20 unique features of MS-word


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20 unique features of MS-word

  1. 1. 20 Unique features of Ms-WORD. -Akib siddiqui (Fu1), IIPM, Mumbai.Unique Features Updated and Simplified. Home Toolbar easy access – spend more time writing and less time formatting. Insert Toolbar simplified – simplified Table, charts, diagrams and other effects. Reference Toolbar – Makes your document more simplified and advance Review Toolbar – For last moment Touch-Up’s. Let’s Take a Detail look At Some Of the unique Features of Ms-Word.Home Toolbar:-  Font Toolbar – A simplified tool bar to format your text. With old Features of Font style, size, color. It now also has the Features of change case such:-  Sentence case.  Lower case.  UPPER CASE.  Capitalize Each Word.  tOGGLE cASE.  Font Toolbar also has features such as Superscript, Subscript, strike through and text high lighting color.  Superscript – create small letters above the line of text.  Subscript – create small letters below the line of text.  Strike through – draws a line throughout the middle of the selected text.  Text high lighting color – Make text look like it was marked with a high light pen.  Font Toolbar also has an updated and simplified toolbar “Paragraph”. This Toolbar Have the following features:-  Bullets/Numbering/ – start’s bullet/numbering list with just one click.  Increase/decrease Indent – increase/decrease the indent level of paragraph.  Line spacing – change the spacing between lines of the text.  Styles – A very Quick and easy way to change the Font style, size and color of the text used in the document.  Editing – A quick way to find text and can even replace with another text.Insert Toolbar:-  Tables- From this feature, Table can easily be inserted or drawn and adjusted as per our need. Also the existing table can be converted.  Illustrations- Quicker and easier way to insert Pictures from file, clip arts and shapes as well.  Links- One can easily refer to item such as headings, pictures, tables by inserting cross reference table. Bookmark can be created to assign a name to specific point in a document. Hyperlink creates a link into web page, picture, an e-mail address or a program.
  2. 2.  Text- Text box it is a preformatted text box. Feature of inserting Word art, Drop cap, it creates a large capital alphabet at the beginning of a paragraph.  Symbols- Equation, common mathematical equations can be inserted. Symbol, Insert symbol that is not present on your keyboard such as copyright symbols, trademark symbols, and Unicode characters.PAGELAYOUT:-  Themes- Current document color, fonts and effects can be changed using this feature.  Page setup- Page margin, orientation, and size can be adjusted. Paragraph can be split into columns, page, section and columns can be added using break feature.  Page Background- Ghosted texted can be added using watermark feature. Page color can be changed. And stylish page borders can be added.  Paragraph- Paragraph indent and spacing can be adjusted using Paragraph feature.  Arrange- selected objects can be adjusted, they can be tight fitted in the paragraph.REFERENCE:-  Table of Content- adds a table of contents to the document, Update the table of contents so that all the entries refer to the correct page numbers.  Footnote- footnotes are automatically renumbered as you move the text round the document.  Citations and Bibliography- cites a book, journal, article or other periodical as the source for a piece of information in the document. Add a bibliography, which lists all the sources cited in the document.  Captions- Add a caption to a picture or other image, A caption is a line of text that appears below an object to describe it. Dialogs can be added to the Fig or table.  Index- Mark entry, Include the selected line in the index of the document.