2013 Retreat: Transportation Committee


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2013 Retreat: Transportation Committee

  1. 1. Sierra Green Transportation Campaign Goal: Expand transportation choice to allow individuals safe, convenient alternatives to driving Reduced vehicle miles traveled Reduced greenhouse gas and other emissions Comprehensive transportation systems  Increased bike-ped.  Increased transit  Reduced reliance on cars
  2. 2. State of the State (of Ohio) Anti-rail governor Pro-highway Department of Transportation Turnpike revenue to be diverted to more highway projects Map-21 federal transportation law  Allows more flexing of dollars  BUT…those dollars could be diverted to highways away from less polluting transportation alternatives Transportation accounts for 28% of GHG emissions in Ohio and substantial criteria pollutant emissions Less than 1% of state transportation funds are allocated to public transit
  3. 3. Regional/Local Level Local metropolitan planning organizations are easier to influence and, generally, they are more progressive than ODOT Getting our members to participate in and sit on MPO committees is important for influencing the regional planning process
  4. 4. And, the Stats. are With Us Bicycle commute increases over the past decade Transit ridership increases Younger generation spurning cars Fewer households with cars
  5. 5. What Have We Done toInfluence ODOT? Recent meeting to discuss Map-21 and transportation alternatives fund Participating on steering committee for ODOT’s long range plan  VMT reduction  Reducing overbuilt road  Broadening cost/benefit analysis  GHG reduction plan
  6. 6. Postcard delivery to ODOT
  7. 7. Transportation Coalition To achieve meaningful transportation change in Ohio, we need more partners working in tandem Organized a coalition of groups across the state Making link between local level and state level
  8. 8. Transportation PreferencesSurveyHosted the Natural Resources Defense Council topresent its recent survey findings  Most participants felt they had no choice but to drive, and the vast majority wanted to drive less  Cleveland participants thought 10%-30% of transportation funding went to transit  New infrastructure, congestion, jobs, growth were most often cited as reasons for more investment  Stay away from “denser” development and “mass” transit
  9. 9. Complete Streets
  10. 10. Ensure that the entire right-of-way isplanned, designed, constructed, operated,and maintained to provide safe access for allusers
  11. 11. Policies to DateStates : 28MPOs : 33Counties : 31Cities : 268Total : 359 Ohio has no statewide complete streets policy and only a handful of local policies
  12. 12. Complete Streets Planning Helped create workshop in Oberlin as part of Oberlin Sustainability Project Two representatives attended workshop in Minnesota (December 2012) State committee working in conjunction with national green transportation campaign Hope to get all major MPOs, as well as municipalities, in Ohio to adopt AND implement key elements
  13. 13. Public Outreach and Advocacy Multiple action alerts regarding transportation planning Dump-the-Pump Car Free Day Cincinnati Pedalfest Organized alliance against the Eastern Corridor Highway Sign-on letter to ODOT Best and Worst transportation projects Gearing up for transportation budget lobbying
  14. 14. Dump-the-Pump DayMore than 75 bus passes given away in Greater Cincinnati. Partnered with Cincinnati Metro.
  15. 15. “Best-Worst” Media EventEastern Corridor Highway Makes National “Worst” Transportation Project List.
  16. 16. KidsExpo at Pedalfest Bike Helmet GiveawayOver 1500 participants and more than a dozen volunteers! 40 bike helmets given away!
  17. 17. 2013 Priorities Stop the Eastern Corridor Highway (Segments 2-3) Increase spending on transportation alternatives in state budget Continue education efforts Pass complete streets policies Increase number of groups actively involved in transportation advocacy Lobby MPOs for larger share of funding for transportation alternatives Events (Bike Month, Dump the Pump, and Car Free)
  18. 18. Looking for CommitteeMembers in 2013 Transportation committee representative from every local group Committee calls are the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 pm