regulatory & Commercial considerations Our role in such transactions involve : § Strategizing, identifying targets, evaluation, negotiation, due diligence and post-deal integration § Advising on structuring the transaction which also includes optimizing the tax cost and ensuring its compliance with regulatory. § Undertaking implementation of the transaction (i.e. scheme of arrangement under section 391-394 of Companies Act, preparation of legal documents, etc.) 3
  6. 6. Inbound StructuringInvestment in India involves consideration of various laws Our role in such transactions involves : § Advising on various options available to the foreign investor for investing in India, considering the imperatives of both Holding & Funding Structure § Undertaking implementation of the structure after finalization of the one (including setting up and operationalising of the companies in overseas jurisdiction, incorporation of the company in India, obtaining relevant registrations under various laws, etc.) With the insertion of “Limitation of benefits” clause in the Singapore treaty, various judicial precedents (including the famous Vodafone case) on the issue, possibility of Mauritius tax treaty re-negotiation and regulations proposed in the new Direct Tax code, Inbound structuring has acquired a whole new dimension. 4
  7. 7. Outbound StructuringInvestment out of India also involves both Holding and Funding considerations. Our role includes the following:§ Choice of entity format for overseas operations§ Developing hybrid entities and hybrid financial structures and exploring cross-border tax arbitrage and leverage opportunities through the use of such entities and instruments§ Structures for holding intangibles and IPRs§ Foreign tax credit efficiency§ Structuring options and choice of alternative jurisdictions for locating a holding company from profit repatriation and exit efficiency perspectives§ Structuring the acquisition either through asset purchase or share purchase from a tax-efficiency perspective§ Structuring of agreement in case of overseas Joint Venture Introduction of Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) regime in the New Direct Tax Code would change the entire facet of Outbound structuring 5
  8. 8. Valuations We specialize in the area of offering business valuation services for all possible situationsValuation is neither a pure Art nor a pure Science but a perfect combination of both.Valuation of a business is always a complex exercise. A company can need valuation for number of reasons: ✓ 1 Financial Reporting ✓ 2 Regulatory Compliances ✓ 3 Mergers & Acquisitions ✓ 4 Sale or Purchase of Stakes ✓ 5 Equity Infusion ✓ 6 Project Financing Valuation methodologies typically include following approaches § Cost based – Book value, Market Value, Replacement value method § Income based – Earning Capitalization or Discounted Cash flow method § Market based – Market price or Comparable transaction method 6
  9. 9. Due DiligenceEffective Due Diligence depends on identifying and managing significant transaction issues, anticipating andidentifying potentially important risk and negotiation issues. We provide complete set of due diligence services Financial Due Diligence Provides peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers, by analyzing and validating 1 all the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions being made Tax Due Diligence When companies acquire a business, dispose of a non-core business or go into a merger, they 2 need to manage the tax risk by means of a tax due diligence Legal Due Diligence In an M&A process, any responsible management will require a comprehensive assessment 3 of the possible legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, intellectual property etc. of the target company concerned 7
  10. 10. Financial Re-structuring Balance Sheet Rationalisation For companies, their lenders, shareholders or other stakeholders in businesses facing financial under-performance or crisis, we deliver restructuring solutions and help build a platform for recovery Improving Dividend payingThere could be some objectives which the capacitymanagement would wish to achieve. Wehelp in advising on re-structuringopportunities and the value that themanagement can derive 8
  11. 11. Pre-Fund Raising StructuringAcquisitions and Hive -offs of businesses can be by various modes Fund Raising Before raising funds from the investor, appropriate structuring not only incites investor interests but also help in reaping high valuations. Various structuring Pre – IPO JV options are as below : Structuring Structuring Remove Multi-Layered Structures Clean Balance sheets De-linking Unrelated Businesses Leads to Improved Valuation Consolidation of Related Businesses & Attracts Investors Interest Corporatisation Monetizing of Assets Tax Efficient Structures 9
  12. 12. Other Structuring Avenues Realm of our services even surpasses M&A, Valuations, Due-diligence, etc. and covers any transaction which involves tax and regulatory implications which in turn can be structured for tax optimization 1 Employee Stock Options / Sweat equityEXAMPLES 2 Setting up units in SEZs or STPIs for receiving concessions / exemptions & issues arising thereon 3 Corporatization in Non-Profit sector 4 Tax & Regulatory in Cross-border transactions 5 Structuring of Supply chain of companies We advise on various laws that would impact the India operations and help the investor in arriving at the estimated tax cost. The new Direct Tax code, Goods and Service Tax and Companies Bill are going to hit the shores. We can assist in impact analysis and re-engineering the supply chains of business 10
  13. 13. FundingDesire to make normal and potentiallysupernormal returns, driven by strong growthacross industries is attracting private capital inbillions of dollars into India. Our knowledge andexperience in identifying “right” capital for ourclients across products allows us to address all ourclients’ capital needs. Our products range from: Private Equity QIP issue AIM Listing Venture Capital Legal Documenta 5 tions 4 Structuring Valuations 3 Seeking Funding & 2 Investor Exit 1 Interest Planning 11
  14. 14. ©Copyright AMinds Advisors Private Limited , All rights reserved AMinds Advisors Private Limited Registered Office: A-371, Defence Colony, New Delhi –110024 Tel: +91-11-4980-0000 Fax: 91-11-4980-0029 Email: info@amindsadvisors.comWe believe in building long lasting relationships
  15. 15. www.ami ndsadv isor Profile