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Projection of planes 027


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Projection of planes 027

  1. 1. Q12.6: A square ABCD of 50 mm side has its corner A in the H.P., its diagonal AC inclined at30º to the H.P. and the diagonal BD inclined at 45º to the V.P. and parallel to the H.P. Draw itsprojections. Keep AC parallel to the H.P. Incline AC at 30º to the H.P. & BD perpendicular to V.P. i.e. incline the edge view Incline BD at 45º to the V.P. (considering inclination of (FV) at 30º to the HP AC as inclination of the plane) c1’ b1’ d1’ b’ a’ d’ c’ 30º X Y 45º 45º a1’ b1 b a c a1 c1 d d1