4.3 Silent Waste Management, Waste Management (PWM) Rules 20114.0 Plastic features of PlasticsPWM (Rule 6)Govt. of India N...
4.5 Registration of Manufacturers and Recyclers (Rule 9)   z Manufacturers/Recycling of Plastic Carry bag and multilayered...
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  1. 1. 4.3 Silent Waste Management, Waste Management (PWM) Rules 20114.0 Plastic features of PlasticsPWM (Rule 6)Govt. of India Notified "Plastics Wasteplastic wastes shall be carried out as per z Recycling, recovery or disposal of (Management and Handling) Rules 2011" forproper rules, regulations and standards stipulated by Central Government. management of PWM. z Recycling of plastics shall be undertaken as per Bureau of Indian Standard4.1 Prescribed Authorities for PWM 1998 entitled "The Guidelines for Recycling (BIS) Specifications: IS : 14534 : (Rule 4) of Plastics". (Under revision) z As Municipal Authorities shall responsible for operationalisation of PWM and z Theper Rule 4 (a) Concerned State Pollution Control Boards/Pollution Control performing the associated functions as under: Committees (SPCBs/PCCs) empowered for enforcement of rules relating to 1. To ensure safe collection, storage, segregation, transportation & disposal registration, manufacture, recycling and disposal of plastics bags/containers. of PW. z As per Rule 4 (b) Concerned Municipal Authority empowered to enforcement 2. To ensure no damage cause to environment during the process. of rules relating to use, collection, segregation, transportation & disposal of 3. To ensure setting collection centers for PW involving manufacturers. post consumer Plastic Waste (PW). 4. To ensure channelization to recyclers.4.2 Conditions on Manufacturing, stocking,about their responsibilities.use of Carry 5. To create awareness to all stakeholders distribution, sale andbags & Sachets (Rule 5) or groups working in PWM. 6. To engage agencies 7. To ensure that open burning of plastic is not permitted. z Carry bags shall either be in natural shade (colorless) or pigments and z For setting added according to Indian Standard:the 9833:1981. colorants up plastic waste collection centers, IS municipal authority may ask the manufacturer, either collectively or individually in line with the principle z No person shall use carry bags of recycled plastics or compostable plastic for of Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR). storing, carrying, dispensing or packaging of foodstuffs. z The person shall manufacture, stock, distribute,PWselladopting suitable made up No municipal authority shall encourage the use of or by any carry bags technology such as road compostable plastic, which is in cement kilns. of virgin or recycled or construction and co-processing less than 40 µ. z Sachets using plastic material shall not be used for storing gutkha, tobacco4.4 Marking pan masala.(Rule 8) and or Labeling z Manufacturers of Plastic Carry bag and multilayered plastic pouch or sachets Recycled carry bags shall confirm to the Indian Standard: IS 14534:1998 shall mention their (under revision) name, registration number and thickness. z Each recycled plastics carry bags/containers shall print code/mark "Recycled" IS/ISO Compostable carry bags shall confirm to the Indian Standard: as per BIS : IS : 14534 : 1998. 17088:2008. z Each carry bag made up of compostable material shall bear a label "Compostable" shall confirm IS/ISO: 17088:2008. z Retailers shall ensure that plastic carry bags and multilayered plastic pouch or sachets sold by them is properly labeled.
  2. 2. 4.5 Registration of Manufacturers and Recyclers (Rule 9) z Manufacturers/Recycling of Plastic Carry bag and multilayered pouch or sachets shall apply to SPCB/PCC for the grant of registration. z No person shall manufacture carry bags or multilayered pouch or sachets without obtaining registration. z SPCB and PCC shall not issue registration unless the unit possesses a valid consent under Water Act, 1974 and the Air Act, 1981. z The SPCB/PCC take decision on the grant of registration within 90 days of an application received otherwise, registration may be deemed to have been granted. z The registration granted under this rule shall be valid for 3 years. z For renewable of registration shall be made at least 90 days before the expiry.4.6 Explicit Pricing of Carry Bags (Rule 10)No carry bag shall be made available free of cost by retailers to consumers. Theconcerned Municipal authority may by Notification determine the minimum price forcarry bags in order to encourage their re-use so as to minimize PW generation.4.7 State level Advisory Body (Rule 11) z State level Advisory Body to monitor the implementation of these Rules. z State Level Advisory Body will be headed by the Secretary, State Urban Development Department and consists of Members from ULBs, SPCBs etc.4.8 Annual Reports (Rule 12) z Each SPCB or PCC shall prepare and submit Annual Report to the CPCB on th the implementation of these rules by the 30 day of September of each year. z CPCB shall prepare a consolidated Annual Report on use and management th of PW to the Central Government along with recommendations before the 30 day of December of each year.