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DC and Our Schools-Students Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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DC and Our Schools-Students Presentation

  1. 1. Digital Citizenship and Our Schools Digital Citizenship and My Students
  2. 2. Essential Questions  What is the role of Digital Citizenship in our schools?  How do we communicate this concept of Digital Citizenship to our students?
  3. 3. Agenda  Digital Citizenship and Our Schools  Digital Access/Digital Divide  Role of Our Schools  COPPA  Acceptable Use Policies  Digital Citizenship and My Students  Teaching Digital Citizenship  Technology Standards  Bullying Prevention
  4. 4. DC and Our Schools
  5. 5. Digital Access  Full electronic participation in our society  Digital Divide 
  6. 6. Role of Our Schools  COPPA  Web filters  Acceptable Use Policies  Kentucky State Guidelines for school’s Acceptable Use Policy
  7. 7. DC and My Students
  8. 8. Teaching Digital Citizenship  Nine elements of Digital Citizenship   Real world examples of teaching Digital Citizenship  citizenship 
  9. 9. Digital Citizenship Standards  International Standards in Technology Education (ISTE)  National Standards in Technology Education (NETS) 
  10. 10. Bullying Prevention  What is Cyberbullying?  Kentucky Center for School Safety  School Safety Week PowerPoint -  Real World Story - Cyberbullying  Halligan-Share-Their-Son-Ryans-Story-Video
  11. 11. Exit Slip  Create a new page in your Wiki called “DC and our schools”  Create a presentation using Voicethread,, with a minimum of 11 slides including 1 title slide, one slide for each Digital Citizenship Element. Present how you see each of the elements of Digital Citizenship reflected in your districts or potential districts Acceptable Use Policy. Follow presentation guidelines given. Embed in your Wiki.  Create a Glogster and that reflects Cyberbullying Prevention. Embed in your Wiki.