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From Corporate Design to Startup Design - A Love Story


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A love story about a designer leaving his corporate wife and falling in love with a startup chick.

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From Corporate Design to Startup Design - A Love Story

  1. From Corporate Design to Startup Design A Story @amirkhella
  2. Once upon a time...
  3. A designer worked in a large corporation.
  4. He worked with smart people designing great products
  5. He liked what he was doing...
  6. But he wasn’t in love...
  7. so one day...
  8. Honey. We need to talk.
  9. I’ve been seeing other people...
  10. on TechCrunch.
  11. I’m leaving you.
  12. Three years later...
  13. He’s worked with many startups
  14. He’s designed several products
  15. And he’s madly in love
  16. Why?
  17. Corporate vs. Startup
  18. Let’s add all these features. Our competitors have them, we should too. to Let’s make our product simpler than our competitors’, and make our customers’ lives easier.
  19. Let’s make sure we have everyone’s consensus before we integrate this design. vs. to I like this design a lot. Let’s implement it next iteration and see how customers will like it.
  20. Make sure you don’t step on someone else’s toes. Mind your own features. vs. to If something is broken, just fix it.
  21. Yes, you need to come to the office every day. Everyone else does. vs. to I don’t care where you work, as long as you get things done.
  22. We need to decide on V2’s roadmap. Let’s schedule an off-site next week. vs. to We need to decide on the next iteration. Let’s gather by the whiteboard.
  23. Let’s finish writing all the specs by Friday for the spec review meetings next week. vs. to Let’s call developers for some brainstorming and sketching. They will be coding this feature next week.
  24. Please set up a meeting with the “login box” team to integrate our new feature with them. vs. to Paul coded the login box last week. Talk to him and he might have time to integrate this tonight.
  25. Our .com site is owned by an external vendor. Contact them through vendor relations to set up a meeting. vs. to I just added you to the source control. Upload the design on the staging server and we will push it out this week.
  26. Let’s schedule a meeting with the usability department. It will take them 3-6 weeks to recruit users and run the tests. vs. to Here’s a list of our early adopters. Let’s invite them over to get their feedback. Make sure we order some pizza and beer.
  27. The color of this button is not compliant with our corporate style guide. vs. to I agree. This button needs to have a more inviting color. Let’s do some A/B testing and measure convergence.
  28. Good suggestion. Unfortunately our product roadmap is already set. Keep it in mind, and we’ll revisit it in 2012. vs. to Great suggestion. Let’s add it to the backlog and revisit it next week.
  29. The business team is busy creating the business plan. You can try emailing them, but they won’t have time to talk with designers. vs. to I know I am the CEO, but I like being part of feature design discussions.
  30. Yes, I heard you. But we’ll do it my way. vs. to You’re the design expert here. What do you think?
  31. Ugh! I can’t believe it’s Monday morning already. vs. to Wow. It’s already Friday... Can’t wait ‘till next week!
  32. Do Your Customers a Favor...
  33. Give Your Designers Some
  34. That’s all, folks. •Follow me on Twitter: @amirkhella I tweet links, quick insights and advice about Design Thinking for Startups •Read How it all began A personal story about how I left my job to change the world :) Amir Khella UX Consultant