Technology in the classroom


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Technology in the classroom

  1. 1. Akera Jackson
  2. 2.  Detroit Takes Science Education Digital  National Ed Tech Plan Puts Technology at the Heart of Education Reform  California High School Credits Technology with Improving Educational Experience  Conclusion  Source Citations
  3. 3. Article One
  4. 4.  This article talks about the need for teachers to integrate audiovisuals and other digital content to their everyday lesson plan.  The use of certain online education tools allows teachers and students access to more teaching resources than a book could.  This will keep teachers keep up with the technology age of their students.
  5. 5.  The school system trains the teachers through out the summer to educate them on the new material and touches base with them throughout the year to make sure they have the proper understanding of what they are teaching in student, and that the students are able to use the digital material to the fullest.
  6. 6. "can provide the resources to both engage our students in learning and develop our human capital, so that we can evolve our curriculum and methods of instruction to meet the changing needs of 21st century learners."  The quote above say exactly how I feel about the idea of integrating audiovisuals and other digital media into the classroom. Teachers must be able to keep up with the tech age in order to better be able to reach and teach their students. The world changes everyday and we have to learn to adapt with it and it could better improve our school systems some just as it did for DPS.
  7. 7. Article Two
  8. 8.  This article talks about changes that the government is trying to make about a federal policy statement that puts technology at the heart of proposed changes to the way education is delivered in this country.  This new plan will change the way public school are ran and how students are being taught.  Major changes such as longer school years/days and how the internet will be used not only as assistive teaching tools, but the main sources of learning for some.
  9. 9.  The new plan is devised of five categories of action that will reach each source of education on each level that is needed with detailed procedures that will be in place and used.  The main levels consist of assessment, infrastructure, learning, productivity, and teaching.
  10. 10. "Professional educators will be supported individually and in teams by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise, and learning experiences that can empower and inspire them to provide more effective teaching for all learners.“  I believe that teachers should be flexible in what and how they teach. They should try to learn what it is that students need or what they can use in order to better educate them. The quote shows how the government is trying to better the teachers for the diversity of learning need for each student. This will benefit many students and mare teachers more productive and not such “by the book” teachers.
  11. 11. Article 3
  12. 12.  The NMAA web-based communication management system eChalk improved student and teacher involvement and also helped parents be more active on the child's educational experiences  Technology is a critical tool for schools that better education student in various ways  The program allows the student to connect with the teachers throughout the day, even outside of school hours.
  13. 13.  Gives students a well- rounded experience, similar to what they would experience in college.  Teachers are better able to reach each students problem area due to the computers and online access.
  14. 14. “We've been really lucky to access online learning programs. Students have been able to get online and really drill themselves in the areas where they really needed improvement,“  It is key that students be able to see what exactly their main problem areas may be in a certain subject area, so that they can better succeed. The quote talks about the ability for students to do that because of the online program. By the students being able to do that I believe that they can better help teach themselves, because they will know exactly what key problems they need to access without restudying things that they have a full understanding on.
  15. 15.  Technology has been and becoming more of a key learning tool for students. Books are becoming things of the past, especially with all the new gadgets and web site that allow students to do research and homework on the go. Teachers and schools need to be able to change with technology advances as well to better educate students of all ages. Teachers have to be able to be educated as well on the changes in today's technology. From the three articles I read the government is starting to see more of a need for technology to be integrated into how students learn outside of textbooks. The articles also show the advantages if such integration and new programs that all have great benefits and success rates for students, teachers, and parents. Technology is definitely become more of a need than a want in many of today's classrooms.
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