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JavaScript frameworks overview + AngularJS


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JavaScript frameworks overview + AngularJS

  1. 1. JavaScript MV(C) Frameworks Overview +
  2. 2. Around 40 frameworks available“Yet Another Framework Syndrome”
  3. 3. Not necessary MVC, usually MV*● MV(P – presenter)● MV (VM – view model, knockout)● No single right way
  4. 4. How they are different
  5. 5. How to choose● What is the framework really capable of?● Has the framework been proved in production?● Is the framework mature?● Is the framework flexible or opinionated?● Have you really played with the framework?● Does the framework have a comprehensive set of documentation?● What is the total size of the framework, factoring in minification, gzipping and any modular building that it supports?● Have you reviewed the community around the framework?
  6. 6. Main/Popular MV* frameworks
  7. 7. Links●●●●●●
  8. 8. Demo VS