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Title:Cloud Computing and Startups

Abstract: Early stage companies, typically referred to as startups,
usually have very small resources to play with and, at the same time,
a strong demand for  flexibility and scalability. To be able to
develop business ideas into services quickly, and at the same time be
able to adopt to the customer feedback is vital for these companies.
Cloud computing brings the ability to scale both technologically and
business-wise using pay-as-you-go paradigm, allowing the users to
concentrate more resources and time on their ideas. The match between
startups and cloud computing was identified early, making many of the
startups early adopters of this paradigm shift. In this presentation
we look more closely on how cloud computing accelerates the highly
iterative innovation cycle for startups. A number of examples is
given, we also discuss how cloud computing changes the overall
landscape for startups and investors in startups.

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Ake edlund sics-openday-2011

  1. 1. Cloud Computing & Startups Åke Edlund edlund@sics.seSEED ACCELERATOR
  2. 2. Åke Edlund - “academic entrepreneur” Seed Accelerator Cloud Day 14/9 Co-founder C!C2011 KTH-SICS Founder Cloud Innovation Center Coach Cycore Sony Ericsson EU-Supply Parallel Systems Ericsson Business Innovation1993 Uppsala, Rice, Berkeley, TechnionStartups Academia Industry And advisor at
  3. 3. What do you expect from cloud computing? More flexibility Cost savings Better scalability Complexity reductionMore (core) business focus CollaborationSwitch from CapEx to OpEx Green IT Advanced technology Better functionality Improved security 0 20 40 60 80 Source: KPMG the Netherlands, 2010
  4. 4. How to chose: “The Cloud Mindmap” Want ready to go services SaaS user Web applications Want high level tools to create my own services PaaS = SaaS provider = IaaS user Want bare Utility computing metal resources IaaS
  5. 5. There’s no free lunch... Cloud  ClientsLock-in (e.g.  Browsers,  Devices) Cloud  Applica5on (e.g.  SaaS) Cloud  Services (e.g.  Web  Services) Cloud  Pla7orm (e.g.  App  Server) Cloud  Storage (e.g.  Database) Cloud  Infrastructure (e.g.  Physical/Virtual  Hardware)
  6. 6. When to (maybe) use Clouds today?Time limited tasks
  7. 7. Pilots
  8. 8. Peaks
  9. 9. Startups Cloud
  10. 10. le xa mpE 2002. Stockholm. Startup. A typical Saturday evening... - 3 months of buying - Weeks to get it right - 1 month of POC - Years of ownership
  11. 11. le xa mpE 2002. Stockholm. Startup. A typical Saturday evening... Using clouds - 3 months of buying - Weeks to get it right - 1 month of POC - Years of ownership
  12. 12. le xa mpE
  13. 13. pleExam
  14. 14. le xa mpE
  15. 15. le xa mpE Runs on Amazon
  16. 16. SICS = Startups www.sics.se/spin-off What’s ? next? How toAsimus increase the number of startups from VerySolid SICS?
  17. 17. SEED ACCELERATORCreatingStartups from ScratchHelpingExisting Startups & Innovative Companies
  18. 18. X2-jobs - a way to startSEED ACCELERATOR startups from scratch
  19. 19. SEED ACCELERATOR Researchers Share Project goes business Present Pilot Book PoF Start SICS
  20. 20. SEED ACCELERATOR Researchers Share Project goes business ppro ach: agma tic a Pr Present in pa ralell Pilot velop others nd de - and dopt ers, a early a SICS cases At tract m ea rlier Lea rn fro Book PoF Start SICS
  21. 21. SEED ACCELERATOR x! x! KTH-SICS Cloud Innovation Center KTH Innovation x2-jobs (9m)! startups (3m)! pilots (>2m)! studies (>1m)!
  22. 22. SICS Seed Accelerator helpingSEED ACCELERATOR Attendium and Severalnines
  23. 23. Thanks! “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Wayne Gretzky (thanks, John Greathouse) Åke Edlund edlund@sics.seSEED ACCELERATORsics.se/seedaccelerator fortune1m.com