Mobile and Online Assessments


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Using mobile devices for online assessments

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Mobile and Online Assessments

  1. 1. Mobiles and Online Assessments Michigan Reading Association Plug In Conference Grand Rapids, MI 03.17.14 A’Kena LongBenton, EdS, PMC Macomb Community College
  2. 2. Workshop Abstract Are you tired of being shocked that your students failed the exam after you’re certain that you taught them the course content? Ever wanted to know how much your students know before they take the exam? Do you want to creatively help your students study for their course exams? Well…this workshop is for you. This workshop will address formative assessment technologies and readily connect them to pedagogical practices across various disciplines. The following technologies will be introduced: Poll Everywhere, QuizBreak!, and SurveyMonkey. The technologies can be used as formative assessment tools and/or quiz previews. Instructors can use these tools in their classrooms to inform their instruction or as a guide to assist student in preparing for upcoming exams. Also, teachers can give students web links so students can assess these technologies outside of school.
  3. 3. Content/Format Activities As time permits, the aforementioned technologies will be introduced in a workshop format where instructors will actively participate in technology-based instructional activities. Also, instructors will digitize their formative assessments and post them onto a wiki page,, for others to view and access. Furthermore, in this workshop, instructors will have an opportunity to witness what the aforementioned technologies look like in practice. (There's nothing worst than hearing about a concept, but never seeing it in action! :-)) Most importantly, they will be able to walk away from this workshop with applicable knowledge that will assist them in their classrooms. The facilitator is not interested in simply feeding the instructors information that they may never use, but rather offer them an authentic learning experience.
  4. 4. Song & Questions • Technology Song: • Workshop Questions Technology Tool (available until April 10, 2014): • Today’s Workshop Slides: ____________________
  5. 5. Getting Started Interactive Activities • Formative Assessment Animoto Video: • Poll Everywhere Survey:
  6. 6. Mobiles and Online Assessments Screencast:
  7. 7. Wikispaces
  8. 8. poll everywhere Benefits: • Multiple choice, open-ended, or T/F questions • Real-time survey results • Customize charts for the results • Student engagement • Up to 40 users per poll for FREE • Can use cell phone or laptop to enter responses • Can edit, stop, copy, or delete poll Web Address:
  9. 9. Quizbreak! • Benefits: • FREE Jeopardy-style online quiz • Can include images and audio Web Address:
  10. 10. Survey monkey • Benefits: • FREE survey designing tool • Multiple choice, open-ended, and/or T/F questions • Collect responses via web link or FaceBook • Analyze results Web Address:
  11. 11. Technologies Website Please see Technology Integration Pages.
  12. 12. Words of • The technologies explored promote: active and independent learning; application; creativity; critical thinking; problem solving; student engagement; and reflection—not mere comprehension. • Word of Caution: Soft skills need to be addressed when technologies are used, e.g., time management skills. There are countless technologies and distractions on the internet. If students are not instructor-guided and/or focused, then tons of unproductive hours can be spent on the web with no intellectual gains.
  13. 13. Questions? Workshop Questions Technology Tool:
  14. 14. Evaluation Please use this link to evaluate this presentation. Double click once it opens and write an evaluative phrase, sentence, or paragraph.