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Samsung india

  1. 1. Presentation.
  2. 2.  Type: Chaebol. (wealth or property, refers to south Korean form of business conglomerate.) Industry: Conglomerate. (2 or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses that fall under one corporate group.) OR Multi-industry Company. (Multinational) Founded: 1938. Founders: Lee Byung-chull.
  3. 3.  Products: Apparel, Chemicals, consumer electronics, telecommunication equipment etc. Services: Advertising, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology services, retail. Operations: Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Life Insurance,
  4. 4. Gee-Sung ChoiHead, Corporate Strategy Office(2012~Present)Vice Chairman & CEO, SamsungElectronics (2010~2012)Ju-Hwa YoonPresident & CFO, CorporateManagement Office, SamsungElectronics (2011~Present) Dong-Min Yoon Attorney at Law, Kim & Chang Law Office (1999~Present)
  5. 5.  LED TV, Premium Designer Pc, Notebook PC. Smartphone, Mobiles, Camera, Camcorders. MP3 player, Refrigerator, color laser printer, Microwave-ovens etc.
  6. 6.  As new technologies are being constantly introduced to the market, speed is essential for remaining competitive in todays digital era, and new markets have to be pioneered continuously. People: More than a quarter of all Samsung employees— 42,000 people—work everyday in research and development, and we expect that number to surpass 50,000 by 2010. Organization: Samsungs R&D organization has three layers. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Samsungs technology competitiveness in core business areas, identifies growth engines for the future, and oversees the securing and management of technology.
  7. 7.  Samsung Electronics is striving to strengthen ethical business management, legal compliance and integrity management to provide positive contributions to the advancement of the society in which we operate. Samsung Electronics considers the importance of detailed corruption prevention measures in order to protect the company from undue negative business impacts caused by unethical conduct.
  8. 8.  Samsung places great importance on acting as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where it operates In 2009, Samsung launched the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – ‘Samsung Hope Project’ with projects in the areas of education, culture, sports, social welfare and community development. Samsung Hope for Children, an initiative designed to help under-privileged children through e-learning centers.
  9. 9.  Sports Sponsorship is an ongoing initiative wherein Samsung supports top ranking athletes across individual sports disciplines with their training expenses while they prepare for the Asian or the Olympic Games. Hope for Culture represents Samsung’s tribute to the rich Indian cultural heritage through Tagore Literature Awards that recognizes the best literary contributions in 24 Indian regional languages.
  10. 10.  Samsung Electronics has established a new compliance system to prevent and minimize business risks associated with issues such as collusion and violation of intellectual property rights. Our compliance activities are broadly classified into prevention, monitoring and follow-up processes. Prevention activities include employee education, distribution of manuals on compliance, system-based self-inspections Real life examples are used in training programs as a way of preventing recurrence of any compliance problems that arise.
  11. 11.  Samsung Engineering has a comprehensive management system from the EPC to maintenance phase. Project teams are comprised of professional project managers, engineers and staff with experienced know- how and superior technology. To facilitate communication with partners and clients and to execute projects successfully, Samsung Engineering has an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for RTE (Real Time Enterprise) management system for effective project management.
  12. 12.  The project portal site is an upgrade of PMS (Project Management System) which manages a project execution process, handles EPC functions as well as human resources, finances, machinery and equipment. Samsung Engineering can efficiently manage projects by interfacing in real time with the project database in real-time with CRM (Customer Relation Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), KM (Knowledge Management) and EDMS (Electronic Document Management System). Samsung Engineering obtained OHSAS 18001 certification by executing the proprietary safety management system called A-Less (Accident-Less).
  13. 13.  Samsung Engineering achieved 20 million accident free man-hours without LTI (Loss Time Injury) for the TASNEE ethylene project in Saudi Arabia and a total of 45 million accident free man-hours without LTI (as of end of 2007) for all our projects in the Kingdom. ISO 14001 certification in 1996 was also obtained for creating a pleasant and healthy environment.