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Presentation on Personal Identity Management


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Personal Identity Management

Published in: Education
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Presentation on Personal Identity Management

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. A PROJECT REPORT ONPersonal Identity Management Submitted to CSVTU UNIVERSITY for thepartial fulfillment of the Requirement for the MINOR PROJECT B.E. Done By Gaurav Burman Akhil Upadhyay Amarjit Kumar LAKHMI CHAND INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
  3. 3. Object of the Project :-This is a site which is used to storePersonal information like passwordsand files. Only authorized user canlogin into the system and he/she canstore the data. Something like apersonal data vault.
  4. 4. Purpose of the System :-To provide facility to maintain password andfile management through a website.Problems of Existing System :-Actually we are browsing lot of sites , Forsome sites we required user id and password. But frequently we are forgetting passwordsbecause of lot of sites.
  5. 5. Solution of the Problem :- This is a site which is used to store usernamesand passwords, we can store files and frequentvisited and important sites.Proposed System :- In this site we have to register first with loginname and password then we can store ourdifferent passwords and we can store our personalfiles and photos . It will work as personal datavault.
  6. 6. Functional Requirements :- User must register first. Admin will approve the user request. User can add password and files as well asfavourites. The modified date will maintained . Communication facility through mails. Other use full information links are provided .
  7. 7. Number of Modules :-AdminUserAuthenticationCommunicationRegistration
  8. 8. Modules Description :-Admin :-Admin is the owner of this site , he is the person toapprove the user request.After verifying the users registration data admin canaccept/reject the request of users.He can add states and countries.User :-user has to register first after admin acceptance onlyhe can eligible to login into the site . To user facilitiesof this site he has to provide login name andpassword (like gmail or yahoo).In this site he canstore his file and photos . He can add favourites andhe can store passwords of different sites . You canmail to your friend only in this site.
  9. 9. Authentication :- The process of identifying an individual usuallybased on a username and password. In securitysystems, authentication is distinct fromauthorization, which the process of giving individualsaccess to system object based on their identity.Authentication merely ensures that the individual iswho he or she claims to be, but says nothing about theaccess rights of the individual.Registration :- The system has a process of registration. Everyuser need to submit their complete details includinguser name and password in the form of registration.Whenever a user registration completed then only auser can get log in into the system by using his user idand password.Communication :-
  10. 10. Number of Users :-AdminAuthenticate UserVisitor
  11. 11. Input & OutputInputs :- Admin enters credentials. Admin add states by entering details . Admin adds Countries. Admin Approve the user by verifying the registration details User enters registration details. User enters credentials. User Adds the Favourites by entering favourites details. User adds the User adds the Passwords by entering password details. User enter the change password details.
  12. 12. Outputs :-Admin will get his home page.User can get his favourites list.User can check the mails.User will get his home pageUser can get his profile.
  13. 13. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM :-
  14. 14. Feasibility Report :-The feasibility study is the important step in anysoftware development process. This isbecause it makes analysis of different aspectslike cost required for developing and executingthe system, the time required for each phase ofthe system and so on. If these importantfactors are not analyzed then definitely it wouldhave impact on the organization and thedevelopment and the system would be a totalfailure. So for running the project and theorganization successfully this step is a veryimportant step in a software development lifecycle process.
  15. 15. Advantages of making Feasibility study :-This study being made as the initial step of softwaredevelopment life cycle has all the analysis part in it whichhelps in analyzing the system requirements completely.Helps in identifying the risk factors involved in developingand deploying the systemThe feasibility study helps in planning for risk analysisFeasibility study helps in making cost/benefit analysiswhich helps the organization and system to run efficiently.Feasibility study helps in making plans for trainingdevelopers for implementing the system.In project development and feasibility studies stage of theSDLC, software engineers and developers should be able
  16. 16. Outline Technical Needs :-In project planning, developers should be ableto come up with the possible technical needs ofthe software. These are very important sincewithout them, software development is nearlyimpossible. Within the realms of thebudget, developers should get the best devicesto help them in project development.