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Introduction to blog


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This presentation answers some common questions such as: What is blog? How are blogs different from other websites? What are the types of blog and blog content? How to gain blog popularity? Blogger's code of conduct? Personal, academic, career and commercial benefits of blogging? What is blog hosting and where to host blogs? Free hosted blog and self hosted blog?

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Introduction to blog

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO BLOG Akash Shrestha Designer & Developer at Swifeen Blogger at
  2. 2. WHAT IS BLOG?A web site, where you write stuff Your blog is whatever you want it to be Blogging is a social phenomenon Blogs Aren’t Necessarily Personal It’s Writing for Others, Not Yourself Its beyond writing It’s everything
  3. 3. HOW ARE BLOGS DIFFERENT FROMOTHER WEBSITES Content is published in a chronological fashion Content is updated regularly Readers have the possibility to leave comments Other blog authors can interact via trackbacks and pingbacks Content is syndicated via RSS feeds
  4. 4. BLOG TYPES Personal blogs Private blogs Corporate/Organizational By genre By media type By device Reverse blog
  5. 5. TYPES OF BLOG CONTENT Trends/News  Case studies Interviews  Comparison posts Reviews  Infographics Lists  Comics & Jokes Rants/React  Presentation How-to/tutorial posts  “What others are saying” Problems & solutions  Etc…. Inspire/Profile
  6. 6. HOW TO GAIN BLOG POPULARITY Don’t write for everyone Have a conversation Make your readers happy Be yourself and be nice Help people Track your visitors Don’t Make it All About the Money
  7. 7. BLOGGER’S CODE OF CONDUCT Responsibility for our own words Nothing we wouldnt say in person Connect privately first Take action against attacks No anonymous comments Ignore the trolls.
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF BLOGGING Personal Benefits  Refines Your Writing Skills  Increases Your Knowledge Base  Makes You a Better Thinker  Earns You Name  Connects You with other Bloggers  Motivates You
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF BLOGGING Academic & Career Benefits  Makes You a Better Researcher  Great place to test ideas  Opportunity to be creative  Assist you in getting new job offers  Positions you as an expert  Blog becomes Resume
  10. 10. BENEFITS OF BLOGGING Commercial & Business Benefits  Helps to build a business  Marketing Tool  Personal Branding tool  Offers Ease of Web Publishing  Keeps You Ahead of Your Competition  Earn you an income
  11. 11. BLOG HOSTING Where to blog?
  12. 12. BLOG HOSTING Free Hosted Blog (,  Basic, easy blog with limited features.  Blog url as a sub-domain  Mapping of custom domain name  Poor SEO support  Lack of themes and widgets  Poor advertisement support
  13. 13. BLOG HOSTING Self Hosted Blog  Wordpress self-hosted blog (  Complete control and flexibility  Maximum extensions via plugins  Tons of themes & widgets  Full SEO support
  14. 14. THANKS! Akash Shrestha