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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. What are the definitions of a physical and chemical change? Answer: A physical change happens when the properties of a material change but the substances remain the same. In other words, it means that a physical change occurs if the original material undergoes, and if and only if the substances can be reverted to its normal form it is a physical change. Before After 5 changes:
  2. 2. Creating a huge building with Lego blocks is an example of physical change. This is a physical change, when creating building with blocks, the shape changes, but the identity does not change. Before: After: Freezing water is a physical change, because when you freeze water, the shape changes, but the substance water does not change. Now, the molecular movement is stationary, and the molecules are packed together. Before:
  3. 3. Sharpening a pencil is a physical change, because while sharpening the pencil you are not changing the substances that make up the pencil. The molecules are escaping into the atmosphere. Cutting a string is a physical change, because while cutting a string, you are changing the shape but the string that is left is still string. The molecules move apart.
  4. 4. Boiling water is also a physical change. The molecules move apart because of heat.
  5. 5. Sources: 203039.jpg b.JPG how_long_is_a_piece_of_string.jpg