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Design Portfolio


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User experience design portfolio for web 2.0 startups.

Published in: Design, Business
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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Design Portfolio Amir Khella User Experience Guru
  2. 2. DocVerse is a document collaboration application that makes Microsoft Office works like Google Apps. We worked with the Founders to define the product experience, brainstorm user stories and requirements, and designed a set of features that deliver an intuitive user experience on the web, and within Microsoft office. We delivered sketches, wireframes and visual designs.
  3. 3. Document Dashboard
  4. 4. Office Plug-in
  5. 5. Web viewer
  6. 6. “Amir listens, focuses on understanding the goals and truly takes ownership of the end product, a characteristic you don't see in many consultants. At all times, you can feel that Amir is fully vested in the work as if it were his own. Most of all, Amir ended up doing a better job of managing our timeline than even we did, which was a total bonus.” -Shan Sinha, CEO
  7. 7. ClerkDogs is a web application that replicates the video store clerk recommendation experience. The service provides movie recommendations by creating a movie DNA that quantifies the various attributes of each film. We worked with Stuart Skorman and his team to solve various user interface and product design challenges, and we continue to regularly meet with the executive and product teams to review release goals and create features and designs that would meet and exceed their goals.
  8. 8. Amir's unique quality lies in his ability to combine analytical and creative thinking to quickly understand the product goals and business model, identify usability shortcomings, and generate ideas and sketches that provide the right set of features and designs that would answer the users' key questions and tasks. Additionally, He can easily tap into the collective intelligence and creative ability of everyone in the room. -Stuart Skorman, CEO
  9. 9. Colligent is an actionable consumer research platform for social media. Colligent clients include EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner. We worked with the executive and development team to create a unique user experience for mining and visualizing analytics data. Since Colligent is currently in stealth mode, we can’t say more. But we look forward to the blogosphere’s reaction to the new interface soon.
  10. 10. “Amir helped us refine the thinking behind our product and thus contributed to a better product design. He asks the right questions and thinks through the problems in detail. He is a rare combination of creative designer and analytical thinker. He is a great to person to work with as well” - Sree Nagarajan, CEO
  11. 11. blist is the world’s easiest consumer database. We worked with the founding team since product conception to integrate agile design throughout the product lifecycle. We helped them understand the target audience by creating use case scenarios and creating a task-centered approach to feature design and prototyping. We also delivered the user interface, interaction and visual design for the product.
  12. 12. Blist’s main user interface
  13. 13. Drag and drop visual query builder
  14. 14. Discovering blists and templates
  15. 15. User profile and sharing information
  16. 16. “Amir is a phenomenal interaction designer and information architect. He's a rare talent who has both the visual graphic design skills and a strong technology foundation. He has great business instinct and is an unwavering advocate for the end customer who will use the software he helps design. Amir is creative and very thorough. He works well with little direction but also takes input from our team very collaboratively. He's personable and great to work with. He's self-motivated and works very hard to meet expectations and tight schedules.” - Kevin Merritt, CEO
  17. 17. We worked with Delve from the ideation phase to design a user experience that enables video publishers to easily upload, tag, organize and publish their media. The subtlety of the UI, the streamlined user experience, and the elegance of the style  achieves a nice degree of transparency, and almost sits quietly in the background, enabling users to focus on what’s most important to them: their media files. Delve’s user interface has been ranked among the Top 50 Most Usable Rich Internet application by InsideRIA.
  18. 18. Library panel: the publisher’s digital asset manager
  19. 19. Channels view
  20. 20. Video analytics
  21. 21. We worked with UStream to redesign their website to match the growing audience, and deliver viewers with a personalized experience. We collaborated with their team to re-brand their service and improve the design of the landing page to include various social and viral components as well as scheduling features. We also redesigned the profile page to be more up-to-date with emerging web 2.0 trends and social interaction paradigms.
  22. 22. Improved landing page architecture and visual design
  23. 23. Improve profile page with social features
  24. 24. Discovering and following upcoming show
  25. 25. Viral video menu
  26. 26. Other Companies we’ve worked with
  27. 27.