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  1. 1. Questionnaire<br />Topic:- Factors influencing investors to go for IPO<br />Name ______________________________ <br />Address ____________________________<br />City, State_____________________________<br />Contact No.____________________________<br />1. Gender of Investors<br />(a) Male (b) Female<br />2. Age group of investors.<br />(a) 15 to 35 (b)35 to 50<br /> (c)50 to 60 (d)Above 60<br />3. Your annual Income?<br />(a) >1,00,000(b) 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 <br />(c) 2,00,001 to 3,00,000 (d)< 3,00,001 and Above<br />4. Which area you belong?<br />(a) Rural(b) Urban <br />5. Occupation <br />(a) Businessman (b)Engineer (c)Builder<br />(d) consultant <br /> (e)Others, Please specify______________________________________<br />6. How much do you invest in IPO’s?<br /> (a)10000 (b)10001-50000<br />(c)50001-500000 (d)500001 and above<br />7. What do you see before investing in IPO?<br />(a) Promoters background (b)Sector performance<br />(c)Performance of existing companies (d) Premium Amount<br />8. What is the source of information you use?<br />(a) Print Media (b) Electronic Media<br />(c)Expert Opinion (d) Friend Advice <br />9. Factors considered for IPO<br />S. NO.FactorsVHCHCLCNC1.Company Goodwill2.Market Share3.Corporate Profile4.Historical Background5.Board Member6. Legal Matter7.Current Financial Position8.Future Prediction and Forecast9.Management Quality10.Size of the IPO Issued11.Key Shareholders12.Broker Advice13.Comments in the Media14.Legitimacy15.Corporate Governance Practices 16.New Project Risk and Prospects<br />Note:- VHC- Very high consider, HC- High consider, LC- Low consider, NC- Not Consider<br /> 10. How long are you trading in stock and IPO’s?<br />(a)0year-2years (b)2years- 5years<br />(c)5years-10years (d)10years and Above<br />11. What is your advice to new investors in IPO?<br />(a) Go by only promoters (b) Go by only premium<br />(c) Go by only sectors performance (d) Go by all of the above<br />12. Do you go by the grading before investing?<br />(a) Yes (b) No<br />13. How much percentages have you gained on IPO listing?<br />(a)Below 10% (b) up to10%<br />(c)10%-15% (d)15% and Above<br />14. Is it better to invest in IPO or Pick the same stocks on listing?<br />(a) Invest in IPOs (b) Pick the same stock on listing<br />(c) Partly invest in IPO and pick the stock on listing (d) Wait sometime after listing <br />15. How do you come to know about the new IPO listing?<br />(a) Through broker (b) Through television <br />(c)Through Friend (d) Through Newspapers<br />16. What is the purpose of IPO investment?<br />(a)Listing Gain (b) Long term Gain<br />17. How do you feel about the procedure for IPO’s?<br />(a)Easy (b) Difficult <br />(c)Complicated (d) Lengthy <br />18. What difficulties did you face after applying IPO’s?<br />(a)Refund Problem (b) Delay in crediting allotted shares to your DEMAT Account<br />(c)No clarity in allotment (d) None of the above.<br />