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frankfinn pd class presentation


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Frankfinn avation pd class assignment

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frankfinn pd class presentation

  1. 1. M1.Observe well asimilated personality in the movie bygivingexamsples from the movie ?• Amir khan
  2. 2. What are the negative and positive conditioning you observed in the movie ?• Theme of the movie in which parents and teachers are continuously criticized and held responsible for failure of educational system and the increasing number of students suicide cases. Negative
  3. 3. • Positive• The movie favors the concept that students should be allowed to choose their profession and whatever they want to become.• Students should be allowed to follow their dreams and choose their own destiny• It is wiser to let the children take their own decisions about choosing career. Positive
  4. 4. Which character in the movie you saw need improvement in his or can develop the same ?• The personality dimensions of Joy Lobo,in the film can Raju rastogi treated as emotionally instable because both of them are nervous, depressed,and insecure under stress.
  5. 5. Talk about the goal achieving skills you observed in the movie ?•Listening•Coaching•Getting and Giving Information•Understanding Group Needs and Characteristics•Communication Skills•Knowing and Understanding Group Resources•Controlling the Group•Counseling•Setting the Example---Running Joy’s Helicopter, creating aninverter with car batteries•Representing the Group•Planning•Problem solving•Facilitating organizational change•Subject knowledge
  6. 6. Talk about the better time manager in the movie?whatswot of the management skill did he/she have ?•Controlling the Group•Communication skills•Setting the Example ---Negative ExamplesJoy’s Case•Planning•Measuring and evaluating•Strategic planning•Subject knowledge•Strategic planning•Controlling the Group•Counseling
  7. 7. Talk about your own experience in which you have showngood time or goal managing skill and you are not able to do so why not ?• Make Lists• Set Personal Deadlines• Make Use of Down Time• Reward Yourself• Avoid Procrastination at All Costs• Concentrate on One Thing• Delegate Responsibilities• Set up a Long Term Planner
  8. 8. Discuss the leader ship qualities observed in the movie?• 1. Character• 2. Commitment• 3. Communication• 4. Competence• 5. Courageous
  9. 9. How can you develop the same ? 1.Character• Actions are the Real Indicator of Character• Talent is a Gift, but Character is a Choice• Character Brings Lasting Success with People• Strong Character is the Foundation on which to Build Success
  10. 10. 2. Commitment• Look at how you spend your time, are you really committed or do you just say you are?• Know what’s worth dying for.• Practice the Edison method. Make your plans public, then you might be more• committed to follow through
  11. 11. 3.Communication• Simplify your Message- It’s not what you say, but also how you say it.• Really Care about your Audience• Show the Truth- Believe what you say, Live what you say• Seek a Response- the goal of all communication is action
  12. 12. 4.Competence• Show up Every Day & Come Ready to Work• Keep Learning, Growing, and Improving• Follow Through with Excellence• Accomplish More than Expected• Inspire and Motivate Others
  13. 13. 5. Courageous• If people are to follow you then as a leader you need to be courageous.• Leaders are brave when they confront risks and the unknown.• The ultimate test of a leader’s courage is also the courage to be open.
  14. 14. During the class activities did u find any leader .what swot of leadership quality did you observed ?• Sharing an inspirational and moral vision• Taking risks• Focusing on learning and well-being• Providing resources• Being reflective
  15. 15. Analysis the Johari window in the movie by giving examples ?
  16. 16. . Transactional analysis•Ego states:This explains about the various ego states while responding to situations. The various ego statesare:1) Parent State 2) Child State 3) Adult stateIn the parent states and child states, people react to the situation emotionally where as in the adult state, things are rationalized..
  17. 17. ,• Complementary transaction: In this case, we get a response from the same ego state.• Crossed transaction : Here, response is received from another ego state.• Ulterior transaction :This transaction is dangerous at times and leads to disruption of communication. The tone doesn’t match the ego state.
  18. 18. Examples from the MovieWhat sowt of egostates did you observe in movie? • In a particular scene, Boman Irani reminds Sharman and Madhavan about their family’s financial • status and suggests them to shift to Omi vaidya’s room so that they can concentrate only on • studies. Virus’s(Boman irani) ego state here is critical parent state by showing • authority,exercising control.
  19. 19. • At the end of the movie, Madhavan tries to . convince his father to take up photography as his• career. In that scene, initially his father was in a nurturing parent state and Madhavan in an• adult state. Thus a crossed-transaction took place in the beginning. Later Madhavan started• convincing his father, after which he started to rationalize things. Finally, both of them came into• adult state and a complementary transaction took place,after which both of them are satisfied
  20. 20. Who do you think has an open self peronality in the movie . Talk about his or her open self qualities ?•Assess the training needs of the individual• Know more and more about people learning styles• Develop training programs• Planning and coordinating the resources required•Motivating employees to achieve goals• Facilitating process improvement•Constantly being in touch with trainees and workprocesses so that they are aware of employees’ skillneeds.•Acquiring in depth knowledge of organization and itsmission and goals.• Facilitate problem solving teams and making training asan integral part of the organization.
  21. 21. Which factors did you observed in the movie. which you think or responsible for development of once personality?• 1. Never Try To Be Successful• Success is the bye-product.• Excellence always creates success.• So, never run after the success, let it happen automatically in the life.
  22. 22. Learning is very simple-Never stop• Be humble Teachers do fail Learners never fail.
  23. 23. Passion Leads To Excellence• When your hobby becomes your profession and passion becomes your profession. You will be able to lead up to excellence in the life. Satisfaction, pleasure, joy and love will be the outcome of following passion. Following your passion for years, you will surely become something one day.
  24. 24. Importance of words in communicationCommunication dies-everything dies.Each word has impact and value in communication.
  25. 25. LoveTrust your partner – otherwise life will become RustLove is border free, time free, unconditional and space free.
  26. 26. Which character in the movie do you resemble or you would want to resemble.Justify by givingexamples from the movie,State the change in you would have to bring your self to be that ?• He is interested in photography but he is doing engg.• Because the compulsion of parents Farhan is doing the course.
  27. 27. Make a positive action plan for continuous enhancement in your personality?• Action plan• 1,Be friendly with every one.• 2,Read good books to increase reading skills.• 3,Need to go class regularly to get the education.• 4,Inspire and motivate others.• 5, Concentrate on what you do well, and do it better than anybody else.• 6,Be Grateful For What You Have
  28. 28. Design and action plan for achieving a goal in your life ?• Take action immediately with Smart goals.• Spend time visualizing your intentions as accomplished.• Find inspiration and motivation to create the right goals for your life.• Develop habits that support your life goals.• Make up your mind that you are going to overcome obstacles to your goals.
  29. 29. Evaluate your own time management style ? Time Management
  30. 30. Time management• Planning,• Allocating, Time management refers to a range of skills, tools, and• Setting goals techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific• Delegation tasks, projects and goals• Analysis of time spent• Monitoring• Organizing• Scheduling and• prioritizing.
  31. 31. Time • Time is limitedManagement • Time is scarce.Y it is essential??? • You need time to get what you want out of life.. • You can accomplish more with less effort.. • Too many choices
  32. 32. • More effort but less Time Management productivity • Achieving the goals mustIf time is not managedit leads to be delayed or blocked • More stress • Leads us to failure • Degradation
  33. 33. Time Barriers• While I was studying in 12th std, im not so aware of time management• I was much struggle d when I was preparing for exams• During exams I missed out many answers due to lack of time
  34. 34. • Write things downTime Manager • Prioritize your list • Plan your week • Learn to say no • Think before acting • Continuously improve yourself • Identify bad habits • Don’t do other people’s work • Keep a goal journal • Don’t be a perfectionist
  35. 35. If an another chance to me . . . . .• At first I will put a perfect schedule to study the things which are to be learnt• Then I will keep the remaining time for revising• I will keep sometime for doing regular activities/entertainment• Even at exams I will put a small schedule in order to attend all the questions
  36. 36. • Setting Time dependentDevelop the qualities tobe a Time Manager goals. • Schedule properly • Identify my bad habits • Avoid leisure timings • Gap for regular activities • NO to other ppl’s jobs • Put on a diary to regulate • Alert system to enhance
  37. 37. Professional in Service • Time plays a vital role in time managementIndustry • If I go and works for a serviceThus time was effectively industry with my presentmanaged and once all the time management skill thenmentioned things aredone im a ready to work it leads to adverse effect toas a professional in a my promotionsSERVICE INDUSTRY • Due to lack in knowledge about time management Im unable to schedule my regular activities it affects my PUNCTUALITY hardly. • I have to chart my regular activities perfectly in order to fill the gaps
  38. 38. • Leadership can be definedLeadership as ones ability to getVision others to willingly follow.Integrity • Every organization needsDedication leaders at every level.MagnanimityHumilityOpennessCreativityFairnessAssertivenessSense of humour
  39. 39. • Leadership can be developedLeaderShip Develop??? • No, Im unable to be leaderCan I become a because Im not having theleader????? ability to get others to follow willingly. • So, if they do the work incase of enforcement then it leads to a failure. • Team work always wants co operation mainly b/w the leader and the sub ordinates.
  40. 40. After completion of your trainingwhere do you see your self as leader ?
  41. 41. • Interpersonal skills are theInterpersonal skills skills that a person uses toEmpathy interact with other people.Building trustActive listening Interpersonal skills aredelegation sometimes also referred to as people skills or communication skills. • It is how well you communicate with someone and how well you behave or carry yourself.
  42. 42. Someways to improve IPS• Think positively.• Do not criticise others or yourself.• Be patient.• Learn to listen, experts recommend listening 80% of the time and only talking 20%.• Be sensitive to others.• Have a sense of humour.• Treat others and their experience with respect.• Praise and compliment people when they deserve it.• When someone is telling a story, don’t interrupt• Smile.• Be cheerful and try to make others smile.• Look for solutions.• When someone compliments you, don’t disagree or boast about it• Don’t complain.
  43. 43. References••• Frankfinn Module••
  44. 44. Conclusion• .