SharePoint2013 as Crowdsourcing solution


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Introduction to enterprise crowdsourcing

Some words about SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 as “Enterprise Crowdsourcing Solution”

How Prowareness can help

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SharePoint2013 as Crowdsourcing solution

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013 as a game changer Enterprise Crowd- Sourcing solution
  2. 2. what’s this presentation all about?  Introduction to enterprise crowdsourcing  Some words about SharePoint 2013  SharePoint 2013 as “Enterprise Crowdsourcing Solution”  How Prowareness can help
  3. 3. what is crowdsourcing? In simple words – getting a task achieved by help of many people. but imagine if you have a problem or need an expert advice or want to predict or forecast some business trend and you have group of subject matter experts helping you with the task!! that’s crowdsourcing
  4. 4. some words from market .. Andrea Di Maio, vice president at Gartner, in 2010 said that by 2012 "one in five government processes will rely on ”crowdsourced” data“ Scientists turning to crowdsourcing to gather more information about earthquakes – source - Gartner Says By 2015, More Than 50 Percent of Organizations That Manage Innovation Processes Will Gamify Those Processes The crowdsourcing market is growing at an accelerated rate with the venture capital community investing nearly $300 million in CSPs in 2011 alone,” said massolution CEO and founder of, Carl Esposti. “What’s more surprising is that large enterprises with revenues above $1B are early adopters of crowdsourcing; however, there is still significant untapped opportunity for crowdsourcing penetration across the board.” -
  5. 5. some examples •Fiat Mio – create a car •BMW Customer Innovation Lab •Kraft – innovate with Kraft •InnovationJam* – IBM’s idea generation project •Dell IdeaStorm – external idea sourcing •Betavine – Vodafone’s mobile app community •My Startbucks Idea – shaping the future of Starbucks •Ideasbrewery - Heineken Ideas Brewery •Connect + Develop - Innovation platform by P&G source:
  6. 6. few facts about SharePoint  Microsoft claims SharePoint Server as the fastest growing product in company history  Around 80% of Fortune 500 use SharePoint  More than 700,000 developers building on SharePoint  125 million licenses by 2010  Majority successful intranets in world based on SharePoint  Gartner predicts expansive growth for SharePoint References :,,
  7. 7. about SharePoint 2013  Latest version in SharePoint product series  Enhanced social, collaboration, business intelligence, analytic, search etc. features  Refreshing User Experience  Welcome to App World
  8. 8. why for enterprise SharePoint 2013 + Crowdsourcing = Winning Mantra!!  Latest trends shows bottom up enterprise strategy is as important as top down  Crowdsourcing helps in employee engagement  Crowdsourcing & Gamification can help with user adoption of your SharePoint investment  Social features in SharePoint 2013 can help you get solutions for complex problems from your official network  Communities in SharePoint 2013 can help promote innovation in the organization  Social & Collaboration features in SharePoint 2013 can help employees to have a voice in organization  SharePoint 2013 search features can help in solutions & experts within intranet easily and effectively
  9. 9. example of Crowdsourcing in SP13
  10. 10. idea hub -example of Crowdsourcing in SP13
  11. 11. Prowareness & SharePoint 2013 100% Agile Agile Template for SP13 Gamification in Intranet with SharePoint 2013 SP13 powered Internet Sites SharePoint 2013 for Healthcare SharePoint & Financial domain Real time Business Analytics Crowdsourcing with SP13 SharePoint & Big Data Enterprise Learning Solution Intranet Expert Finder Ideation with SP13 SharePoint QA & Testing services Responsive SharePoint Team/Project/Portfolio Management with SP13
  12. 12. thank you want to know more ?? Email: