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Prepare Flyer


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Flyer for new clients

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Prepare Flyer

  1. 1. JET DE SOLEIL custom spray tanning PrePare, DeveloP, anD extenD your sunless tan One >> Before your sunless tanning session, shower and exfoliate. Do not use oil-based exfoliates because they will leave a residue and block the tanning process. Exfoliating correctly will ensure a perfect sunless tan. >> Make sure your body is free of make-up, moisturizer, and perfume. >> Shave or wax a least 1 day prior to your sunless tanning treatment. >> We recommend wearing lingerie, underclothes or a swimsuit that is dark colored. Be sure to wear flip flops or open-toed sandals for shoes. >> Plan your day ahead: Avoid swimming, bathing, and heavy discover a healthy glow exercise for at least 8-12 hours to ensure the best results. Three >> For the best results, wait at least 8-12 hours to shower or sweat. Daily moisturizer, at least twice a day, >> Female clients over the age of 18 may choose to tan is key to extending your tan. We recommend using our topless or in the nude. Male clients are required to Moisturizing Sunless Extender with enhancing bronzer. You wear bottoms. Clients under 18 must have a parental will see a noticeable difference in how vibrant your tan looks consent form and must wear a full swimsuit. Be assured and how long it lasts. that we are professionals and will make every effort to accommodate your needs and make you as comfortable >> Scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and waxing will shorten the as possible with whatever you choose to wear. life of your tan. Only exfoliate before a tanning session or to help remove remnants of an old tan. TwO >> The technician will give a consultation on your ideal results and make recommendations based on your skin >> Indulge in a Hydrating Shimmer Treatment or Anti-Aging type and desired color. Treatment after or in between tanning sessions. These products were specifically designed to enhance your >> Please inform your technician of any skin issues or sunless tanning experience and keep your skin nourished trouble spots you may have hand with other sunless and healthy. tanning products. >> Jet De Soleil’s sunless products do not contain sunscreen. >> We highly recommend our Normalize Ph Balance Pre-tan An overall sun protection program is needed. Treatment: A fine blend of exotic aloe’s which assist in hydrating porous areas of the body prior to your session. >> Like any beauty routine, proper preparation, skin care, This product enables the sunless tanning solution to and upkeep are required to make the most of your Jet De penetrate uniformly into the skin resulting in a longer Soleil tan. lasting, more even sunless tan. For more information about our spray tanning parties, visit >> A typical full-body session takes less than 5 minutes once our website at! We can also be found set up. You can do up to 3 treatments per session. on Facebook and Twitter. Get up-to-the-minute updates on new products and specials! *Results are based on before and after care. 311 S Linn Street • Iowa City, IA, 52240 • (319) 594-5458