Sony's human resource management


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Sony's human resource management

  1. 1.  Sony was established in 1946 in Tokyo by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company). Sony employs 168,000 people worldwide. Sony is producing and marketing Play Station (home video game system), TV, digital and video cameras, computers and music players.
  2. 2.  Sony had a managerial problem in 2005. Sony hired sir Howard Stringer who leads to close 11 plants, cuts more than 10,000 jobs and shifts component manufacturing to low cost locations as a chairman and CEO. Sony operates in many countries, so national environment of sony differs sharply in terms of culture, legal system, economic conditions, technology levels and infrastructure.
  3. 3.  The main aim of Sony is to be progressive in international human resource management. Criterias of Sony are entrepreneurial spirit, thinking creatively and strong communication skills when Sony is recruiting new employees. HR managers of Sony are spending much time with employees,linking firm’s objectives and strategies in order to achieve important tasks.
  4. 4.  Firstlymanagers are identifying the jobs and then they are looking for talents that they need to hire for the job.
  5. 5.  Sony offers management trainee programs for its most promising recruits. Trainees are on duty to find ways to use their talents to advance the company. Sony uses online system for a reason that to make easy the development of personnels all aroud the world.
  6. 6.  In 2001, the japanese yen’s appreciation against the dollar an euro leads high cost for sony and it decreased profitability of the company and Sony closed 16 plants. Because of this result Sony faced problems with employees in some countries. As a result sony tooks pain to reduce workforce.
  7. 7.  Sony follows an “integrity approach” to foreign manufacturing operations and attempts to maintain work place standarts that exceed local requirements. Sony is attempting to establish a universial standard of employement, offering superior working conditions and locally relevant wages and benefits at all locations.
  8. 8.  At the corporate social responsiblity, sony is focusing on creating link between its business and the environment. Sony has code of conduct which sets the basic internal standards to be observed by all directors, officers and employees in order to make strong the corporate governance, business ethics. Sony’s basic policies are concerning ethical business practices and activities, including respect for human rights
  9. 9.  Sony has enough capacity to success corporate social responsibility. Managers are researching the standards of all countries that it operates and it gives value its employees according to the standards. Sony is doing this job perfect and it collects its fruits with high motivation of employees and efficiency.
  10. 10.  There are a number of employee programs and policies in place designed to make employees feel valued and appreciated which in turn, amount to happy and motivated employees. They offer a stimulating, challenging and highly supportive work environment –with an outstanding reputation for exceptional quality and services.
  11. 11.  To ensure their employees find a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives, Sony offers a number of incentives and benefits including: Employee assistance plans. Life Works child/elder care referral programs. Life Works provides employees with information and resources that can help improve many areas of your life, from personal to professional. Career and Employee Development Cross functional experience with Project Marketplace. Seminars on stress and other issues Up to 3-weeks paid vacation the first year 11 paid Holidays (vary by Sony location) Time off policies to accommodate personal needs Opportunities for flexible work arrangements
  12. 12.  At Sony, their comprehensive and customized health care plans go beyond medical, dental and vision benefits. They include preventative health care options, education programs and access to gym memberships so you stay fit, happy and healthy. Medical, Prescription, Dental & Vision benefit coverage for you and your family On-site fitness centers On-site cafeterias Wellness fairs 100 percent coverage for wellness visits (check ups) in the medical and dental plans Health risk assessments Gym discounts Stop smoking programs Nutrition information
  13. 13. Sony provides retirement and compensation options that will help you build a financially secure future for you and your family. Competitive pay and incentives Annual Retirement savings contribution. Life and accidental insurance Salary continuation for disability Long-term disability insurance Long-term care insurance Discounted home and auto insurance Employee stock purchase plan Education assistance Student loans Discounted Sony products Legal Plan – Discounted Legal Services
  14. 14.  technology tools to help employees excel in their jobsEmployee Communications Pre-product launch demonstrations are regularly hosted to give employees an "insiders" look at upcoming product developments. regular educational events , meetings, forums, knowledge sharing events Employee satisfaction is continuously monitored through employee surveys
  15. 15.  Akib Siddiqui Pritesh Patel.