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Leet presentation v4.1

  1. 1. Alyson Blume + Kate McKendry
  2. 2. Table of contents Concept Subscription Mission Statement How The Site Works Brand Programming & Distribution Target Market Interactivity Demographics Legal Implications Area For Growth Distribution/Revenue Marketing Basic Business Model Advertising Strategic Partnerships 2
  3. 3. Concept Definitions •  Definitions –  L337 or LEE7 refers in the computer gaming world to the higher echelons of nerd hierarchy. –  Machinima: A type of CGI filming style in which a movie or animated short is filmed using 3D models from video games. Idea •  This network will serve as an online interactive entertainment network for those who appreciate the technique of using video games for their art http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=L337 3 www.machinima.org/machinima-faq.html
  4. 4. Example 4
  5. 5. Mission Statement L337 is the network for and about the video game enthusiast. In addition to network produced content, this interactive network allows the user to step beyond the role spectator to participate, showcase and share original gaming centric content. Users will be able to reach our network via Internet, mobile and video game consoles. Content will include trailers, gameplay, montages, music videos and original machinima series and movies created in World of Warcraft, Halo, Sims 2, GTA, Battlefield, Counterstrike and many more games. 5
  6. 6. Target Market Primary Market •  Gaming and Machinima Enthusiasts –  Men –  Age:16-34 –  Technology Savvys 6 “Online Video Content-Who’s Watching,” GMI MINTEL February 2009
  7. 7. Demographics Online Video • Online Video: • Two thirds of internet users watch online video. • 90% of 16-19-year-olds watch internet video. • The most enthusiastic viewers are male. Video Game • Video Games • Men age 14-24 spend roughly 12 hours a week gaming • The amount of male gaming activity remains high until 35 • Two thirds of teen boys said that they “always” tell their friends about games that they like • Teen boys actively seek out information about video games. They watch ads or videos on the Internet about new video games. “Online Video Content-Who’s Watching,” GMI MINTEL February 2009 7 “Video Games-Race and Ethnicity,” GMI MINTEL July 2008
  8. 8. Areas for Growth-Secondary Market •  Hispanic Hispanics –  Spanish Language Speaking –  Hispanics buy substantially more games on a per capita basis than any other racial or ethnic group. –  Hispanics are more likely than any other race to be enthusiastic about a game if they can use it to socialize or learn something 8 “Video Games-Race and Ethnicity,” GMI MINTEL July 2008
  9. 9. How The Site Works •  Entertainment Entertainment •  Interactivity Interactivity –  Original & Acquired Content –  Video Contests –  User Generated Video –  Continue A Story –  Content divided by Genre –  Ability to Rate Videos + Write –  Spanish Language Video Reviews –  Message and Discussion Boards –  Ability to Personalize Homepage •  Skin •  Recommended Videos Education •  Education Social •  Social –  Online Articles –  Blog –  Send SMS to Join in Discussion Via Cell –  “How To” Videos –  Online Chat –  Calendar of Events –  Profile Links to personal facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts+ blogs 9
  10. 10. Programming L337 will feature, original, syndicated, user generated and interactive content. The goal is to entertain, educate and provide a community for the talents and ideas of our viewers •  Original Programming •  Recommended section * Channels based off of genre - staff picks - sports - L33B picks - action/adventure •  L33B of the week - classics •  Most popular (most visited) - music video •  Section for series - comedy •  Section for shorts - fantasy •  - Subsections : professionally - family-friendly produced versions sponsored by - romance the company, user generated - independent channel content, etc - mystery •  Spanish Language Section •  Syndicated Comics •  Online tutorials 10
  11. 11. Original Programming •  Game Sponsored Content Game Sponsored Content •  Professionally Produced •  Promotes and Creates Buzz •  Develops Game Characters and Legends User Generated Content •  User Generated Videos •  Content Contributed by Users •  Can Be Either Short Films or Web Series 11
  12. 12. Original Programming •  Education Educational Content – Original Videos offering tutorials, tips and suggestions to people wanting to create their own machinima style videos – V-logs about machinima news and events of interest 12
  13. 13. Acquired Programming •  L33T will be treating it’s subscribers to old, video-game based cartoons for the viewer’s own nostalgic, viewing pleasure. •  The cartoons will be shortened in length, keeping only the important parts of the episode so the story still makes sense. • Links to purchase DVDs of these shows will be provided •  Some cartoons that will be used: •  Double Dragon •  Earthworm Jim •  The Legend of Zelda •  Mega Man •  Mortal Kombat: Defenders of The Realm •  Sonic The Hedgehog •  Street Fighter 13
  14. 14. Interactivity •  Modesof Contact Modes of Contact -  When subscribing to L33t, users will be given the opportunity to include modes of contact (AIM, Yahoo! Account, Twitter, MySpace name, Facebook, E-mail address, etc.) so other users can easily connect with them. •  ContinueA Story Continue A Story -  For certain series, L33t subscribers will be given the opportunity to create the next episode. They will submit their content and L33t employees will decide which video will get posted as the next part of the story. •  SubmitYour Own Video Submit Your Own -  Subscribers will have the opportunity to create their own content and upload it to the L33t website for other subscribers to be able to view. BAWLS Presents •  BAWLS Presents: “Kick Ass Clip Of The Week” -  Subscribers will be able to vote on scenes from different series to decide which clips will make it 14 into the BAWLS - sponsored video.
  15. 15. Distribution •  L337 Website •  YouTube •  Facebook •  iTunes •  Game Consoles •  Mobile Application 15
  16. 16. Subscription •  Hierarchy within social communities encourages heighted and engaged consumption •  Subscription on the website will be done in tiers, allowing more access and abilities depending on which tier is subscribed to. •  N00b - the basic subscription level, free for anyone. N00b’s are allowed to watch videos, limited space for original uploads and get some sneak peaks for anticipated video games. •  L33t - the lower of the paid subscriptions. L33t users are allowed access to archived videos that are no longer available and a larger designated amount of storage for original videos they want to upload. •  L33b - the highest level. The most expensive, users have access to unlimited content storage and discounted ticket advantages to conventions. Other perks: •  Subscribers can submit original content into contests

 16 Schaue, HopeJensen et al., “How Brand Community Practices Create Value” Journal of Marketing, American Marketing Association, September 2009.
  17. 17. Marketing-Strategic Partnerships •  Only titles from the largest companies have the budget for television advertising and, in particular, national advertising. In addition, the primary target market for many video games—young males—are harder to reach on television as they have shifted much of their time to the Internet and gaming. •  The game is the brand: The title of the game is featured much more prominently than the name of the developer or publisher. •  The content is the draw •  At least one of the four games more than quadrupled sales following the clip's appearance in machinima style videos. •  Boys like humor: In addition to clips, many ads utilize humor and dramatizations to promote the game. “Video Games-Advertising,” GMI MINTEL July 2008 17 http://magellansproductions.blogspot.com/2007/10/frank-discussion-of-machinima.html
  18. 18. Strategic Partnerships G4TV •  G4TV - The gamer-centric cable channel will show clips from L337 series on one of their programs, while G4 will have advertisements on the L337 website. BAWLS •  BAWLS -  The energy drink will sponsor “Kick Ass Clips Of The Week” New Game Releases •  New Game Releases -  Various game companies, such as Electronic Arts, will have the ability to promote their new game releases, while L337 will have trailers for their popular series at the beginning of these games. Apple •  Apple -  L337 will allow for 5 free episode downloads with the purchase of an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, or the iPad. 18
  19. 19. Marketing Digital •  Target Demographic is Very “Internet Friendly”. •  L337 Will Have Accounts and Advertisements in: Analog • Promotions at Live Events • Advertising in Comics, Graphics, Novels • Trailers before Video Games 19
  20. 20. Facebook •  Place for L337 subscribers to not only get the latest updates, but converse with one another as well. •  Facebook is a popular site for the gamer-type. •  Similar Networks have 20,000 fans on their Facebook fan page.
  21. 21. YouTube •  L337’s Youtube Channel would have a specific number of episodes from different series •  Great exposure - YouTube users can easily stumble across our videos without searching for them - can become fans after this. •  There will be a link back to the L337 page on the channel. •  Similar Networks have 978,277 fans on their YouTube Channel.
  22. 22. Twitter •  A spot for L337 subscribers to get all the latest news about new and upcoming releases. •  Twitter is a great “one-stop shop” for quick news. •  Exposure - fans can re-tweet so whoever is following them will also get the news. •  There will be a link back to the L337 page on the Twitter profile. •  Similar Networks have over 1M subscribers on their Twitter page.
  23. 23. Advertising as a Revenue Source •  Advertisements for consoles on the website •  Advertisements for conventions •  Mini webisode series for video games to promote new releases •  Banner ads •  Sponsor ads •  Videos made by energy drinks and junk foods where the characters speak about the specific product •  Sponsored content 23
  24. 24. L337 Store • Available In Store Available in Store •  Clothing + Paraphernalia •  Mobile Application •  Video Downloads •  Acquired Program DVDs
  25. 25. Basic Bus. Model-Financials •  Revenue Sources Revenue Sources Major CostsCosts – Major – Advertising – Production Costs – Strategic – Advertising + Partnerships Marketing – Subscriptions – Tech Management – Mobile Application – Operations + – Merchandizing Overhead – iTunes – DVD Sales (CPA) 25
  26. 26. Legal Implications •  Machinima style videos provide free marketing, As a result, Game Publishers have avoided a response demanding strict copyright enforcement •  Precedent –  In 2003, Linden Lab was praised for changing license terms to allow users to retain ownership of works created in its virtual world Second Life. –  Rooster Teeth initially tried to release Red vs. Blue unnoticed by Halo's owners because they feared that any communication would force them to end the project. However, Microsoft, Bungie's parent company at the time, contacted the group shortly after episode 2, and allowed them to continue without paying licensing fees. Hayes, Christina (2008). "Changing the Rules of the Game: How Video Game Publishers are Embracing User-Generated Derivative Works” Harvard Law School, Law Review Marcus, Todd Davis (2008). "Fostering Creativity in Virtual Worlds: Easing the Restrictiveness of Copyright for User-Created Content” New York Law School, Law Review 26 Thompson, Clive (August 7, 2005). "The Xbox Auteurs". The New York Times.
  27. 27. Thank You
  28. 28. Appendix 1 http://magellansproductions.blogspot.com/2007/10/frank-discussion-of-machinima.html
  29. 29. Appendix 2 CPM estimates from:OpenX.org & Fauls, Professor Thomas, In Person Interview April 15, 2010 CTR Estimates http://www.strangecompany.org/strangeco/mcom