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Web application security


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Web application security

  1. 1. Web Application Security Firewalls will not be able to protect you Akash Mahajan – Chapter Lead for null Bangalore
  2. 2. What should keep you up at night • 95% of attacks are against “Web Servers and Web Applications” aka Websites • The top 3 verticals compromised were Financial Services, Hospitality and Retail. • More than 60% of attacks were caused by external agents. • Primary attack vector was SQL Injection and was used to install customized malware. • Injection Attacks are #1 critical flaw in applications Sources Verizon DBIR 2010, Whitehat Sec Statistics, OWASP Top 10 2010
  3. 3. Web App Attacks • SQL Injection Attacks • Number plate to foil an automatic license plate scanner! • An attack which allows SQL to be executed as part of the input.
  4. 4. Web App Attacks • Bobby Tables!
  5. 5. Web App Attacks • XSS was used to get root on a server in April 2010 • A popular shopping website used to sell only books and now sell other stuff as well. • That inner window is an iframe injected in a simple search request. Picture courtesy null Keeda Vulnerability Database
  6. 6. Other Critical Flaws/Attacks • Cross Site Request Forgery o Attacks the user of the application • Clickjacking o Facebook Like attack • Security Mis-configurations o Default passwords in DSL routers • Insecure Cryptographic Storage o Apache Attack • Tiny URLs o Employees trust and click on anything!
  7. 7. Solutions/Mitigations • Training in Secure Coding for Developers • Code Reviews by competent security folks • Regular mining of web server logs • Application Security Practice • Awareness about new attacks • Setup a red team in the company
  8. 8. About null • Null – Indian Open Security Community • Registered non-profit society • 5 active chapters in India • We conduct monthly meetings, regular awareness camps and trainings. • More than 1000+ security professionals and enthusiasts in the group. • Null Keeda Vulnerability Database
  9. 9. Akash Mahajan • Chapter Lead of null Bangalore • Web Security Consultant • I hack, test, secure web apps and servers • Help companies become secure on AWS cloud • Website: • Email: / • Twitter: @makash • Linkedin: