Technology Project- Uganda


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Technology Project- Uganda

  1. 1. National Museum of Uganda
  2. 2. Ugandan Animals The prevalence of wild animals in Uganda has been slowly diminishing. The civil war has caused a major turmoil for the animals because due to the extreme poverty, soldiers and Ugandan citizens have been killing the animals for food. The Ugandan government has recently established many wildlife parks that now serve as homes for these animals. In Uganda it is very common to see hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants, zebras, monkeys, buffalo, and lions. Animals are just one of the many aspects of Uganda’s wildlife that show the country’s diversity. Museum Room
  3. 3. Ugandan Politics For 20 years civil war has shattered the lives and livelihoods of the people in Uganda. A warbetween the Ugandan government and rebel forces known as theLord’s Resistance Army, has forced thousands of families to beuprooted from their homes. Rebel groups slaughter families in order to kidnap children to serve as armed gunman to serve in their cause. One rebel group is proudof having the youngest rebel fighter at just five years of age. Conflict has slowed but has not ended. The entire country feels the Museum Roomrepercussions of this conflict today.
  4. 4. Ugandan Education Resuming a normal life since the civil war is difficult. Education has suffered greatly. Only 57% of Ugandan children will completely primary school. Of these, only 12% will complete secondary school. Over 1 million children in Uganda between the ages of 6 and 12 will never see a classroom nor will they see the freedom that a basic education can provide. Museum Room
  5. 5. Ugandan Disease There are many diseases that completely consume the country of Uganda as a whole. Malaria, tuberculosis and yellow fever areamong the most prevalent. AIDS andHIV are by far the worst diseases that have taken over the country. There is about 1.2 million people in Ugandathat are currently living with HIV. This includes 150,000 children. In 2009alone there were an estimated 64,000people that died from AIDS in Uganda. A devastating 1.2 million children in Uganda have become orphaned due to the horrible AIDS/HIV epidemic. Museum Room
  6. 6. Ugandan Religion Although Christianity has become more popular in the country of Uganda, there are other religions practiced in the country. The dark, suffocating tentacles of witchcraft and voodoo wreak spiritual havoc across the board. More than 60% of the population believes strongly in its powers. There have been many cases reported recently where doctors claim to have clients who capture children and bring both their body parts and their blood to be taken up by the satanic spirits. Museum Room
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