All About Schawk!


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Overview of Schawk and our varied business units.

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  • The words look good, the claims sound good, but it is too bad the company can't seem to deliver on what they promise. My opinion, and my review of their actual work, is that they are third rate in almost all of the services they sell.
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All About Schawk!

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  4. 4. You’d be working for the company that originated Brand Point Management, the process of managing a brand’s expression across consumer touchpoints. You’d be helping the world’s biggest companies create compelling and consistent brand experiences at home, on-the-go, at the store and on the shelf. You’d be working with a company that values People, Passion and Performance. You’d do this by working in either a strategic, creative or executional capacity for Schawk.
  5. 5. Eight core businesses unite to help deliver brand point management services to many of the world’s largest and most respected companies and their countless brands. Where is your talent best put to use? It helps to know if your functional expertise is in strategy, creative or execution. Click on the tabs below to jump to any of our businesses, or click anywhere in the window to walk through the full tour! ANTHEM SCHAWK PREMEDIA SCHAWK RETAIL SCHAWK CREATIVE MARKETING IMAGING SCHAWK 3D SCHAWK SCHAWK CREATIVE SCHAWK DIGITAL LARGE FORMAT SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS
  6. 6. Brand Point Management begins with branding and design. At Anthem Worldwide, you’d be working with some of the industry’s top strategists and world-class designers to re-position brands and create breakthrough package designs that perform on shelf. Learn more Back
  7. 7. SCHAWK PREMEDIA! Anthem’s design concept files are turned over to Schawk’s premedia craftsmen where 50+ years of technical production, color, printing and executional expertise ensure that the designs reproduce as envisioned by Anthem’s designers. Here, you’d work alongside a highly disciplined team of the industry’s leading production artists, color specialists and premedia pros to create exceptional “print-ready” files that help our printing partners achieve the best possible results on press. Learn more Back
  8. 8. SCHAWK RETAIL MARKETING! At Schawk Retail Marketing, you’d have the opportunity to work with very savvy retail marketing experts to help drive consumers to “purchase destinations” both online and offline. You’d work with our retail pros to create and execute content such as photography and copy to engage the shopper and compel purchase—what it’s really all about. Learn more Back
  9. 9. SCHAWK CREATIVE IMAGING! Schawk’s creative imaging experts focus on creating and executing beautiful, captivating original images for advertising and promotion through the artistic magic of CGI, as well as enhancing existing photography for use in packaging and advertising through sensitive color retouching. Here you’d work with some of the most talented creative and technical artists in the industry. Learn more Back
  10. 10. SCHAWK 3D! Schawk’s 3D imaging experts use their keen artistic eye for light, color, shape, texture and spatial orientation combined with their sharp technical skills to create and execute three-dimensional images of packaging for use in online and offline advertising and promotion consumer touchpoints. You’d get to work with a multi-dimensional team of professionals to create 3D packaging images for some of the world’s biggest brands. Learn more Back
  11. 11. SCHAWK LARGE FORMAT! Schawk’s large format experts execute big ideas in lots of very big formats. From consumer touchpoints that include advertising and promotion on bus sides to giant building wraps, you’d work alongside the industry’s best to help companies create compelling and consistent brand experiences that support everything from new movie releases to new chain restaurant openings. Learn more Back
  12. 12. SCHAWK CREATIVE SOLUTIONS! Schawk’s Creative Solutions experts are without equal in helping global corporations maintain brand integrity worldwide. By managing Global Brand Help Desks and executing worldwide creative concepts for a wide range of applications, this team ensures that brand standards are executed consistently throughout the world. You’d work with a highly disciplined team to protect our clients’ brand equities. Learn more Back
  13. 13. SCHAWK DIGITAL SOLUTIONS! Schawk’s experts are always developing innovative new ways of using technology to help our clients achieve their strategic business goals. BLUE™, the industry-leading brand management technology created by SDS, is used everyday by many of the world’s largest CPG and pharmaceutical companies. Here, you’d work alongside a multi-talented team of technology professionals to bring new levels of efficiency, quality and opportunity to Schawk’s clients. Learn more Back
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  15. 15. FIND YOUR With more than four dozen offices on four continents, Schawk is truly a global company, whose presence in multiple countries is the foundation for the powerful delivery of integrated services across geographies. Many employees also work on-site at our clients’ offices throughout the world. NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA PACIFIC LATIN AMERICA
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  18. 18. Schawk, Inc. headquartered in suburban Chicago, is a leading global provider of brand point management services. Schawk helps companies create compelling and consistent brand experiences at home, on the go, at the store and on the shelf. Schawk does this by providing integrated strategic, creative and executional services. © 2010 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Inc. The Schawk, Anthem and BLUE logos are trademarks of Schawk, Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. PEOPLE. PASSION. PERFORMANCE. TALENT