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Very much useful for students.

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  1. 1.  1. LAYOUT OF A HK DEPARTMENTLAYOUT OF A HK DEPARTMENT FLORIST’S ROOM HOUSEKEEP ING SUPPLY STORE DESK CONTROL ROOM LOST & FOUND ROOM SECRETARY’S ROOM EXECUTIVE HK’S ROOM SEWING ROOM LINEN STORE ROOM LINEN & UNIFORM ROOM WITH EMPLOYEE EXCHANGE COUNTER LAUNDRY HORTICULTUR E EQUIPMENT ROOM HEAVY EQUIPMENT STORE  2. LAYOUT OF HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT: LINEN STORE TAILOR SHOP LINEN & UNIFORM ROOM Employee Exchange counter LAUNDRY EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER SecretaryHOUSEKEEPING DESK CONTROL LOST&FOUND HOUSEKEEPING SUPPLIES STORES UPHOLSTERY & FURNITURE YARD FLOWER ROOM  3. EXPLANATION: HOUSEKEEPER’S OFFICE-This is the main administration centre for the department. It must be an independentcabin to provide the Housekeeper with silence to plan out his/her work.It should be preferably be a glass panelled office so as to give a view what is happening out side the office. DESK CONTROL ROOM- This is the main communication centre of is the nerve system for cordination with the front office, banquets etc. The Desk Control Room should have a desk and a chair with preferably more than one telephone. The Desk Control room is the point where all staff report for duty and check out at the duty end.  4. LINEN ROOM- This is the room where where current linen is stored for issue and reciept. The room should be large, airy and free from heat and humidity. It should have adequate shelves easily accessible to stack all linen. The room should be preferably adjoining the laundry so that supply of linen to and from laundry is quick and smooth. LINEN UNIFORM STORE- This room stores the stocks of new linen cloth materials for uniforms etc. The stock maintained should be enough to replenish the whole hotel once over. It should be provided with shelves and racks to store all linen and uniforms.  5. UNIFORM ROOM- This room stocks the uniforms in current use.A separate Uniform Room really depends on the no of uniforms in circulation.The uniform room would have adequate hanging facilities as many uniforms are best maintained when hung. TAILOR’S ROOM- This room is kept for house tailors who attend to stitching and mending work of linen and uniforms.  6. LOST AND FOUND SECTION- This should be a small space away from the thoroughfare ,secure cool and dry with a cupboard to store all guest articles that are lost and may be claimed later FLOWER ROOM- This should be an air conditioned room to keep fresh flowers for such flower arrangements as the hotel may require The room should have work tables ,a sink and a water supply.  7. Layout of a LINEN ROOM COUNTER TOWELS F & B LINEN EXTRAS e.g Curtain etc. CONDEMNED LINEN Exchange hatch COUNTER Linen-keeper’s desk To laundry Trollies to put in dirties SHEETS & PILLOW CASES LINEN ITEMS RARELY IN USE BLANKETS & BEDSPREADS  8 Usually serves as the base of operations for mostUsually serves as the base of operations for most housekeeping departments9. LINENLINEN ROOMROOM & under the control ofhousekeeping departments & under the control of linen supervisor who is responsible for issue andlinen supervisor who is responsible for issue and movement of linen & uniforms.movement of linen & Types of linen room depending upon size andTypes of linen room depending upon size and complexity of hotel :complexity of hotel :uniforms. <1> Centralized<1> Centralized <2> De- centralized<2> De-centralized  09. LAUNDRY ROOM LAYOUT D R I E R S FOLDING TABLE FOLDING TABLE MANGLE SHEET FOLDER SHELVNG MOBILE RACKS SORTING AREA WASHERS WASHERS WASHERS SOAK SINK ENTRANCE EXIT  10. The laundry process includesThe laundry process includes following process:following process: a.Receiving,Sorting,Marking b.Washing and drycleaning c.Hydro extraction d.Drying e.Ironing f. Issuing