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Agrotech (technical textile)


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Agrotech (technical textile)

  1. 1. AGRO-TEXTILEPRESENTED BY :- AKASH GURLE-124160042 Textile chemistry(vjti mumbai)
  2. 2. Content: Benefits of Agro- textile Classification of Agro-textile Fibers used for Agro- textile Application of Agro- textile Product list of agro- tech Conclusion
  3. 3. Agro-Textile • India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the backbone of our country. • But do you know that “A textile can be the backbone of agriculture?” • A textile fabric has a long history of application in agriculture. • The word “AGRO TEXTILE” now is used to classify the woven, nonwovens and knitted fabrics applied for agriculture & horticulture uses.
  4. 4. What is Agro-textile? • All the textile goods intended for use in the agrarian production encompassing agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and forestry can be considered as agro-textile.
  5. 5. Why do we need Agro-Textiles? • They prevent the soil from drying out increase crop yield. • They improve product quality. • Agro textiles protect farmer from harmful pesticides. • Thermal protection textiles are treated with ultraviolet ray stabilizers. • Their use prevents staining and improves uniformity of color.
  6. 6. Benefits of Applying Agro-textile • Agro-textile can be used inside the greenhouse as well as in the open air, to keep areas safe and tidy. • Agro-textile improve plant growth and crops in the orchards. • Used mainly in planted areas, they provide weed suppression and ground moisture conservation, whilst allowing roots to breathe and water, air and nutrient to permeate through. • This reduces upkeep, maintains higher soil temperatures and promotes more rapid and even growth. • The benefits of agro-textile are as follow:- a) Increase crop production. b) Avoid the soil from drying.
  7. 7. Classification of Agro-textile • Horticulture, Floriculture, and Forestry • Animal husbandry, Aqua culture • Engineering related application • Crop production
  8. 8. Fibers used for Agro-textile: There is use of synthetics as well as natural fiber in agro-textile. Fiber used in agro-textile are as follow: Synthetics fiber Natural fiber • Nylon • Polyester • Polyethylene • Polyolefin • Polypropylene
  9. 9. Properties of Agro-Textiles:  Withstands ultraviolet radiation.  High potential to retain water.  Resistance to microorganisms.  Withstands solar radiation.  Bio degradability.  Abrasion Resistance.  Protection property.  Stable construction.  Tensile Strength.  Lightweight.
  10. 10. Application of Agro-tech: Agro-tech application Agriculture Aquaculture Horticulture Forestry Animal husbandry
  11. 11. • Sunlight protection • Wind protection • Weed protection • Water retention • Physical damage Agriculture
  12. 12. Aquaculture • Fish nets • Anti fouling nets • Ultra violet radiation
  13. 13. Horticulture • Ultraviolet Radiation Protection • Wind Protection • Bird protection • Insect Protection
  14. 14. Forestry • Soil Protection • Wood Protection for tree plantations
  15. 15. Animal Husbandry • Belts of polyester and nylon material for animals identification. • Filtering of milk in an automatic milking system • Underlay to reduce the mud on cattle paths and trails.
  16. 16. List of agro-tech product: Woven crop cover • Protection from wind breaks. • Ground matting. Land netting • Nets for crops protection.
  17. 17. List of agro-tech product: Non woven crop protection • Fabric for crop cover & protection. Capillary matting Heavy weight non woven &ground cover.
  18. 18. List of agro-tech product: Finishing ropes • Fabric for use as substrate. Fishing line • Line for fishing & long line broad end line.
  19. 19. List of agro-tech product: Fishing nets • Nets for all fishing purpose including fish farm. Baler twine • Twine used to the bales of hay.
  20. 20. Conclusion  Agro textile plays a significant role to help control environment for crop production. Eliminate variation in climate.Weather change and generate optimum condition for plant growth. Thus, the need of textile goods in the field of agriculture has been stressed and role in the reduced usage of harmful pesticides and herbicides to render a healthy farming culture underlined. Unique manufacturing technique and properties of this blend of agro-textile sector products whose cost is lesser than that pesticides and chemical herbicides have been emphasized. Textiles prove to be flexible in their suitability for specific geographical locations. So now it is our turn, to carefully and beautifully shape this infant technology, to contribute to the nation’s economy.
  21. 21. THANK YOU