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Welcome to Feedback.

Welcome to the exciting world of executive Coaching for senior and mid level executives.

Please review our organizational profile and share your valuable feedback.

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Executive Coaching Organizational Profile

  1. 1. Feedback Consulting Services Since 2004 Executive Coaching Organizational Reliable E Brochure Experts @ work Results One on One Feedback Consulting Services
  2. 2. Welcome to Feedback, an initiative for personal executive coaching in Mumbai, India. Our team of performance development consultants functions to develop today’s Managers and Executives into the Leaders of Tomorrow. At our sessions, you will not get directions .On the contrary; we will learn about you from you and develop your attitude skills and knowledge through enjoyable sessions. Our Vision Statement Feedback is the breakfast for champions- Feedback Consulting Services
  3. 3. You may be an Engineer, Accountant, and Technology Specialist who is into production for the last few years and now you are promoted into an Executive Level who has to meet the CEO s, Govt. Officials, Institution Heads, and you may find this change rapid. We will groom you to your desired level of performance and perfection so that your image changes to that of a 21st century professional. Feedback Consulting Services
  4. 4. You may be a newly appointed Vice president, CEO, Managing Director or President, who feels that a personal touch in the observation and feedback process will empower you to stand a class apart in the corporate arena. You might conceptualize the fact that you can achieve whatever you believe is achievable. Feedback Consulting Services
  5. 5. Our resources will help you in acquiring the relevant knowledge and our contact sessions are suited as per your comfort level. We are here to make you practice what you learn at a comfortable pace and we believe that "Feedback is the breakfast for champions". We are eager to listen to your problems, understand them and synergize with you to create the winning smile of confidence on your face. Feedback Consulting Services
  6. 6. HOW WE WORK: THE ROADMAP Attitude Change: All Executives including top performers need to know why they need to do what they are doing and the consequences of their act. Knowledge: We provide participants with information, passion and strategies for success. Effective Coaching inputs lay a strong foundation for their development. Habit / Skill: We will create a action plan to apply the learning so that over a period of time the knowledge acquired is applied on a regular basis Feedback Consulting Services
  7. 7. Our Champions who evolved through our consulting process: 1. Mr. Ramkrishna Akuli, Project Head-E –Governance, Wipro Consulting Services. 2. Mr. Aniruddha Singh, Head HR, Polygenta 3. Mr. S. S. Mandal, AVP HR, Reliance Retail limited 4. Mr. Sumit Burman, Senior Manager Corporate & Personal Security Reliance Industries Limited. 5. Mr. Ashish Maheshwari, AVP Finance, JCB Feedback Consulting Services
  8. 8. Our Champions who evolved through our consulting process: 6. Mr.Hiten Mankad, Areas Sales Manager, Sun Pharma 7. Mr. Pravin, Manager Accounts, Brand promotions India Ltd. 8. Mr. Sateesh Nair, General Manager, Brand Promotions India Limited 9. Mr. Shubhoraj Mukherjee, Senior Editor, Zee Telefilms. 10. Mr. Prashant Pati, F&V Manager, Fortis Hospital 11. Mr. Pinaki Ghosh, Area Sales Manager, UB Group. 12. Mr. Ravindra Shirawale, Senior Manager Business Development, Chromatography India. . Feedback Consulting Services
  9. 9. OUR CODE OF ETHICS FOR COACH -COACHEE RELATIONSHIP: 1. Complete Confidentiality of the coachee’s discussions with the coach. 2. Self Esteem is the lifeblood of performance at work. 3. Everything we do is essentially performance aimed. Feedback Consulting Services
  10. 10. OUR CODE OF ETHICS FOR COACH -COACHEE RELATIONSHIP: 4. Building awareness. Responsibility and self belief are our goals as a coach 5. Self Belief, Self Motivation, Choice, Clarity, Commitment, Awareness, Responsibility and Action are the products of our coaching sessions 6. Our coaching sessions provoke proactive focused thought, attention and observation. 7. We follow the GROW Model in our Coaching sessions. Feedback Consulting Services
  11. 11. Customization is our watchword. Feedback wants you to decide about the way you want the Executive Development to happen with you. Feedback Consulting Services
  12. 12. We are covering these areas: 1. Inside Out For an executive 2. Effective Visualization for the Executive Mind 3. Public speaking with confidence. 4. How to influence your juniors at work? 5. How to arrange first things first. 6. How to motivate your juniors with praise? 7. How to use alignment, trust and dynamics? Feedback Consulting Services
  13. 13. We are covering these areas: 7. Steps to change yourself effectively. 8. Leadership Re Engineering. 9. Achieving Family balance through work 10. How to use charisma at work 11. Strategies for Poor Presenters 12. The art of Constructive criticism 13. How to enjoy your work everyday Feedback Consulting Services
  14. 14. We are covering these areas: 15. How to meet foreign executives? 16. Effective business terminology and its usage. 17. Getting picture perfect for Media interviews. 18. How to use information technology for communication? 19. How to improve your listening skills? 20. How to ask powerful Questions? 21. How to improve communication with your board? 22. How to keep up with trends? 23. How to identify Burnout symptoms? 24. Finding the optimum balance. And many more customized areas ………..as per YOUR requirement. Feedback Consulting Services
  15. 15. Our contact details: Feedback Consulting Services. Email us: feedback.ask@gmail.com Cellular: +91 9322414759 Principal Consultants: Mr. Chandrasekhar Thakar, Mr. Akash Dutta (Ex AVP HR Reliance Industries) (Certified Executive Coach Reliance Industries limited) We look forward for a long lasting relationship with the executive you! You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want." By- Zig Ziglar Feedback Consulting Services